Lumia 930 available for pre-order from Amazon France and Amazon Germany

Lumia 930

Living in France or Germany? Then you’re going to be pretty excited to get the latest and greatest Windows Phone – the Lumia 930. The device is now available for pre-order on Amazon for customers in France and Germany. The Lumia 930 is notable for being the first high-end device to ship with Windows Phone 8.1.

The Nokia Lumia 930 was announced last month at Microsoft’s Build conference in San Francisco. Inside you’ll find a 2.2 GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor, 2GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage. You sadly do miss out on expanding storage since there’s no microSD card slot.

Up front you’ll find a beautiful 5-inch touchscreen with full HD. That’s a 1920 x 1080 display with Gorilla Glass 3. You get the same 20MP PureView camera on the rear that the Lumia 1520 has. Which takes amazing pictures.

Amazon France is selling the Lumia 930 for €​£579 ($795 USD) and Amazon Germany is offering it for the same price. There’s no shipping date for the Lumia 930, but they’ll go out to customers who pre-order once they become available.

Any of our friends in France and Germany thinking of picking up the Lumia 930? Sound off below!

Source: Amazon France, Amazon Germany Via: Plaffo, WMPU

Thanks for the tip Derek!


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Lumia 930 available for pre-order from Amazon France and Amazon Germany




Well you gonna have to explain them how to do this, because eventually, space is needed to add a sd card slot.

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Yeah, the 930 is the latest WP, but not the greatest...
The 1520 still holds that title..

Battery, sd, glance.. If not for the smaller screen (i really cant manage a 1520), I'd have gladly bought the 1520 next month. Sadly, I'm gonna have to compromise on the above 3 things, just for the smaller screen.

That's true, there will always be newer/better phones every year, yet the Lumia 1520 is the one which manages to remain at the top the longest among all other flasgships. That's the kind of phone I wait for to buy.

Hell yes, you're right!!!! Lets just face it.. No other phone in WP history has achieved what the 1520 has as far as features, and technology, are concerned...
The 1520 is currently the best WP device available... No matter who wants it, or not..

The thing ruining the 1520 is the absurd size. Which is why the flagship is the 930 and not the 1520.

That isn't THAT big an issue.. Though it does restrict my freedom to use it the way i want, to keep my whole library on it.. (that's me ;) )

This. On att any ways. So I am waiting for the next big thing. Can't upgrade till October anyways. Bought a 920 way back when.

I just got a 1520 back in December, and AT&T is already letting me upgrade.... Pretty freekin cool❕ .. So, I'm all set when the 1530 comes out.... I just hope they don't do a 630 to the 1530.. Lol!!

It's not about the size, or name.... That's all subjective.. But, the 1520's features, and specs make it the most capable device available... Whether I like it, you like it, or not.. We're talking about numbers here, and they speak for themselves.. The fact is that the 1520 has more to offer, no matter what color, size, or designation it's given..

Yes. I never said its not the king of the lumias. I just said i cant buy it.. :)
Btw rodneyej, what's up with that idea ? If you put it somewhere then message me via WPC !

The specs of the 1520 only differ from the 930 in battery size because the screen eats up a lot more battery. Then you have Glance but to me that's not a feature that breaks any deal, specially when MM is working to fix that on the 930/929.
The lack of the micro SD is inexcusable though.

I really doubt that the screen "eats", as you say, a lot more battery because the battery doesn't just last the normal amount of time it is EXCELLENT... if you ever used a 1520 for a day you would realize two things..
1. This device is not absurdly big at all, and in fact is very comfortable to use day to day..
2. The battery is extraordinary! Not just sufficient for the larger screen... It literally last me for 8 hrs of continuous use... And, I mean continuous use literally because my job is to stay on my phone all day long and wait.. Seriously..
The 1520 is overall the best WP device money can buy... It just is.

I have used the 1520. It's horrible too manage on a daily basis. It's uncomfortable to hold, impossible to manage with one hand (and I have big hands). It's just too big.

Also, the more screen you have to light up the more battery you need. There's no way around that. Does the 930 have a too smaller battery? Absolutely. Sony's Z2 proved that it's possible to create an almost perfect phone that's also slim and light (it just lacks built-in Qi otherwise...).

The 1520 is a great phone. Just like the 1020. But just like the 1020, it's a niche device. And that's why it's not a flagship.

