Lumia 820 in India latest to get Lumia Cyan update

lumia 820

The Lumia Cyan update in India is now rolling out to the Lumia 820 smartphone, according to what a number of email tipsters have told us, along with other reports in our forums.

This means that the folks who still own the nearly two year old Windows Phone 8 smartphone will be able to get updated to the new Windows Phone 8.1 operating system. Once again, we offer a reminder that if you're running the Windows Phone 8.1 Preview for Developers on your Lumia 820 in India, you will need to downgrade to Windows Phone 8 to be eligible to receive the Cyan update.

Thanks to the many folks who offered us tips in emails and in our forums!


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Lumia 820 in India latest to get Lumia Cyan update


Why? I'd only be inclined to if battery life is significantly better...other features don't interest me much.

Its already came bro.. downgrade it using nokia software tool.. get back to black with fresh content.. no backup.. then try upgrade it

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If you use nokia tool it will directly take you to cyan. No update needed again. because nokia tools were updated with cyan support recently. ;)

ohhh.. I am sure 525's will be the next, because no other devices are left for the cyan update here in India...

Guys its just amazing I got it just yester night ... Just cant tell how beautiful it felt ... When I just checked the update portion and the update was there .. Just yester night I just like got a great relief of sigh and I'm ready to excuse all my anger for MS .. And I really pray for those who haven't got the update yet ... Although through quiet a day of experience it seems to be laggy enough ... Lets roll on ...and seee ....

Just plug your phone to your pc and open Nokia Software Recovery tool. It will search for the latest version that you can install to your 820. If you see the version 3501.59000.1424.0009 or something similar. It's Cyan. Download it (1.55GB) then install. It will wipe your phone though so you need to back up.

For those who are still not receiving the Cyan update, you can hook your device through NSRT and check if the version that you can install is different from the current one installed on your 820. I was able to get Cyan by installing the latest version from NSRT which was 3501.59000.1424.0009. :)

That's what I thought when the 920 updates started rolling out a week ago...still waiting on AT&T and I downgraded last week...I really miss 8.1 preview but my phone runs smoothly again!

And you already tried with NSU? I checked two minutes ago and Cyan is there for my CV 820, can't wait to download it hehe

It may also be available in other regions just not as a OTA update. I updated my L820 to Cyan in Serbia by using the Nokia Software Recovery tool. Give it a go you may be as lucky as me.

Now we need to do a survey how many ppl have updated their phone to wp8.1 from wp8 if less. Awareness is still to be created.

Wen will d lumia 525 cyan update available in india we r waiting yaar and give it by ota nt by nsrt it will void d warrrnty plzzz give d cyan update fo lumia 525 in india asap....

I dnt thnk sooo i hav checked many tyms and it still says ua phn is up to date i need the update by ota nt by nsrt it will void my warrenty ..... And also it is not anounced in india yet hw it wil get in india yaar .....

The thing about Cyan for me is, even when it finally comes out for the 822, I can't downgrade. Well I can but I can't backup my phone for some reason, it keeps failing. I don't want to lose all my stuff all because Microsoft isn't getting around to fixing this bitlocker bug. So I either lose all my stuff by downgrading and then upgrading to cyan or I have to go without cyan. I can't even install the 8.1.1 update as I get the other error also. Starting to not like my phone.

Before downgrading my 920 last week I was getting the "backup failed" message over and over too...I simply restarted my phone and ran the backup again and it worked fine...Totally missing 8.1 preview on my 920 though.

Is there a way to downgrade my Lumia 1020 to WP8, when WP8.1 is the latest official release for my handset (Rogers in Canada)?

    Probably the same place as the 820 update. I did notice that the cyan/8.1 update for the 820 and the 920 carry the same version number so I think AT&T will have both on line at the same time. I guest we can't complain too too too much as Verizon and T-Mobile have not pushed out any updates for Windows phones at all. My wife got the update for her 925 (AT&T), and we both got them on our backup 520's. Only my 820 left. Odd thing is we have had the 820 much longer than either of the other three phones

I don't understand why wpcentral always want to EMPHASIZE how old the Lumia 820 is in any review. I don't see the 920 receive similar treatment. Correct me if I'm wrong weren't the Lumia 920 and 820 released in the same year ?

Because it I oldest of mid range wp nd not so popular phone because of low battery life nd high priced phoned with less battery life compared to its competitors.lucky for us to get update though.

FREAKIN BULL CRAP! IT SUCKS!! I can't downgrade if I dont have a laptop or desktop!! Or If I have an old PC or laptop with windows XP!! Doesn't help me at all. So im just stuck! Thanks alot Microsoft!!

Well you can't really blame Microsoft for assuming that every developer would own a computer...

Maybe you'll think twice before installing pre-release software next time, mr "Developer".

I alrdy hav pfd on my Lumia 820...but my phone wrks mch bettr...n battry performnc is way better Dan b4....is it necessary to get cyan updat...?

"Once again, we offer a reminder that if you're running the Windows Phone 8.1 Preview for Developers on your Lumia 820 in India, you will need to downgrade to Windows Phone 8 to be eligible to receive the Cyan update."

Is this still true? I had to downgrade to they said. And yes, I had to do so, but to Windows Phone 8.1, not 8.0.

Got the update just now for Lumia 525.. Am not using preview for developers version. So this is officially cyan for 525 also

huh..... i cheked in NSU and still showing 3051.40000.1347.1001 is latest version .... and im from india .....now what to do ?

i will do it today
sad i was amongst the 1st few ones to get wp8.1 n update 1
now hv to downgrade to install cyan - many apps not supported if u r not running cyan

Em not able to get the update, it says you already have the latest version. Do I need to connect via PC to download the update? I didn't enroll in the preview for developers program..

Wat r u all talking abt lumia 525 in india cyan update is still not available by ota nyone got it by ota or al r using nsrt and saying i have got cyan update ..... Lolz dnt do dat it wil void ua warrenty

Hey sorry folks i hav checked my updates manually and i have got lumia cyan officially by ota thankz fo microsoft and thank u frnzzz nw switch to 8.1 enjoy d lyf lumia 525 india

Lumia 820 is receiving Lumia Cyan update in Vietnam too. You will need to update your phone with an 8.0.155 update, and then your phone will update to 8.10.12393.890.

I was successful updated to Lumia Cyan at 11:00 GMT+7, August 27, 2014.

ok query time i m on dev preview 8.1 update 1, i know the process to downgrade and then update to cyan with 8.1, but what i want to know from some one who did the same what differences are on offer between cyan with 8.1 and dev preview 8.1 update 1, other than battery life imporvement..

Having Lumia 820. Currently I am with Developer Preview. But I don't have Bitlocker with my phone. So am I applicable to Lumia Cyan update?

I want Lumia cyan, and I can downgrade, my problem is do my apps on my sd card be reinstalled after I reupdate my phone? My games and progress, I can only hope they're saved :( I don't want to repeat everything I've done in the game it took far too long

when you update via nokia software updater you do not require to downgrade only it takes a long time to download the update which is 1.5 GB

will i loose phone memory data if  i downgrade to WP 8 and update to Lumia Cyan as i am on preview for devlopers WP 8.1. Thanks in advance