Lumia 920 returns to Best Buy at lower price, will price-match earlier orders

Looks like Best Buy heard about AT&T's announcement today as the electronics chain has unceremoniously returned the Lumia 920 to pre-order status on their site. What's more, it's at the lower price of just $99, meaning if you had BB gift certificates or like using their rewards system, you can now do so.

The devices are still not yet searchable, meaning we're kind of beating Best Buy to the punch here. But we imagine they will show up soon enough in all colors.

For those of you who pre-ordered earlier and still have existing orders, the good news is Best Buy will price match AT&T's new lower offering. As noted on Twitter in response to the question: "We have the 30 day Price Match Guarantee." So you may have to call and haggle with them a bit but it is certainly doable. No word on whether or not you'll get that free wireless charging plate, however there may be other ways

Ironically, the same or URL links for all Lumia 920 colors still work, so if you feel like using them, here you go:

Thanks, Dan D. and Peter D. for the tips!


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Lumia 920 returns to Best Buy at lower price, will price-match earlier orders


Read some previous articles. Nokia is giving away free wireless charger for every Lumia 920 purchase. Just enter your IMEI number at the website and you will get it in no more than 4 weeks. You do have a point ATT I think is giving them out also at the same time as sale. Though I am unsure you may then be able to go to Nokias website and get a second one for free?

Or you can get Best Buy to deal match if AT&T is doing it in store and then submit the request to Nokia also and get 2.  But this would only work if AT&T is giving them in store.

I would really like to know where exactly I can enter the IMEI of my Lumia 920 at nokia.com to get a wireless charger for free.. I cannot even see a way to purchase one on their website. At least not in Germany. Do you have any link at hand you wouldn't mind sharing?

If Nokia is giving them away to everyone anyways as posted earlier not that big of a deal, Plus Best buys insurance plan over 2 years is 170, the ATT deductable will be at least 150 if not 200 plus 7 a month, I am sure I will need the phone replaced at least once during 2 years because of my job is that makes up for the 50 dollar cost of the charger. Now if it was the Power Up JBL speaker free that would be a different story :P

At the MS stores the insurance is only $99 for two years with up to two replacements with $50 deductible

Agreed... If you buy with contract and then terminate your contract, you'll get charged "only" $325 cancellation fee, which means the phone itself is $99 + $325 = $424 + taxes. So, I think it would make sense for it to be priced $429 or $449 off-contract.

Does Lumia 920 have tethering support?  Also, if I buy unlocked international edition, will this be available vs blocked with ATT?

Technically according to the definitions on AT&Ts site, Tethering is being able to use your phone as a modem via a USB connection and HotSpot is turning it into a WiFi access point. So technically 2 different things and possibly 2 different needs since tethering would work on computers without wifi but hotspot will not.

It has tethering, just like the 900 before it. If you buy the international version, you will likely be able to tether without paying the ATT premium to do so, but if ATT sniffs it out, they'll force you into the plan.

Best Buy is just scrambling to save sales now.  They've had a boat-load of cancellations and they had to do something.

I just visited my local Costco, and the phone guy said they will be getting the 920, but couldn't confirm Friday availability or price. looking forward to a sub $99 price tag. I'm still curious as to the color options there though. They only offer the 900 in black...

We saw the Radio Shack promo earlier, too, so they will be an option. That being said, I have no idea if they are ever competitive...

They wouldn't give me the charging plate...I canceled my preorder with BB...AT&T I will be preordering in 4hrs....BRACE YOUR SELF!!

The 99$ is for the 8gb, 16 gb is 199$, wish there was a 32gb 8x but since there isn't lumia is best bet for storage alone...

Below are the WP sales rankings on bestbuy.com for this week. I don't see the AT&T WP8 phones, but I do see the Verizon ones:

AT&T (82 phones offered)
28. Nokia Lumia 900 Black (28. a week ago, 39. a month ago)
35. Nokia Lumia 900 White (49. a week ago, 49. a month ago)
49. Samsung Focus 2 (48. a week ago, 48. a month ago)
58. Nokia Lumia 900 Cyan (60. a week ago, 61. a month ago)
69. HTC Titan (71. a week ago, 44. a month ago)
71. Samsung Focus S (72. a week ago, 72. a month ago)
72. Samsung Focus Flash (44. a week ago, 45. a month ago)
* HTC 8X Blue 8GB is no longer offered (39. a week ago, not available a month ago)
HTC Titan II is not offered
Nokia Lumia 900 Pink is not offered

Verizon (74 phones offered)
55. Nokia Lumia 822 White (not available a week ago, not available a month ago)
56. HTC 8X Blue (not available a week ago, not available a month ago)
57. Nokia Lumia 822 Black (not available a week ago, not available a month ago)
71. HTC Trophy (49. a week ago, 63. a month ago)

T-Mobile (29 phones offered)
20. HTC Radar (27. a week ago, 24. a month ago)
26. Nokia Lumia 710 Black (26. a week ago, 22. a month ago)
27. Nokia Lumia 710 White (21. a week ago, 23. a month ago)

Sprint (42 phones offered)
None offered

If I buy the $600 no-commitment lumia 920, will it be carier locked? Will i be able to use it outside the US with other phone cariers? 

I was also trying to figure that one out since I'm not from the US but wanted to buy the Nokia 920...If u find out something please post here u'r findings :) 

i am in the same boat. i am "international" and i would like to buy the 920 unlocked. trying to figure out if i buy the one without contract if it will be locked to att (i figure it will for sure) and then it would be an issue of how soon someone starts selling the unlock code for the device.
i just wish nokia or someone would give people like us (who need an unlocked phone) a chance to buy it someplace!