I agree with all of that, except that the 1520 is uncomfortable to use...
But, my point is that no mater what you call the 1520 it's a fact that it has more to offer than any other WP device.. It is technically the most capable WP device.. Can't argue with that....
And, you can keep saying that the screen uses more battery, and that is technically true, but setting aside number in real everyday usage the battery in the 1520 way more than compensates for the screen... Listen. I'm saying way more than compensates for the screen!!.. So, its not ever noticeable that the screen uses more power.. It actually seems that the screen uses less power than the one on my 920 because the battery last so much longer... In other words,, who cares if the screen uses more power if the battery last longer?.. That's all that matters,, the fact that the battery last forever... Lol!... I know, I said it like 50 times, but it is never a issue rather it's an advantage of my 1520... Fact.. My 1520's battery will out last your 1020's battery at the same brightness settings with similar usage... Do you not believe me, my friend????????

Well, you don't own a 930 to know how long it lasts you, do you? ;) For all you know, the 930 may last you with a smaller battery as the 1520 with its larger one. So the fact that the 1520 has a larger batter may not make it last longer or not than the 930.


As for the comfort in use, well it's obviously personal. But more people dislike the large screen than they do.

The 1520 is the one that allows you to do more. True. Because it has that Glance gimmick and a microSD card slot. Unfortunately, and that's the point, its cheer size is enough to break the deal for the majority of consumers. Phablets aren't *that* popular and that's why you see the likes of the Note 3 always being outsold by the Galaxy S5. And this 930 will certainly sell more than the 1520. Because at the end of the day, the common user prefers comfort to specs.

I'm sure it's a great device. Just... Where do you fit it? I have two torn pockets and that's just from my 920.

Torn pockets?.. How?... I put in right in the front right pants pocket of all of my jeans, and work uniforms.. I forget it's there!!! The phone is no big deal at all.. It just has a very, very, very, nice screen... And, its thinner than the 920.. You might want to try it out..

If you haven't used the 1520 before you would be surprised how easy it is to get used to its size. 6" becomes the norm and everything else is just small.

That's what it's about... I also was closed minded like the rest of these guys until I went to the store, put one in my pocket,and sat down... I was amazed, and had to have this phone... Why are people so stuck on staring at those tiny little screens???

OK OK OK....

I'll take another look at the 1520...   I only looked at it once and didn't spend much time with it.   I've got a 920 now and tend towards thinking a 5 inch display is ideal, but ok then....

I'll try to not be so closed minded and try to overlook my immediate MY GOD THIS THING IS TOO FREAKING LARGE concept.

We'll see...

(P.S. I still think a 5 inch display is nearly ideal)

Lol!❕❕ Either way is fine... The 5", and 6" screens are both cool, and I love the Icon/930.. But, I would seriously try the 1520 if I were you.. After all,, you can always take I back in a few days if you don't like it.. You have nothing to lose❕

Totally agree. I came from a 920 and when I got the 1520 I thought damn this thing is big! Within a couple of days I was used to it and don't think I could go with a smaller phone now. My frickin 920 looks to small. The battery last forever. I can easily go two days with pretty heavy use. Good phone.

It's amazing what an extra 1300mha can do.....
Anyways, Off subject.....
Do you agree that a long press of the start button should bring down the Action Center?

And why exactly you need this? I do prefer to have the option for displaying more than a single row of notifications in the Action Center.

I think 6.5 would be perfect for the next 1520.... Seriously❕ I need a bigger screen, without the body increasing to much.. I can handle it with ZERO problem..

You mean the 1520.3 is the greatest Nokia Lumia out. ;-p. Qi wireless charging & 32 GB plus full support for T-Mobile.

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I second that too. The 1520.3 is exactly the greatest Nokia phone in the market today, and that's the phone I got for myself after 7 years waiting for the next best flagship since my N95.

Lol!!.. It depends on the size of the person... One dudes skinny jeans might have more pocket space than another's...

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Yeah but exchanges for phone prices ain't just based on currency equality, it includes other factors. It could be cheaper. But if still its priced >40K I'll wait few more days untill it falls down...

I'm telling you, it would come at 36+ taxes.. MS/nokia said it'll be at $600+taxes, and that's very reasonable as here we can get 1520, with a bigger screen, much bigger battery, and an sd slot at about 37k.. So there's no reason it should be above 38 or so here..

