Lumia 710 available at Carphone Warehouse for just £99.99

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The Carphone Warehouse has the Lumia 710 at an attractive price of just £99.99 (excluding required £10 top-up), which widens the gap between itself and the supposedly "dirt cheap" Lumia 610 priced at £180 with Clove UK. The Windows Phone is the first Nokia smartphone to be priced below £100 since the partnership began with Microsoft. 

The Lumia 710 will remain priced at £100 with Carphone Warehouse until June 7th, so be sure to get in quickly should you be looking to pick one up. The Windows Phone is perfect for those who don't require a device like the Lumia 800, Samsung Omnia, or HTC TITAN, and sports a 1.4GHz processor, 512MB RAM, and 8GB storage.

Source: Carphone Warehouse, via: AllAboutWindowsPhone; thanks everyone for the heads up!


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Lumia 710 available at Carphone Warehouse for just £99.99


Precisely. The 710 is selling faster than similarly priced Androids according to my local salespeople and the 610 is more expensive wherever you look. Launching the 610 in the UK was stupid.

What a bargain, there's no competition from those cheopo Android phones. Even if you just wanted to use this as a Sat Nav with Nokia Drive its worth it.

The deal is even sweeter cause it includes £20 worth of apps.strong
When you order the Nokia Lumia 710 you’ll a voucher to get £20 of apps, absolutely free – buy whatever apps you want!

*This offer is available exclusively to Nokia Lumia 710 bought at Carphone Warehouse before 3rd July 2012. After having owned your phone for 14 days visit www.nokiafreeapps.com to claim your free £20 apps voucher. Claim by 31st July 2012.

But you only have a few days. That makes the phone £80 by my calculation if you order by June 3rd. Man you Brits are lucky its still $350 usd here with no app card

Being Carphonewarehouse you'll have to buy airtime with it unless its sim-free. Also, they have no after sale support.

Its a temporary offer but that aside with the restrictions the 610 would place upon you it makes little sense to scrimp on the 710 even when the offer expires in the 7th.

Well going with that theory, we don't need any new handsets. Lets just stick with what we have, it will do? People complain about the lack of variety, and keep complaining when additional handsets are released??

That's good, last November when I went into cpw to get my HTC titan the sales rep told me the phone is rubbish and I should buy an android phone instead.
I left the store and got my titan from phones4u a couple of doors down. The sales guy had an HTC radar so we got on!
I'm glad that the reps are finally pushing the ecosystem.