Lumia 920 ‘1314’ firmware gets announced, fixes AT&T phones with connection problems [Updated]

[Update: Nokia Care US is now claiming that this is for AT&T users, and it should be live. Our device is now updated at 1:22pm ET...]

While a lot of Lumia 920 owners are getting the 1308 firmware (which is busted for AT&T users, having been recently halted), Nokia is pushing out a follow up to it numbered 1314. That update, as far as we know, has not actually started to go to devices and it’s not currently on Nokia’s Navifirm server (the highest is 1310 for China’s Lumia 920T).

But it may be real close...

The update has a similar Changelog to the 1308 update, but looks to fix some connectivity problems that some users have been experiencing:

  • Improved automatic display brightness adjustment
  • Fix for intermittent screen blanking during a call
  • Improvements for connectivity issues in certain network conditions
  • Performance and stability improvements

That third point looks to be directly related to issues that AT&T users have been plagued with for just over two weeks now. Those problems have caused intermittent and unreliable data connections, often over LTE on Lumia 920s, causing much frustration for users.

No word on when this update is going out, though Nokia typically kicks off updates around 11am PT/1PM ET, meaning this could go live at any moment. We’ll of course follow up with any information as it comes in.

Source: Nokia; Thanks, canadian1der, for the tip!


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Lumia 920 ‘1314’ firmware gets announced, fixes AT&T phones with connection problems [Updated]



Let's hope it doesn't make something else worse.  Seems like every step forward with Windows Phone is offset by some other step backward.

Have you tried Android updates? I question whether they are intended to get people so frustrated that they upgrade to a new phone. I'm still suffering with my HTC Incredible update.

Am I the only one with a Lumia 920 on AT&T that didn't have any issues with the recent firmware update? Which I suppose is ironic, in the sense that I'm on my 4th Lumia since November due to various other software problems!

No, no problems here, either. I'm glad to have received the recent firmware update and have the auto-brightness control working properly again, and I haven't run into any connectivity issues.

Im on my 4th as well and i am having huge issues.  In strong LTE areas, i have minimal issues, if i am in a 4g/lte border area, major issues with massive drain. 

About that border area, that has and will be a problem because smartphones will search for a better connection (you'd put 3G as maximum speed to tackle that drain)

I thought I had no problem until I started noticing no internet even with two bars and my live tiles for wpcentral, chronos calendar, battery life, and a couple of others completely stopped working

I actually didn't experience any issues except for one time when at WalMart (which is another issue in itself).  After going across the street to get gas, I didn't have any more issues.  

My girlfriend and myself both have 920's and the last update caused problems. My battery life became horrible. I would lose internet connection even though I was showing a 4g connection. I would call my girlfriend and it would go straight to voicemail about half the time and some text messages were being missed. I hope this fixes it.

My ATT launch 920 eventually had all 3rd party live tiles stop working, and for months I could not get them back.
This was "fixed" when my 920 had a hardware failure and ate it's own battery.  The refurb replacement had 3rd party live tils working out of the box.
Portico, of course, then broke the live tiles.  Even with the latest update '1314', live tiles are still broken.
I used iPhones since the 3G, and still have an older one on iOS6, so know that alternative platforms are far from bug-free.
But this major functionality of WP8 NEVER working consistently, or breaking forever at a random point in time, is completely unacceptable, and will likely drive me back to iOS eventually.  I want a BETTER, MORE FUNCTIONAL platform than iOS.  If that basic functionality isn't working, I might as well suffer along with iOS instead and at least enjoy it's top-notch app library....

Everything internet related loads so fast and fluid now. Before when on WiFi or LTE it was soooo slow. Then my signal would randomly drop. Now it's better.

I haven't had connectivity issues, but it will be nice to have live tiles working again!

I noticed this as well. Chronos calendar would stay stuck by not switching its tile to reflect the current date. That's how I noticed live tiles not working.

Check the forums on live tiles not updating.  There is a good fix for that that involves disabling all background tasks you can, clearing IE history/cache then retarting the device.  Open the apps in question and make sure they show as allowed in the background tasks again and wait to see if the tiles update again.  Worst case scenario if that doesn't help is uninstall those apps, clear the IE history, restart, then reinstall and they should work again.