Agree with you, it shouldn't be priced above that. And if its made above 40K, they're gonna lose a lot of customers like me. Actually I was considering 1520 but then one of my friends got a 1320. Its too large of a phone! I hate using two hands for a phone - It's just my preference, no offence ;)


No, its my preference too. I'd buy the 1520 any day over the 930 if you give me a smaller screen. But i really see no reason why it should even cost 36, considering that 1520, with a 50% larger battery, 20% larger screen, sd slot and glance, retails at 37.. Nexus 5 with almost same specs (but a much worse camera) sells at 28k or so.. (yes i do know we cant compare android and wp like that)

I guess besides all its features, that "larger screen" is a con instead of pro for many people like us!

That, and it's the peak time for 5-inch displays all around. Few years back, it was 4-inch (I noted that 930 really has no reason to be priced above 1520 excluding this, obviously) but it looks like Nokia/MS is trying to make a profit out of its appealing look and size, cutting on some observable features.

If they're trying to make profit with the 'new phone' hype, MM is dead then. They're already suffering from high prices, like the 630 (i do know the reasons), and one more attempt like that would kill the demand. And the flagship 930 too.

If the price in Belgium will also be €580, I'm gonna be very happy!!! That's way more reasonable than the €700 for an iPhone!

If you read well, it says £580 not €580, making it roughly about €710 which is pricier than the iphone :/ no deal for me, would better get the 1520, which is about €450 at the moment. Its got the same specs, and has an sd cord slot and glance!

It's a mistake. The price is 579€. If you buy it in Belgium from Amazon.DE it will cost 588 after the VAT adjustment.

I'm pretty sure everyone on this site doesn't have Verizon. What are Microsoft/Nokia's plans for the US is my question because things have been very quiet since the 8.1 announcement if you ask me. 

Then you'll not have the 930. I know it sucks but you only have your own market to blame. The fault is with the way the American market works. If you didn't allow "exclusively designed phones" as we don't in Europe, you wouldn't have this problem.

I meant the people in the US who ask for this phone outside Verizon. You asked for the 930 in the US. It's there already. But it's an "exclusive". If you'll never have Verizon (regardless of the motive) then I'm affraid you'll never "have" the phone because it's on another carrier.

I understand now however its not called the icon so in theory the phone of this name 930 which I'm asking about not the icon could be released for different carriers.

Well, the only reason why in the US the 930 is called Icon is because Verizon always wants a special name. And unlike its predecessor - the 928 - the 929 has absolutely no difference to its International version.

Besides, AT&T already has the exclusivity on the 1020 and 1520. So Verizon has the Icon. If Microsoft Mobile gets another flagship in the US, it'll probably be on T-Mobile or Sprint...IF any of them are interested in having one.


As it is I don't think there's a chance of you seeing the 930 on sale in the US because it's already there, on Verizon, just under a different name.

You can, however, check the bands on the 930 and have one imported from another country if you really want it ;)

By saying "cocaine white" he is being racist?

I wonder if the cup of coffee on your icon has black coffee, or with white milk... regular sugar, or brown sugar...

Nokia Canada have told me they are working on bringing new phones to Canada, what they will be i dont know. It will not be this phone.

WHY NO MICRO SD CARD???? Wasn't that one of the coolest WP8.1 updates? They're not even leveraging premium features to the premium markets. Pathetic and frustrating. Not to mention the release of the 128gb Sandisk that i now have

U can get cloud storage from one drive and box in all 20gb to store your files. The whole 32gb u can use for apps.

Being an indian, you should know not everyone likes to store files online and then use up mobile data to access them. I'm not a big fan of cloud storage, but for me, I'm just going to limit the songs i keep on it if i buy one (i hope to).. That should be okay for me.

