Lumia 900 out of stock at AT&T.com, due to callback?

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The Lumia 900 (both black and cyan) has gone out of stock according to the product listing at the online AT&T store. Nokia has recently confirmed a memory management issue with the Lumia 900 running on AT&T that would kill the data connection, rendering the Windows Phone almost useless for owners while on the go. 

Since the announcement was made Nokia has offered $100 on the bill of affected AT&T and Rogers customers and has also begun rolling out the firmware fix for the connectivity bug days early. There have been reports that the U.S. carrier has been pulling handsets from shelves in favour of models with the update already installed. We haven't heard anything official but this could explain why the handset is temporarily "out of stock".

WP Central Lumia 900 Cyan out of stock

The amount of Lumia 900s left for shipping could have been snatched up by a relatively high number of orders. Then again, AT&T has publicly stated that the Lumia 900 has been selling beyond expectations (even the cyan case was listed as out of stock). We'll not know the exact numbers, but for now it'll be an anxious wait for the second batch of handsets to be made available for orders to run through.

Let us know if you've been able to find any Lumia 900 devices locally or if you've seen that the Windows Phones were pulled due to the update issues.

Source: AT&T; thanks everyone who tipped us!


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Lumia 900 out of stock at AT&T.com, due to callback?


I had to place an order for a Cyan model at an AT&T store yesterday. They had received a shipment that morning, but only the black model. Apparently none of the stores in the area had Cyan in stock. For the second day in a row, there were a handful of people playing with the 2 900s on display and even someone messing with the Titan II next to it. The rep was really positive about the phone and the OS, and it looked like advertising or word of mouth had driven a lot of people into the store to at least look at it. Exciting stuff, even with the connectivity misstep. Even managed to get a set of Beats earbuds with the $100 AT&T accessory credit.
(As I write this, I just saw an extended Chris Parnell "the beta test is over" ad. Nice stuff)

Ok, I've held off.

I have to say, I love the site, but a quality site is consistently being let down by total lack of proof reading. "Let us know if you've been find any Lumia 900". Really?

Take a moment before publishing. Read it BACKWARDS. It is a tried and tested method for professionals. Even better, have it read by someone else. Never proof read your own work.

This is meant to be a friendly reminder, please don't take it otherwise. :)

I too took advantage of the $100 accessory credit. Very nice! This is only available in select markets; Mostly the Midwest, from what I understand. Aside from breaking even on the device, and getting $100 of accessories for free, AT&T has already credited my account $150 because of the connectivity issues, which caused me to have them re-provision the data 12 (maybe 13) times.

Ordered my Cyan on Wednesday, cancelled Thursday because of the backorder, purchased on Amazon WITHOUT tax and scheduled to arrive on Monday.  I don't know why I even bother with AT&T.

Expansys is selling them unlocked. I had ordered one but cancelled it a short time later once I found out they are AT&T branded. Expensive though.

I was in yesterday to exchange mine and the rep said they just shipped theirs out to be exchanged and the new ones are due in Monday.

Yes. New ones are coming Monday. Received my shipment confirmation. They are simply returning the remaining stock because the updated versions are in route.

Don't understand why everyone returned their devices when Nokia pushed out the update so quickly. I already updated mine even though I never had an issue to start with.

Because, according to ...I'm A WP7, 7% of WP devices are still running the original ROM. You know, pre-NoDo. So some users would never run the update and just bitch about the way connectivity does not work. Better to give them a working phone.

Lumia 900 Black is ranked 10 out of 69 AT&T phones in sales at bestbuy.com. This is the best a WP has ever done there. It seems to be in stock.

Stopped by our only att retailer (Ketchikan, Alaska population 8k) this morning. I was shocked to see lumia displays all over and the phones in a prominent position in the store. Sales staff said they sold out of black and as others mentioned sent back remaining cyan units. Will get updated phones on Monday. I am seriously contemplating replacing my titan with the lumia. Would in a heartbeat for $100....

I just tried to activate my 900 through the att 800 number and she said her previous caller wanted to order one and her system said they wouldn't ship until May. It turns out I didn't have a sim card in mine so I went to the local store (Pasadena, CA) to get one. All sales reps were wearing beautifully different shirts and there was plenty of signage. They were sold out of cyan, but still had some black. He did make it sound like they didn't have many cyan to begin with.

Avoid bad first impression I guess because I think people want to play with it first. As well, Nokia want this bug done and dusted asap. No buggy units popping up weeks later etc

Just picked up one at a local store and asked about that and the rep said the shortage was due to demand, not a recall. Take that as you will.

The only "spin" I see here is you trying to turn a positive into a negative. Amazon is still selling them (still #1) Bestbuy is still selling them (climbing the charts) Walmart is still selling them, AT&T stores are still selling them (selling out)...

