Lumia 720 brings the Wallet hub to the Chinese market

Chinese Nokia Lumia 720

Lumia 720, Nokia's new king of the hill at middle range, is now available to the Chinese consumers through the legal market. Aside from great value, awesome camera and solid build, the device introduces another thing to the Chinese Windows Phone users: the Wallet hub.

The Wallet hub in Windows Phone 8 is one brilliant idea to bring everything into one place; most of you guys are already familiar with it. It offers access to credit cards, PayPal, debit cards, library cards, even deal coupons - literally everything. However, the feature has always been absent in Chinese Windows Phone 8 devies, including the iconic Lumia 920. It's said the Chinese government wants to keep the "vital business" like payment gateway for its homegrown corporations, therefore banning the integration of things like the Wallet hub into operating systems.

Apparently Nokia no longer feels the regulatory threat, and has at last decided to make Chinese Windows Phone 8 more complete. Surely the Wallet hub could become a new attraction to mainstream Chinese consumers in that market.

Meanwhile, Nokia's anti-smartphone the 105 will be realsed in China within days. Already people are showing very strong interest on Chinese social platform Sina Weibo. Nokia's 2013 in China is looking quite bright so far.

Source: WPDang



Reader comments

Lumia 720 brings the Wallet hub to the Chinese market


I would like the wallet hub to have a use here in the UK, Microsoft really need to push the banks and providers on this as they won't bother themselves knowing how slow they move.

I would OH SO LOVE to use the NFC as a Tap-to-pay instead of my Barclaycard. Oh well. Another future tech that will take another decade to come. Sad.

Well you could pay with it..also banks support it with the apps. Unfortunately this al doesn't get me anywhere with hsbc in yk.. No nfc payment.no bank app..nothing

Never heard of any "regulatory threat" regarding e-payment in China. A lot of China-based eBay sellers rely on PayPal to conduct their businesses. Has PayPal ever been threatened in China? As far as I'm concerned, it's PayPal itself that has always been bugging the sellers. What's your source of info? Plus, the "wallet" feature on WP devices is a hub, not a payment gateway service. Noticed on the picture you embedded in the article that there is an "Alipay" icon in the wallet hub? Alipay is what we call a payment gateway. Wallet is just a hub. World, please stop unneccesary China bashing.

Wallet appears to be near useless. All I can do with it is add all my credit cards and PayPal, and then have the choice of service to pay for my Windows Phone apps.

Wow. The future is here...

So what! the wallet hub is useless AT THIS POINT.  It was something i really looked forward to with windows.  MS has been too quiet about it also.