I'm not a cloud storage lover as well. I only keep my important files there for the sole purpose of backup in case of accidental deletion. As in my case, I've my 520 and 720 for all my media needs with 4.5 GB internal usable in each and 64GB expandables. So I guess 32GB is more than enough for my premium needs! :)

Same here. Just that i wanted to keep all my songs, which i cant now. I have about 20-25gb of English songs alone ! :)) (most at 128kbps, the recent 2-3gb of songs are at 320kbps) i cant use up all that space for songs alone ! :))

LOL! I must say you really are a big song listener! I only have around 9.5GBs of songs (including English, Hindi, Bengali and Japanese of different bit rates). But yeah you can use your 520 exclusively for songs to save some space on 930 :P

Actually... My basic library, which i have on my 520, is just about 4-5 gb of English songs. I built all this library from bottom up when i bought a laptop, didn't feel like transferring all songs from my pc. I'd copy them all when i leave for college though... You know, LAN sharing and stuff. Mine would be the biggest library ! ;)
P.s. JAPANESE ? Never heard any indian listen to Japanese songs ! Are you talking particularly about x-Japan ? That's quite a hit band . Or do you actually listen to Japanese songs ?

Arrarently, you already have the biggest library among the people I've come across! BTW, what music player do you use in your 520? I like to learn correct lyrics for songs that's why I use CMPlayer (It doesn't have any other exciting features though). I wonder will we ever be able to see a music player in WP store supporting Visualizations ? (I remember I had one in my Android phone, Xperia M). I know battery consumption, memory consumption due to graphics rendering but I still like it ;)

Yeah even none of my friends or relatives listen to Japanese songs LOL! Its my personal taste. I listen to Japanese Pop, Folk and Alternative in particular. Ryoko Moriyama, Becky, Yumi Matsutoya, Hikaru Utada to name a few. With my favourite japanese songs being Sarara by Becky and Nada Sou Sou (meaning shading tears). I used to listen x-Japan (Yoshiki was my favourite musician) but then lately, their songs appeared rather too much techno to me. I like their 90s songs only.

P.S: I'm a big Japan fanboy ;)

I am still on 8.0 till this week probably, so is still use the music hub. I had spent hours picking up great artist images via MPATool, and i like those images more than the visualisations. Other than that, i use MixRadio for alternative songs (its my fav genre, especially alternative rock), added all my fav artists there. Then there's SKY.FM radio app for even more varied rock songs (try it if you love rock songs, its great). I download songs using music sense, all at 320kbps and then it pulls the metadata from the xbox music server, so my library stays tip-top clean.

For lyrics, i never liked any particular app, because in most of them i didnt find all lyrics, so instead i just do a quick bing search and read the lyrics on ie ;)

Oh, and i dont like any of the recent songs (with a few exceptions, like http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=450p7goxZqg&feature=kp).. IMO the best days of music were from 1990-2007, and 90% of my fav songs belong to that era. Bryan adams, linkin park, breaking benjamin, coldplay (they're still great), richard marx, james blunt, etc etc... (I can go on and on and on... :P)

Trust me, the music hub you're using on 8.0 is better than xbox music on 8.1 (so far).

It looks fine but consumes a lot of time. Well, we download songs from various open sites and that's why we see the artist/album images are often changed with site address / uploader name itself. MixRadio is a great blessing from Nokia to all its users, no doubt.

I see your point for lyrics but CMPlayer Pro let me search, copy and paste lyric for any song (it autodetects the name and searches google) in the app itself. Since I don't use internet when I'm out (mostly), I can read the lyrics offline. You can try the app if you haven't yet, if you ever want!

100% agree. I don't know what people are put these days in music industry. Except a few, songs these days are completely screwed up (nothing more than instruments). Among these, I listen to Linkin Park, Breaking Benjamin, and Marx...

EDIT: Thanks bro, for refering Bryan Adams... I didn't to listen him earlier. His songs are really nifty, specially "Cuts like a knife" and "Cloud number 9" just touched me... Wonder how I missed this awesome singer :/  :D

P.S: Waiting for 12th cbse results badly, they delayed for the third time... :|

It's costly again. Nokia wants marginal profit and then will try to reduce the price. It should be between 35000 to 40000 INR.

This isn't Nokia's pricing anymore. It's Microsoft Mobile. Anyway, these are the normal prices for flagships in Europe.

I have a feeling November will bring a new "must have" device. Not sure on contract durations in US, but in UK a 2yr contract is standard. Which means there will be quiet a few 920 customers looking for something. Also, it will be approximately 18months from the 1020 (I think), and further iPhones will be knocking around. Several good reasons to release another flagship.

Considering buying one to replace my "transition" nexus 5. Probably un july, for 579€, not 579£.

