Lumia 635 now available for purchase on T-Mobile's site

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As promised a few weeks ago, T-Mobile's website is now selling the Lumia 635, the budget priced Windows Phone 8.1 device from Microsoft. T-Mobile is selling the phone for $0 down and $7 per month for 24 months with its postpaid Simple Choice plan, which means it will cost a total of $168.

T-Mobile is the first wireless carrier to sell the Lumia 635 in the U.S., which is also officially the first phone sold in the country to have Microsoft's Windows Phone 8.1 installed and available for use out of the box. It has a 4.5-inch display with a 854x480 resolution, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 quad-core processor with a clock speed of 1.2 GHz, 512 MB of RAM and 8 GB of internal storage, which can be expanded up to 128 GB with a microSD card. There's also a five megapixel rear camera.

Just a reminder: T-Mobile will start selling the Lumia 635 in its stores in the U.S. on July 16, and that will be followed by MetroPCS selling the phone for $99 in its stores and online on July 18. AT&T is scheduled to sell the Lumia 635 but a launch date has yet to be revealed.

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Lumia 635 now available for purchase on T-Mobile's site


So 130 at Microsoft store, 168 at tmobile and 99 at metropcs? Goddamn why isn't there just uniform pricing

T-Mobile pricing makes it very clear that the uncarrier isn't offering EIP at 0% interest, they just throw it into the principle. Think twice before you buy direct from T-Mobile.

Yeah, I know it looks attractive to customers and I guess that's good for MS and T-Mobile, but I just think it's the opposite of how Legere likes to promote his brand. Whatever, a fool and his money...buyer beware, blah blah.

Still though, $30-70 more than people should be paying.

It's like people going to ripoff places like Rent-A-Center and financing an iPad, or something else, for twice what it really costs.


You mean like how the $30-70 more per month on the other major carriers than people should be paying? I don't mind saving $690-1610 over 24 months.

Well a T-Mobile specific handset does enable WiFi calling, so if you need/want that and willing to pay just a tad more --- it may be worth it to pay a little extra. You'll be out of luck as far as WiFi calling if it's not T-Mobile branded.

Didn't catch that, figured the MS version was an unlocked non-branded model --- but I see that it is T-Mobile. You probably need to make better life decisions if your need to finance a $130 budget smartphone.

It's a convenience for those who don't want or have the money up front. Subsidized carriers don't change rates when contracts are fulfilled. At least TMO stops billing for the phone when it's paid off.

$99 is not bad at all. Could they not get this for the other prepaid services like cricket, virgin mobile, or boost. It would seem to me folks on a prepaid service would appreciate a device that cost $99.99.

A year ago, $99 would have been an amazing price. But now that price range is becoming a more crowded market with some very legit budget Android phones.

I saw a speed camparison video between the 1020 and 635 on you tube some where. the 635 had a cricket splash screen on startup. I bet it's coming soon.

I preordered a 635 att through the Microsoft store a couple weeks ago when it was up for a day. I hope I get it soon. no word on shipment yet.

Y they will throw it just coz of 512 mb ram. For eg a companys ceo threw his Lumia just bcoz he couldn't play big EA Games

I would like if my company buy me this phone, a good processor, 4G for work, beautiful phone, I think great for business. Unfortunately they bought me a old 720 :(

Not at all, T-Mobile likely moved way more Lumia 521's than 925's. This is probably why theyr'e more likely to support budget WP devices in the feautre than flagships.

Good if you don't play big games or you're a hardcore pc gamer or ps or xbox gamer. 512 mb ram is sufficient for such ppl.

Your 1520 is seven months old and already "needs" replacing? Can I have some of your pocket change?

I have the 521. I don't see any reason to "upgrade" to this. Specs are roughly the same. The slightly bigger screen isn't worth losing the physical buttons.

It also has a quad core 1.2ghz. I say its a worthy upgrade for just $100. And there's plenty games that run on 512mb ram.

$100 for half a millisecond faster launch times, but other compromises like fewer sensors and lack of physical nav & camera buttons. Not worth it at all.

They should make front facing camera!!! Even $70 android phones on metro pcs have front facing cameras. Wanted to upgrade my mothers 520 but no front facing no buy.

I ordered it from HSN a few days ago for my daughter. $119 with car charger and portable charger included. 4 payments on flexpay. I know $7 a month is a lot easier on the wallet but just 4 payments and I'm done.

I got mine from hsn also. I got it for 99 for simply applying for the hsn card. Its the best deal even better than t-mobile. I got it in flex pay. Its better then paying 7 for 24 months.

T-Mobile is currently selling 925 refurbished for 150. Though you need to buy them outright. But that just make this at 168 look silly. Even if it does have expandable storage and the 925 doesn't.

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In order to see the 150 price you need to view the phone off the upgrade your device page from mytmobile. If you just look at the T-Mobile site it shows 199 as the price for the refurbed 925. I actually just ordered one and paid 186 total with overnight shipping.

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Dayyyyyum, that's cheap! I'm tempted to get my mother to upgrade to this from her Lumia 620. I said something to her about it a few weeks ago, but she says she's fine with her 620.

She would lose the front facing camera, ambient light sensor, proximity sensor, flash, NFC, magnetometer, and super sensitive touch.  It might not be much of an upgrade.

Agreed. Currently, I don't think the 635 is much of an upgrade from ANY existing WP. A little bit from 520/521 though.

I said I wouldn't buy this because it offered no significant upgrade from my Lumia 521... But my son took that phone swimming last week so it's dead now. All of a sudden the 635 looks pretty attractive. :)

You can get it at HSN for like 130$, plus you get a portable charger and some other stuff. There's just a pretty big, noticeable, and very frustrating price difference

If you are on T-Mobile the 925 is too good of a deal to ignore. I know its not brand new, but specs are better than this, has 1gb ram, all the sensors I need. It's a high end phone for 150$ just put on preview for developers like me, and you wont be disappointed.