The $100 credit just made everyone jump on this. Great deal for a great phone. Simple as that.

Heck, when reading the first part of the title i almost thought that Nokia Lumia 900 proved to be quite a success. I guess the jury is still out on that.

There is no damn recall. The purpose of the $100 credit along with the early fix was exactly to avoid that. There is simply no proof nor logic to support this. On the contrary, it appears that demand simply outstripped supply after the $100 credit announcement.

I grabbed the last black lumia 900. The store manager said they were selling fast (sold 8 before I got there at 12pm today). Mine had a green dot on the box. Didn't get a $100 accessory credit (store was in Newark, DE). All cases were also sold out.

it's not a recall. it's due to demand. if there was a recall, you would have heard this from nokia (instead of fix released last night) well as well as a statement from att. also, look at the apple antenna nonsense ... those proven faulty phones are still on the shelves to this day ... yes, those phones are flawed, it's been proven, they've lost the class action suit, but the iphone 4 is still on the shelves. it's a shame they're still selling those broken phones to people. anyway, if you take this as an example, it takes "a lot" more to pull something from the shelves, especially when it can be fixed (and has been) by a software update. 

It's not a recall in the sense of the word. But phones are being sent back to be reworked and are being backfilled with updated, green dot, phones. Not too hard to understand. The shortage is temporary and everything should be back on track by Monday or Tuesday, once UPS gets their trucks moving again.
Also, not every phone was affected by the data problem. Got mine on 4/6 and had 0 data issues (LTE and 4G) for example. So, the stores were able to pull out the problem phones via serial number and those went back. What remains are being sold, without the new Firmware, but also without the data problem. I am sure they were also able to cull through the phone at the distribution center in Texas and pull out the problem handsets. In a few dats the data bug with be nothing more than a bad dream. Time to move forward.
Regarding supply, Nokia would be total morons (and I know they are not) if they only anticipated minimal inventory with plans to spend hundeds of millions of dollars in promotion over the next several weeks. Sure, not an iPhone launch with 10-20M phones ready to go. But there had to be close to 1M in the manufacturing pipeline before launch day, with logistics in place to double that if needed. That only makes sense.

Where did you get your info? I want proof. If that were the case then why have the credit run thru to the 21st? Why even rush a fix and have it out the door 3 days early? It just doesn't make sense. All the while Amazon is still selling them. To many BS assumptions going on.

All area att stores were sold out on Thursday when I went to buy the phone...was shocked. Was also surprised by the heavy in store promotion. Luckily I have a Microsoft store nearby and was able to pick it up there (cyan).

I've had a hard time finding the 900 in Columbus. It was finally today that one of the Easton stores had 2 black. I got one and the other sold while I was there. The free accessories plus the $100 credit on the next bill did the trick ;)

So if someone orders a phone and they don't get it until after April 21st because of AT&T being out of stock, will they still get the Nokia credit?

Was in a store today they had 7 this morning sold 3 by lunch time but still had 4 left. Got the Nokia update last night but had not experienced any connectivity issues prior to that anyway

I am on a vacation in Vegas and the 3 stores I went to today all had stock in. Actually a guy stopped me on the strip when he saw my phone and let me know.I am going back tomorrow so I called my store in Kansas and they also have stick in. When the data worked it was great.

Received Amazon purchase of 900 last night when I got back from the road. Called and got it activated. Nokia update ready on Zune today. Battery still going strong and a full charge and heavy usage all day. Love this phone even though I was satisfied with my now deactivated first Gen 1.3 Focus. Went into a store today just to see what they were doing. ALL staff hade promo shirts on, and many had there"work" 900 on them. Although, I knew more than they did about the OS and phone, they at least tried to be positive and knowledgeable. Big step up!!! No idea about stock though since I had my own in hand. Love, love, love this phone and OS. Off my box now...

We picked up our Lumia 900 at the North Point AT&T store. They were out of the Cyan and only had 2 black units. The unit we picked up didn't have the software upgrade because a few minutes after coming home we were alerted to upgrade. What does this tell us? AT&T is not pulling units out to fix the bug. The lady at the store said they've received 3 shipments so far. Some of the sales people were carrying around the Lumia 900 as well.

I went to 2 local stores yesterday looking for cyan for my girlfriend. They both had only black available. The one manager said sales have been good but they only got a few boxes in their original order. I didn't ask how many were in a box. I started calling other stores and on my 6th call I found one who had it. Drove up and picked it up for her. The store was very small in an old mall that no one shops at. It was the first one they sold. Although I'd be surprised if they sold more than 2 other phones in a week.

I ordered mine at the AT&T store this weekend. Cyan. They had black in stock, and I even saw a lady with a pink one.  Got the rebates, so it will be free.  Bought the iFrogs case.  Hopefully it will protect my precious.