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I have to say I can live without glance, as long as doubletap-to-wake is still there. But no SD Card Slot is a dealbreaker for me :/

579€ is worth over US$700 because the Euro is worth more than the Dollar. So, an American, when paying 579€, will in fact be paying over 700 of their American dollars ;)

That's true but that was no my point. What I was saying is that most devies cost nearly the same in absolute numbers in Euro and USD, not matter the exchange rate (at least until the gap is not too big, of course).

That said I assume that the L930 will cost around 579 USD and NOT over 700 USD.

We do in Europe. Because we pay for the freedom of not being slaves to carrier whims and wills. So we buy our phones at full price, unlocked.


But if you think this is expensive...an iPhone in Europe can cost you 1000€ (that's US$1500). And yet we still buy them too. It's the difference of having a carrier-free, exclusives-free market. And I'm glad it works this way. I'd hate to have Europe working the American-way in terms of mobile phones. ;)

I do the same. This is actually the first time I'm pre-ordering and that's only because it's below the 600€ mark and the L930 is the last Nokia phone. Otherwise I'd wait more until the price drops.

I don't pay monthly for the phone. The only thing I pay my carrier for is their service and I pay 8€ a month for free calls, mms and sms within Vodafone and I have 150MB of free data. And it serves me perfectly fine, specially the 150MB of data. I've access to WiFi networks 99% of the time (even when traveling through Europe) thanks to the Fon service I have through my TV and home ISP, so my phone's data plan is seldom used.

I then could, of course, expand these services at my will. LTE, unlimited data etc etc. But I don't need it and so I don't have to have such a data plan. This is why I don't mind paying full price for the unlocked phone. I can adapt my services according to my needs, without contracts and without having to stay with one carrier.

I pay 25€ a month for unlimited texts (across all Europe), calls, 5GB of 4G data and 5GB of free data roaming across all europe available 15 days a year.

I have no ETF to pay if I want to leave, and I can pay my phone at once or over 4/12/24 months (I usually pay my phones over 4 months - 679€/4) and the SIM unlocking is free (as I have a commitment-free contract, otherwise it's free after three months of contract).

I think it's a great device. But the upgrade is IMHO not big enough from my Lumia 920. And keep in mind that the hardware is as old as the icon is. So you basically buy a device that is then four months old. And I am wondering how "sharp" the edges are, because I really like the round edges on 920.

I was waiting for this phone for its specs but the lack of micro SD slot pushed me towards the 1520. Should be with me in a couple of days :)

Sam, in Europe we use the Euro. Not British Pounds ;)

Anyway, you can buy it from either and you don't need to live in Germany and France. I've pre-ordered it from Amazon.de already...before the price goes up a la Z2 which went from 599€ to 660€

If this had come with microsd and glance supported screen, it would be perfect. Alas, still waiting for that flagship device that does not require holding a tablet to my face.

Well, Glance is a Nokia patent. They could license it from Nokia to build into WP but I don't think it'd be money well spent. Because that'd mean other OEMs would be taking advantage of a feature Microsoft would be paying for but giving away for free. Good deal for the other OEMs, bad for Microsoft.

Well since they have been acquired by Microsoft a lot of Nokias patents also moved, or at least the right to use them. Moreover it doesn't have to be exactly like Nokia did it but something with similar functionality. Especially now where the developers who made this are working at Microsoft!

The L930 will reach Brasil. I honestly wouldn't go through all the hassle of importing it from Europe just to get it a couple of months earlier. ;)

I know it will. It's because my 925's screen is shattered (and some small pieces of glass have started to fall off) and the 3.5mm headset jack port isn't working at all! I need to listen to music, guys!! Not to mention I also need more space in my phone - 32GB is fine for me, no need for expansion.

they have already said that latin american countries will be getting this phone, i would imagine Brazil.

Keep in mind that by purchasing this phone, there is no way to "see" any new notifications. There is no notification LED, no Glance screen (due to display memory cost reasons- they chose a cheaper technology which proves that they really don't understand their customers or what a flagship phone shoud be). So basically, from the notifications point of view, this phone is useless. You will have to activate the screen every few minutes like in the ancient iPhone era.

As far as I know their manufacturer of choice didn't provide 1080p amoled displays with screen memory.

Also unlocking your phone isn't that hard either.

I'm still curious whether they will bring the idea of using the key backlight as notification light back! That would be so cool!!!

