Lumia 920 preorders rival iPhone 5 in the Netherlands

The Lumia 920 will be available in early January 2013 in the Netherlands, but preorders of the device are currently matching preorders of the iPhone 5 in that country and may even be surpassing it. Dutch website Nu.nl spoke with retailers in the Netherlands about the upcoming device and gave some interesting insight into the device.

“We had high expectations for the device, but it has achieved the same numbers of preorders in its first week as the iPhone 5, which is great.” Said Mathieu Teeuwen, Marketing Director for Phone House Netherlands, to Nu.nl.

Our friends over in the Netherlands can expect the device to become available around mid-January in 2013. Alternatively, you can preorder it here.

It’s great to see a device like the Lumia 920 doing well around the globe.Statistics and Windows Phone haven't been the best of friends the past few years. We’ve always been given vague numbers and estimates for determining marketshare for our favorite mobile operating system. Just a few days ago we learned that shipments of handsets are up over 300% compared to last year, but what exactly that number is we may never really know. Reports like this may be weak on numbers, but we should turn our focus to the increase in "mindshare"

Any Dutch readers thinking of getting a Lumia 920 or other Windows Phone 8 device? Let us know.

Source: Nu.nl, Thanks djuro for the tip!


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Lumia 920 preorders rival iPhone 5 in the Netherlands

They do a lot to differentiate themselves from the OEMs. Which is good for Nokia and Windows Phone as a whole since a growing platform can/will attract developers! More cool apps for everyone :)

No thanks to Microsoft not Nokia. Microsoft just saved Nokia butt from not failing. Thanks to Microsoft windows phone 8 OS. I wish Microsoft just buys off Nokia which I know they can do it. Again it's Microsoft who we should thank. Glad Symbian crap is no longer being continue to nokia phones.

I guess it goes both ways. Nokia needed new OS but without Nokia Microsoft doesn't have any chance.. Nokia is now only big manufacturer who has been interested to put wp8 devices out.. samsung somewhere waiting..

And as you can see from Surface sales, MS is not so interesting as a HW manufacturer (even they have "coincidentally" selected lumia colors magenta and cyan :D ) so even IF they someday put "Surface-phone" out, does it sell? Probably not. So they need Nokia to spread the wp8 love... :)

its thanks to Nokia, a lot of people didn't know about the windows phone OS before Nokia,  thanks for Microsoft in helping Nokia with the cash, and their OS, but they should not buy Nokia,
also Microsoft had a lot benefits from their agreement with Nokia, Now Bing maps is based on Nokia maps, and had some of their patents, so we should say thanks to Nokia

I'm actually starting to believe that the shortage is from demand. When I went yo my att store, they had 3 static displays and 2 video displays of the 920. Some of the other customers waiting were also wielding the 920 too. Then right before I got called, a woman came in leading her boyfriend/husband directly to the 920 display and she too was rocking a 920.

Ladies and gents, looks like WP is starting to become mainstream.

Don't hold your breath.  There are places on earth where the iPhone is a 2nd class citizen.  It is obvious Nokia is much more popular in Europe.   Wait a quarter or two then we will start seeing results.  

You do get that ATT is in the US and since they are sold out and people have the phones that the marketshare is going up, as Nokia is not well liked in the US. So add in high Europe sales and it means much more marketshare. Only thing to be concerned about is how many complained to get an early upgrade from their 800/900 to a 920...

Well here in The Netherlands Nokia isn't popular at all. Everywhere I go I see iPhones and Samsung phones. I have seen a Lumia 1 time in public transport and I travel about 2 hours a day. Also at the university I have yet to spot a Lumia. Only Nokia's you see, if you see a Nokia, are the dumbhones.

Hahaha iphone sucks moron just because lumia 920 are selling like hotcakes. Just wait when it arrives in Jan 2013 in Netherlands it will blow away iphony and laggy androids. That's why you dont see much lumia now because new 920 won't be in till Jan 2013. Now your the dumbdumb

Why insult the guy? He didn't even rag on nokia, MS, or the OS. He was stating an observance. Now you're the jackass for calling him a moron. Idiot.