Well folks, remember how we had to wait about a moth to get our hands on a 920 in Sweden? You didn't think that was it, did you? ;)

The auto adjust for brightness thing, anyone else have a problem when you go outside, for example, and your phone's screen brightness turns up and then all the colors on your phone look INCREDIBLY washed out? I'm thinking that's what that means, it's going to fix it.

That's a feature that has been in the 920 from the beginning. It is so you can see your phone in bright sunlight. It can be turned off in the display touch area in the settings menu.

The phone does that on purpose so you can read the screen in full sunlight.  To disable, go to display+touch under settings and turn off sunlight readability.

Not sure, though the macro region designation is for AT&T, Rogers, and other N.American carriers. It depends on whether those carriers need it/request it, but since Nokia has not commented publicly, we just don't know yet.

No, it's available in India, it's just that I haven't got it. Maybe coz my phone is from MEA region. But again, it's available there too, as the website says. I guess, I should wait a few more hours.

Im glad they worked out the issue in a relatively fast manner. It hasn't been too much of an issue for me but it had started to become increasingly frustrating to deal with. All in all it wasn't too big of a problem and have gained no ill will over the situation.

Daniel, do you think the two new features you mentioned in the previous article (double-tap to turn on display, always on clock) would be included in this update??

My carrier pigeon will be happy when this is released. He has been working overtime ever since the 1308 update rendered my phone unreliable.

I want this update badly as my phone is as slow as my old xperia s....it was blazing fast prior to the update....

I can confirm that it is now OTA as my phone (after telling it to check for an update) is asking me to connect to Wifi.

+1. I dont know where there is a "lot" of users getting this. But it seems to be English talking places - Canada.

I hope this fixes the Bluetooth-problems. If my headset drops connection its a feakin pain in the ass getting it reconnected to the musicplayer again.

My issue is that if i have my bluetooth connected to car stereo BT and ise internet sharing at same time, when either connection turns off phone will freeze up.

It's Live here on the East Coast.
-920 Black done & restarted - success
-920 Red done & restarted - success
-920 Cyan in the UK - checked for updates, found, downloaded and installed. After the install and migration it rebooted and would not turn on. Did a reset via power button down volume combo and phone restarted, shut back down and restarted again. Firmware and OS check and everything is up and running. - long distance sweaty palmed success
-920 Yellow - new phone received today, very quick install as the data migration was very short. - success

Downloading it right now...Northern California. Thanks to Nokia...although this probably shouldn't have to be happening anyway.

Got several failed attempts, but it is downloading now (after I connected to WI-FI) Redmond, WA here.

Thanks for the words of encouragment!  Wish there was some progress indicator...don't like the cogs anymore!  ;)

Oh my gosh, I'm with you. Saw the cogs of death and freaked out!  I came here to see how long it should take before they go away.

Well I had this problem so I told att and talked them into sending me a cyan Nokia Lumia 920 and sent them my black Nokia Lumia 920

Dan, how long did it take to apply the update, I am on the gear screen for some time now.
Ok nevermind, its loading now :) Was getting worried.

Phone restarted after about 6-7 minutes of the cogs....now it says "almost done  migrating your data (Step 1 of 4) 15%....

Not sure if I'm the only one, but after the spinning gears screen, I received a blue screen with the reading:
0% complete
If you'd like to know more about this error, you can search online
I have no idea what this means...
update: I did the soft reset with the volume down and power keys and now it just has a black screen with a large, white text-sad face like this:    :-(

My Lumia 920 has 100% remaining battery before the update.
After the update, my phone only has 15% remaining battery. What's up with that?

After an hour of the gears grinding I got the same sad face...

Did the same soft reset and got the same sad face...

Same here.
Instead of messing around with it, I just went into AT&T and told them I needed yet another warranty replacement. Should be here by Tuesday.
I've loved Windows Phone for a long time, but this all-to-often replacement deal is getting ridiculous. I'm not a fan of having to get a refurbished device every other month and having every single one be defective.

Have the same problem with my baterry, before the update is was 95%, now its 20% and does not seem to be charging... did you find a fix ?