Why does 930 cost an extra EUR150 compared to 1520 ???

I hope they sell NONE.  People should buy an iphone instead, so they know that the only company that can rob people is apple.

Because the 1520 was released 6 months ago. And so the price has already come down. Prices in Europe actually come down as phones get older, you know that, right? The phones get older, their specs get surpassed, and so their value diminishes. Hence, their price diminishes too ;)

That would been valid IF the 930 had different specs.  But actually 930 is a 1520 with a smaller screen, no glance and no micro sd card.  So you are paying more for the same thing, hence apple business.

You are saying that Nokia should release a new 920 and put the price above 1520 because it would be a new release ?

It doesn't matter to people. If a phone is "old" the price has to drop and it does. Simple

The broad masses aren't that complex.

The 930 is a different phone. Hence the different price. And the 920 on launch was 600€-650€. This is cheaper. If they were to release this for the price the 1520 currently sells, then they should have released the 1020 for the price the 920 sold at the time because the 1020 is a 920 with a 41mp camera but without built-in Qi charging. Same thing for the 925. Or the 520. Or every single other Lumia.


The 930 is late? Yes. It's overpriced considering what it is and what every single Android flagship offers in the same rage? Yes. Does it follow the normal pricing of old-Nokia phones? Yes.

Also, considering how much Microsoft likes to overprice their products (just look at the ridiculously high prices they ask for a Surface), the fact that this comes for less than 600€ on launch is already good.

It's a feature. You do realize the average consumer doesn't give a sh*t about a 41mp camera on a phone, right? The 1020 is a niche device which appeals only to some of us. If I were not into photography, I would have zero reasons to buy a 1020 over a 920. Actually, I have both and the 920 is still my daily driver. I only use the 1020 for photography precicely because it lacks Qi charging built-in and so I find it less pratical. And I'll still be using my 1020 for photography when the 930 replaces my 920. For the exact same reasons.

You may argue that the 930 is overpriced. It is. Almost all smartphones are (except the Nexus 5 and the One+ One because the companies sell them at a loss). That it should have been released last September along with the 1520. It should.
But the 930 and the 1520 are different devices and so they are released both at the same normal high price. Then, just like all the others before them, they'll come down in price. The 930 is the WP flagship for 2014 and so it's normal that it's released in the same price range of its competition (Sony's Z2, HTC M8 and Samsung's S5).

People would not pay extra US200 for a built-in qi charger. Yet they pay for an extra 41 megapixel camera, as you said, people that are into photography would since there is no other phone with that camera.  There is no "people into qi charger".  That alone justify the huge price difference on both devices (920 and 1020)

Now i fint it odd that you consider 930 a flagship but not 1520.

Lumia 1520 is somewhat overpriced, LG G2 has the same specs and cost almost US100 less and i really doubt LG sell them at a loss (Unless you take into account expenses with advertising but then even an overpriced phone could be selling at a loss)

So that leave us with a phone EXTRA overpriced (actually make it 2 with iphone right next to Lumia 930)

Now i also find it ODD to see such an overpriced Lumia since iPhones sell quite a buch of phones at that price (because people do pay more for an iPhone) but what is in Microsoft mind trying to do the same ?  I dont see them in a good position in marketshare and they are already seeing flagship Lumias selling so little.

Windows phone marketshare gained some momentum thanks to Lumia 520.  The 930 will sell so little that is going to be another fail to Microsoft.

You can try to justify that price but if you are right then 930 sellings would be great, lets see how it goes after 3 months...

Another point:

930 is not going to USA market, at least in my country i know that any people that can afford an iPhone will buy an iPhone.

Most people do not know about windows phone, they know iPhones are great phones but they have no idea what a Windows Phone is. No store will be able to sell a Windows Phone that has the same price of an iPhone here. They will however sell a LG G2 to that person.

Hell even i would by a LG G2 if my only option was that or a 930.

€ not £


Anyway i have already preordered one at sparhandy and hope for early shipping :D



Btw some german online stores say availible at 20.05.2014 ;)


I'm all about the 930. I don't use glance In my 925, and I have a 100gb OneDrive account so no SD isn't a deal breaker for me either. I'll still hold off on pulling the trigger on the 930 to see what comes out next.