Ugh you have a point. And unfortunately as more people switch to WP we'll start getting fans that are quite douchey. I like our community the way it is right now. We're all so willing to help one another and stuff

Oh I seriously doubt that! One of the reasons I see android douchebags being douchebags is because of the fact that they have passive aggressive feelings about the shitty OS they have lol (back when android was suuuuper buggy still) every last person I've seen that's a true WP fan is very... Um nice? Classy? Helpful? Everything good lol

I think this may be the point of confidence. The 920 and WP8 is finally doing what we all thought the 900 and Mango would do. Windows Phone looks like it's finally in.

Streetned, thx for your guide on marketing strategy. Please explain how this squares with the actual article stating that a company with less than 2% of the market cap of its highest competitor is equalling its pre orders in the Netherlands

Actually, it's the iPhone 4SS, or iPhone 5 as Apple calls it, that is way over-priced for a one year old phone. It's nothing much more than the iPhone 4S, which is so one year ago, with a 4" screen. Ergo, way over-priced!

Sorry, I have to stop you there...

While iOS 6 really didn't change much in terms of 'experience', there's no question that the iPhone 5 is significantly different to the 4S.

• New size screen
• New aspect ratio
• New resolution
• New design
• Different build materials
• A6 chip
• Faster performance
• Slimmer
• Lighter

And of course...
• an extra row of icons

@Hammered Pizza You're saying the same thing over and over. New size screen = aspect ratio = resolution = extra row of icons... new chip = faster... New design = different materials = lighter. Exactly what they said above.

I don't know the numbers, but the iPhone 5 is only recently normally available. A month ago the waiting lists were always around 3 to 4 weeks.

actually no. It is a bigger deal when it happens in Europe because the device is very expensive here (600+ euros). There are no $450 L920s here

I think he was referring to the number of phones sold in terms of it being a bigger deal. There are going to be many ore phones made available to the US market than to the Netherlands. Last I checked, sales in the Netherlands was not used to measure the significance of... anything.

Remember, Nokia was the pioneer in mobile technology. They know what they are doing. Microsoft is no fool to fall in love with Nokia. Just kick back and enjoy the honeymoon. Love my Nokia Lumia 900 cyan! I can keep bashing the other folks , but no.

The numbers in the Netherlands of Iphone are not clear yet but. It beat all records from before and outsold Galaxy SIII. Netherlands is a true Apple nation where the mehhh press of the iPhone 5 seemed to have the opposite reaction from Dutch customers. Besides, in the Netherlands people tend to be more than average critical and pessimistic. When in the whole world the press would write something like; this product is showing progress and could still make good chance''. In the NL press you will read on the same article; ,,Still dissappointing as it has not exploded in sales yet, it is over, but hey didn't we allready predicted that''.
In that perspective I find this article in Nu.nl which is one of the major and highly respected news sites very encouraging. the mentioned retaillers are also the major ones. Next to that there is not a lot marketing arround yet, this needs to come but the way it works in the NL is that this kind of news helps a lot. Lets hope the demand stays this way.

I preordered one. It probably helps that € 599 preorders in the Netherlands come with the Nokia wireless charging plate for free. We Dutch love getting things for free ;)

Pre-orders pre-orders! That's all I hear. Where is the fucking phone!!!! Ordered from WalMart 11/15 and still waiting! First they told me 11/29. Called to check, now 12/3! Have this feeling they're playing me. Saw on their website that it's available but price is up to $120 from $60! WTF WalMart!!!

That must suck..i mean it's not available in my country so I have to wait for the phone to launch..but for you, its like a fruit hung close but not close enough.. Must be frustrating

I ordered the cyan one for my wife from Walmart on 11/10.... where did you manage to get a date for the delivery? I have only been greeted with no information available from their multiple reps.... hope it's not delayed beyond mid Dec or so....
also tried a chance at getting their $100 e-card promotion added to my order. No go. Getting the phone for $49 is still a deal..... if I get it that is.... thinking about biting the bullet and ordering directly from AT&T, but they are now sold out and I don't really know if they will actually ship in 7-15 days as mentioned on their order site..... difficult decisions....

I called rep (from India) 3-4 days ago said the red lumia be available 11/29. No email confirmation. Then I called yesterday (India again) she said 12/3. And I did try for the $100 gift too. No good. Oh and my mistake, ordered at 50$, not 60$. Dammit I shouldn't added 20$ overnight delivery. Wasted 20$ for nothing!

