Lumia 930 contract pricing for UK spotted at Carphone Warehouse

lumia 930

The Lumia 930 starting shipping to customers in parts of Europe earlier this week, and now it looks like the Windows Phone 8.1 device is close to going on sale in the UK.

Richard Devine, one of our many great staff members in the Mobile Nations family of sites, spotted a display at his local UK Carphone Warehouse location, which promotes the upcoming sale of the Lumia 930. The display showed that the SIM free price for the phone will be £479.95, which is about the same price that Expansys is charging for the pre-order of the phone in the UK.

The same display shows that the contract price for the Lumia 930 at Carphone Warehouse will be £99 up front and £28 per month. There's no word on a specific launch date for the Lumia 930 in the UK, but we would suspect that it will start shipping very soon, perhaps as early as next week.

If you live in the UK, do you plan to purchase the Lumia 930 and if so, is the no contract price low enough or will you get it with a contract?

Thanks again to Richard for the tip!


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Lumia 930 contract pricing for UK spotted at Carphone Warehouse


I want the 930 but depends on the carrier options. £99 upfront and £28pm is a bit crap and I expect the data allowance per month is awful also.

Told by Orange UK yesterday that the 930 will be available for pre order on 14th July and in stock on 17th July. But, these days have changed twice so far! But I will be ordering the 930 in orange bundle, hopefully on 14th......yeh!

My voda contract for my 8x ends mid August. Was thinking of going EE for its 4g coverage but depends on what price and data allowance I can find.

I've ordered my Lumia 930 through EE yesterday as an upgrade on the website chat interface.  They told me they would have black and orange in stock within the next week.

£9.99 upfront and £34.99 per month for 5GB 4G data and unlimited calls/texts.  I've been told to expect delivery within 7-10 days.


I pre-ordered my orange Lumia 930 today from EE. Same contract and no insurance as I will probably sell it within the 2 years for a newer model.

This. If I had an upgrade waiting I would definitely burn it on this phone. Although its not perfect, it has just about everything I want. No phone is perfect.

Than you'll wait for the next big thing.... Then again the same thing......... So please if you want to buy, buy it now and enjoy!

I have to say that's a lot lower price off-contract than I was expecting... Half tempted now actually... Or should I wait for whatever's next? OH GOD. Dilemmas!

That's because when windows phone 8 first came out, 4G was new and prices were sky high. Prices will be lower now.

I said OFF contract. Has no bearing on 4G costs. I am on Three in the UK which gives me FREE 4G and is only £12.50 a month for unlimited everything else, so the OFF contract prices are of specific interest to me. Was expecting it to be closer to the price of the 1520. I still don't know whether to hold off until "McLaren" or whatever comes out later in the year though.

But because the TECHNOLOGY was new, companies we're backing on it, which rose the price. Now that it's been out for awhile, prices will start to fall. That's the point MrWhiteman was making. :)

You can buy it on Amazon France for £441 inc shipping! I ordered Fri and will take delivery, according to UPS on Tuesday.

Though I'm waiting for the Maclaren as the upgrade to my 1020, I'm still tempted by this device but my god have I been spoilt by this 41MP camera.

The fact that you can get this device in other European countries but still no sign of availability in UK is just silly

Fed up of waiting now... my iPhone4S contract ended at beginning of May, told by O2 it was due in 9th June, which was then delayed to 3rd July and now they advise its been pushed back to 17th July. I have an app voucher that I won which has to be redeemed by 15th July but have no windows phone to redeem it on

No free accessories. I'm from the UK but Amazon France let's you log in with your UK credentials and you get the usual Amazon support. It's nearly £40 cheaper in France and the wireless chargers can be bought from eBay for less than a tenner. I have several non-Nokia wireless charging plates and they all work perfectly. You will see on eBay some rectangular charging plates in various colours - I have one of these and it looks really nice. The smaller circular ones also look good and work well.

I feel I read that the 930 comes bundled with a wireless charger in every box. Or that could be wishful thinking haha

It wont take too long to be cheap as my 928 now. Paid $560 almost year ago (July 9th I think) and now you can find it for $300±

Nope - its overpriced for what it is.  Waiting for Mclaren as I prefer better hardware, at least comparable to the competition.  How would I feel in 6 months time when Mclaren is out and im stuck in a 2 year contract with trechnology that is already 12 months old.  I get the argument that you can wait and wait and wait etc, its just that in this particular instance it actually is worth waiting (IMO)

I so don't agree. When McLaren is actually in the shops or with the operators I guarantee there will be rumours about the next version of Windows Phone. I've been in the game many years and have seen it happen time after time.

Your problem is not being stuck with a phone for two years, it's about getting phones on contract. You end up paying more and having to wait so long before you can buy another. It's worth, if you can, buying a phone SIM-free using a credit card, adding on the interest and dividing that by the number of months you'd have a contract for and making those payments to your card - then you can sell when you like. I'm buying the 930 but will have no hesitation selling it and buying McLaren if the benefits are there.

I have 1020. Should i wait to see what McLaren is?.
But I'm itchen to get 930 as it is qd core. With built in wireless charging. I'm so impatient. Arrrgghhhh.

I work at Carphone and this is news to me. Checked today and they was no pricing on the system. Could be an error? Only 2/3 weeks to wait and find out!

I have to say as we have been waiting for 930 for so long, it actually seem to me that we would be purchasing last-gen device! It makes more sense to wait now for the next one, unless MS will again take very long to bring device to market. No wonder Windows Phone (which is amazing) struggle to capture market if they are so far behind with devices...

I have been waiting ages to upgrade my 925 to the 930. I'll be getting it off-contract then wait to see what McLaren looks like.

It's already available in some stores as my brother has picked one up for me. Can't wait to get back to the UK and take it off him.

My contract on my 820 with o2 is up in November, although they keep ringing me offering to null what's left on my contract and the offer of new free phone. The 930 is tempting but no SD card support is a bit of a deal breaker. Would like my next WP device to have 4.7 to 5 inch screen, with SD card and removable battery.