It isn't? Then what's your data plan like? If I had to rely completely on cloud storage I'd be f******. I do love cloud storage though, as long as I have WiFi. Then it's really cool to sync stuff or back up something. But on the go? Nah ...

No Fm-Transmitter, no xenon flash, no glance screen (display don't have memory function), no HDMI port, no USB to go, no micro SD slot..... My old Nokia N8 got all these features good downgrade Microsoft your OS support to less thing's I hope this will change fast

I'm in the UK and have pre-ordered it from amazon.de - 580€ means it is around £50 cheaper than on the only UK store listing it currently for pre-order, unlockedmobiles.com.
I have a Lumina 920 and tried glance, wasn't impressed so disabled it. I have also never felt the need for an SD card - the 920 is 32GB and with all the apps I need and am trying, and a load of photos I have currently 22.89 GB free. I use OneDrive for all my documents and Google Play for my music and have an unlimited data plan from Three. I also use Plex so have access to all the movies and TV shows on my NAS drive at home wherever I am, as long as I have access to the Three network or WiFi. I can't imagine what I would use an SD card for. 22GB would allow me to load up several movies should I fly somewhere when I wouldn't have access to the internet.

Did you check out the import duties? Looks like it's £0.00, so this has me tempted. Have you ordered from amazon.de before?

Yes, I've also ordered from amazon.fr and the experience is identical to amazon.co.uk. Your card details are there and your UK login works on any amazon site. Within the EU there are no additional taxes and you have the usual excellent amazon backup should anything go wrong.

But i dont understand, why the 930 cant display Glance? Is something about the firmware? can be fixed in the future?

The USA already has this phone. It's the 929 aka Icon on Verizon.


If you're not on Verizon, well...pitty. Verizon users don't have the 1520 either. And T-Mobile users get nothing. That's the way your market works.

To be honest, I'm really looking forward to the Lumia 930. Yes it doesn't have a glance screen and yes it doesn't have an SD card. But do you really think you will need an SD card when you have 32GB of onboard storage plus Cloud storage as well. I love the fact you get 5.1 sound and 4 microphones and that is exciting for me as it will make recording videos much more impressive then any other device on the market. Also, 20MP camera also means lovely images. :)

Actucally I don't think, I KNOW I'll need a microSD card. I need one on my 920, I need one on my 1020 and I'm sure as hell gonna need one on my 930.

And I'll be completely honest: I'm just buying the 930 because it's the last Nokia phone (at least until 2016). If it were not for that symbolic meaning of the phone to me, I wouldn't buy it and would wait to see what other OEMs may bring forth to the WP landscape in this post-Nokia mobile world.

I don't understand how you will be able to use 32gb of memory... If you have tons of videos/images then either store it on your PC or online and the remove it from your device. If you have good management with your storage then you should get on with it okay.

Anyway, despite this lack of a memory card, I still believe that the 930 is going to be a damn good phone and I've always managed with having a 2GB memory card on my phone with what ever storage they come with. So I know that I won't be close to using the full 32GB. :)

I agree with Michael, the 32gb is no fuss to me. I have a 32gb iPhone and am making the move to WP as my main device. So I'm used to no SD card.

i have a Lumia 625 as a development phone and love the OS, granted that has a 32GB SD card in it and I still have not used up much space. My only issue with the 625 is the camera. It's the 930's camera that's attracted me, and the design obviously.


I only got my 1020 because it was the 64gig variant, I wouldn't have bought the 32gig one. Same with the 930: I don't feel 32gigs is enough space, storing offline maps, a couple of MP3s, the 20MP camera with PureView just screams about using dual capture mode which saves both 5MP and 20MP copies, maybe even using DNG. Take a couple of videos, and maybe a holiday trip and you'll soon face how 32gigs might indeed cause problems.

That more or less new cloud storage stiff is nice and all, but when you have no wifi, bad cellular reception and maybe even are roaming and/or on a rather limited data plan the whole idea suddenly gets completely absurd. Of course it fits Microsoft's new course which is "aggressive" movements to drive their customers into the cloud, but IMO removing the SD slot was the wrong choice.

I think the reason for the 930 not having a SD-card slot is, that there simply was no place left! I mean look at it: QI charging capabilities take up a lot of space! At least when I compare my 920 to a 925!
Plus that 20MP shooter and you will run out of space pretty quickly! Also you do have to consider that your device must not overheat!