Hi Nokia India Care line number is 30303838, and Nokia India has no information about Lumia 920 launch.. why did u call india for...

I'm sorry. I don't mean anything offending. The customer support team was obviously an outsourced division. Two different reps told me two different things.

If you added overnight delivery, I believe, you can get that $20 refunded due to this delay. 
I am sure you can atleast get that done, if you try. 

Way to go, Nokia!! Take that, Fruit lovers. =) Launching in Czech next year, but got one from Vodafone DE via CZ retailer. Woohoo. =)

Im getting the lumia 920 right when it will touch dutch soil! This phone is almost perfect, the only thing nokia did totally wrong is offering only the 32 gb version, without micro sd slot. They need to offer bigger memorys or just place a mocro sd slot

I'm really happy I drove to Germany a couple of weeks ago, because January is late... and the demand will even delay it further and even in Germany they don't have any in stock anymore.

Oh wow, it's cheaper there than here in the UK. Too bad it only arrives in January though, I would have picked one up when I'm in holland over my winter break *sigh*

Got mine yesterday from T-Mobile on my business contract delivered next day. I was not looking to get it but they had them in stock for next day and I needed to replace an out of warranty faulty phone so hey why not. Very happy with it to be honest although the Nokia Drive was slightly infuriating telling to "Take the junction" when it actually meant stay on the motorway. Also it would not fit in my normal mount, so its time for some accersories. Looking at the QI chargers you can pick them up dirt cheap provided its not got "Nokia" written on it.
So I hope it is going great guns it deserves it for sure. I do wonder though as we have been here before and in my mind what has really changed. In the UK I think the adverts are spot on with celebrities focusing on how they personalise the phone. Do they also have dutch celebreties doing the same?

No doubt Windows Phone 8 is killing it. I could not be hapier with my 920. I ditched my apple device 2 years ago, and never looked back - really never needed to look back.

way to go nokia, wp all the way, still on my l800 here in Bosnia and Hercegovina, lumia came to my providers device list just 1 month ago

I got the cyan L900 back in April. Love the phone and upgrades Nokia Music, Nokia Lens etc. Love the Mix Radio free music without signing up etc. Solid phone. I'll probably upgrade when this mad rush is over. I would like a Cyan L920 with cyan vertical charger and jbl speaker charger, don't need a cover oh and the cool cyan headphones, then I'll shop for a cyan hat, t-shirt and I'm ready for the cameras! shoot me!

Don't hold your breath on super duper sales. There seems to be severe supply chain issues. Nokia is losing a lot of potential sales in US due to the non availability of handset on the shelves. Only the early adopters (who frequent this page) are willing to wait for a phone that they are totally unfamiliar with.  If Nokia can ramp up the production soon, they could do 4-6 million Lumia this quarter. Next quarter will be the real deal as prices in Europe and Asia starts to drop.

In other news: Because of 'modest sales' (Ballmer) MS has reduced the production of Surface tablets from 4 million to only 2 million until the end of 2012.

The Lumia 920 is the first new phone that I've purchased without having any issues.  When the first iphone came out I pre-ordered it and found to have problems with the quality of the screen.  Tried another one and still had the same problem plus dead pixels.  Went back to my Sony Ericsson W580 phone.  Then the 3GS came out and thinking apple would have learned from their experience but nope, screen still has other issues now.  It had overheating issue plus yellowish tint on the screen.  I know this because I compared it to my co-worker's 3GS and his was white.  I had it exchanged but had to go through hoops to do it.  The replacement also had a yellow tint but not too bad so I kept it.
In any case the Lumia 920 is perfect in terms of build quality and expectation.  This is their flagship and I expect nothing less which is something Apple should have learned going into their 3rd generation of iphones. 

this is fantastic news! :D the days when I used to get bullied by stupid Apple fans is coming to an end :) I may have the old WP but im just happy for the success of such a great platform! Waiting for a surface phone, Come on Microsoft :)

Great news BUT I just spoke to Nokia care in Amsterdam and Nokia care is leaving the Netherlands! So any problems with a Nokia in future and you have to post it off!