Cyan Lumia 900 sells out on Best Buy's website

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Though the past few days have looked fairly grim for Nokia, who posted a €590 loss for Q1, there is some positive news for the Finnish manufacturer.  It appears that signs of strong sales of the Lumia 900 have proven true, especially for the cyan model, which has now sold out completely on Best Buy's website.  We saw the same thing happen a few days ago over at AT&T, who initially sold out of both the black and cyan, but has since restocked their black models.  The cyan, however, still remains "temporarily out of stock." 

Lumia 900 sells out on Best Buy's website

The Best Buy and AT&T sellouts are important both to consumers and carriers alike.  Carriers are beginning to see that Windows Phone can be a viable option in the marketplace.  Verizon recently said in a conference call that they see a place for Windows Phone and hinted at a future increase in offerings, though some European carriers remain skeptical.  Consumers are seeing that there now a clear alternative to Android and Apple.  In fact, our online poll indicated that the majority of people who became Lumia 900 owners were in fact converts from iPhones or Android devices.  Sure, it's not the most scientific evidence, but it's surely a positive sign.

Source: Best Buy; Thanks for the tip, kylengai!


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Cyan Lumia 900 sells out on Best Buy's website


Awesome! I can only imagine how the white version will sell out. Im itching for this Sunday already!

I've already called my local ATT store & will be exchanging my cyan for the white version. There will a be a $35 restocking fee

Paul Thurrott is saying today that without a doubt and confirmed from insiders absolutely no current devices will be upgradeable to WP8. I hope you guys like the Lumia 900 as-is. If not you are still within the return window.

I met him. He seems OK. You won't like his Wininfo articles if you're an Apple fan, that's for sure.

Lippidp, Technically it would be true. No current WP7 will be able to update to WP8 if what is said is true and it will be running on the NT kernal. What we are waiting to hear is if we will be getting an update to make the 1st and 2nd Gen phones look and feel like the true Apollo as much as our phones can handle. There has yet to be any source that can reliably answer this. The only source I will believe is an official announcement from Microsoft. But, as it stands right now, everything is no more than hearsay.

He says in the same paragraph that there will be no such feature update, either. I think he's reliable, but of course could be wrong, may have misunderstood, or drew his own conclusions. He seems pretty sure, though. I just worry about all the people here going out and buying new phones with what appears to be an unrealistic hope of upgrading to WP8.

Trust me he's a fuckbag, he once said that mango wouldn't be delivered till 2012 most phones had it by the end of September of last year

Lippidp: I, as everyone else, fear that this may be correct. However, I also have seen the words "reliable source" thrown around too much as of late on both sides with no true evidence to back it. That being said, right now, Microsoft has a chance to be a hero or make one hell of a mess. They need to close the gap between this transition. All we can do sadly, is voice our concerns to Microsoft as a community, hope they do the right thing and list this as a con to any potential buyers out there with the suggestion to wait for WP8 if they won't be able to accept WP7 until their contracts are up or they can afford to shell out for a new phone. I do share your concern.

He was the first person to announce the the coming of Mango in January 2011 and later retracted it and promised of the release of Nodo instead. When Nodo was delayed until April 2011 this same man caused a serious furor among WP forum members with the supposed insider information that Mango was not coming until first half 2012 which eventually turned out untrue. He does have a litle bit of credibility though but like Daniel said all the bloggers have some inside sources but Paul most of the time stick out his neck with a hard stance on some of the issues as if he is part of Ms decision making body.

You should mention that Amazon wireless has also listed the cyan model as "backordered" for more than a week now.

The thing is, seeing the success on the US market, european carriers will most likely give Lumia 900 some special love in europe as well. Unlike to the 800.
Likely breakthrough for WP this device.

That's certainly true on the street, but I think Thurrott is reliable with this kind of stuff. Certainly things could change (like the launch date of the Lumia 900), but Lou Reed was probably surrounded by slimey record biz bastards all day and became jaded. I'm surrounded by intelligent honest people all day and see things differently, if less poetically.

Looks like tmobile is trying to get in on the action to cause I just heard a commercial advertising the nokia 710 is free (you can get up to 5 for a family) on contract.

That's great, why sell more phone... I can't get the connectivity fix from my carrier :( can't even send sms text messages most days.    My undrstanding is this one is Nokia not pushing it everywhere...

Though the past few days have looked fairly grim for Nokia, who posted a "€590" loss for Q1
aahhhmmm..wheres the "m" in the million..?

Yes, but I also read that this was onlly 3% lower than expectations for this quarter, which is still part of the transition period.  If thats true, its hardly "grim".

I think he was merely pointing out a typo in the article. Anyway, from what I've read everyone is expecting at least three more bad quarters before they turn a profit again, if ever. However, most are impressed with Elop's progress to date. The stock has taken a dump in the past two weeks.

Windows is software y won't it be able to run on a wp7 phone windows7 runs on older laptops n computers so u already know with Xbox an old console now is running a new look dnt think it's hard to run wp8 on wp7 phones

I'm no programmer, but it would not be unprecedented for MS to not support an in-place upgrade. You cannot in-place upgrade from Windows Vista 32-bit to Window 7 64-bit, for example. You couldn't go from Windows 95 to Windows NT, either. There are huge architectural differences that apparently made it either impossible or unfeasible. You could, however, do a fresh install on the same hardware, but since phones have carrier-specific stuff in there that seems unlikely (at least through official channels...).

On the Paul T topic (I read his articles daily) he is also the one that led all of us to believe that carriers couldn't skip more than one update, he was admittedly wrong about that, although he got that from a presentation not "insider" info. Personally, I have a hard time believing that I won't be able to upgrade my Lumia 900.