That was a fast turnaround!  Downloading update now.  let's hope this fixes the AT&T cellular connectivity issues (voice and data) ever since the 1308 update.

Whoever was saying that going outside their screen washes out, I have that exact same issue, and I know this is a feature but it still does this with sunlight readabillity turned off, did this since the 1308 update.

I think its fixed the connectivity issues ladies and gentlemen, good riddance to repeat texts lol!

Got it updated to 1314. However, I usually have LTE in my office, now it is only 4G.
UPDATE: Never mind, after 10min, it finally switched to LTE.

Wonder if this will allow me to play MP3 files over bluetooth without any cracking and popping sounds. I keep hoping an update will fix it and am disappointed each time I update and I still have the issue.
How can there be an issue playing a particular file type over bluetooth, but not through the headphone jack!?!?

Does that Bluetooth mp3 file gets a toast message? (there s a problem with this file.......etcetera?) or do you use a a2dr Bluetooth headset I mean

No toast message. It happens with ALL my bluetooth devices. Both of my cars, both of my Nokia 360 NFC/Bluetooth speakers and my BlueAnt bluetooth headset. Hard to get anyone to change it out when it just doesn't make sense.

Had the same issue. its hardware. I still have some akipping though and Nokia says that is aoftware.

Yea, definitely hardware. My old 920 had that problem, and I just recently came back to Windows Phone (after switching to a 4s for 2 months), and I haven't had the problem since coming back. I have a red, refurb 920 (bought off Craigslist), and this also has a better screen, doesn't have light leakage, the hardware doesn't creak, no dust in the ffc, and people don't complain that they can't hear me.

How many times have you informed Nokia about the issue?? Let them know @nokiacareus often that way they can inform the right team.

Installing the update 1314 right now (T-Mobile, The Netherlands)...hopefully everything will go smoothly...

That is normal, and takes about 5-10 minutes.  It should then reboot, boot into WP8 and then begin "migrating your data."  The time it takes to migrate greatly depends on how much data you have on your device.

What do you wanna bet I won't ;) I had to take my last Lumia into AT&T to get it replaced after it bricked during a restore. That Lumia had the latest update on it which had the extra storage settings. While getting it replaced, Nokia stopped rolling out that update because of the connectivity issues. So this new Lumia they gave me wasn't on that update. This is the first update I've gotten for this phone and I don't have that same setting at the bottom. If all of that makes sense. 
EDIT: It showed up. Accessories was the last thing in my list the last time I checked. After letting it sit for a bit and checking it again, it now shows up at the bottom of the list.

The new storage tool is available and now I'm able to clean temporary files... strangely my firmnr still 1308...everything is working fine...

Phone still gets hot on top. You would of thought they would of fixed that by now.
I hope the battery draining issue got fixed. Very erratic. Some days its fine. Some days its dead by noon with minimal use.
Question: what LTE speeds should I get with 2 bars?

Using the Speedtest app, my LTE speeds are still very, very low even with 4 bars...
2.93 Mbps Down
0.85 Mbps Upload

Seems like I used to get much better results...

I know it's early, but I don't think this update completly fixed my ATT connectivity issue.
Rebooted, and also did a soft reset. Data speeds are very slow still...

That def doesn't sound right.  I was getting speeds parallel to wohat you're reporting w/ the 1308 update.  After installing the 1314 update my LTE data speeds are hovering around 11Mbps down in Philly, PA.

11.49 mbps download
1.19 mbps upload
84 ms ping
11.57 mbps download
1.47 mbps upload
67 ms ping

Can't compare like that. Network speed and conditions fluctuate constantly throughout the day for various reasons. My speed can be 30mb at certain times and then drop to 10 on LTE

I never had the dreaded connectivity issues on my AT&T 920 after the 1308 update until yesterday.  It drove me nuts and i couldn't make/receive a call or send/receive a text!!!  Hopefully this update fixes it and make everyone happy!

Got the update here in sunny Del Rio, Texas.  I wasn't having screen or connectivity problems before, but I love that Nokia is the most up-to-date, responsive OEM on ANY platform.  I've never doubted my choice.