Lumia 930 delayed in Russia until July 7, app voucher offered

lumia 930

The launch of the Nokia Lumia 930 in Russia has been delayed from today until July 7, but Microsoft is offering people who have pre-ordered the Windows Phone 8.1 device a voucher to downland and purchase some free apps.

The one week delay in the launch of the smartphone was revealed via emails sent to people in Russia who pre-ordered the phone. As compensation for the delay, those folks will get a free voucher to download 1,200 rubles (about $35) worth of Windows Phone apps.

The Lumia 930 will be priced at 24,990 rubles when it launches next week. The timing of its release in Russia corresponds to the time frame that other countries have set for the release of the smartphone in Europe, which should be widely available in that part of the world by mid-July.

What do you think of Microsoft offering an app voucher for the folks in Russia who pre-ordered the Lumia 930 ahead of its release in that country?

Source: WP7forum.ru


Reader comments

Lumia 930 delayed in Russia until July 7, app voucher offered


Doubt that would mean so much for someone willing to pay $736 for the phone.
I would rather get the phone today without the voucher 8 days later.

The week over week delay of this phone is really a headache. Stick to one release date Microsoft/Nokia and stop leading everyone on!!

This is the negative effect of most biggest tech companies relying only to China as their manufacturing hub. Chinese factories can't handle anymore. Please help other countries too. There is South America, South East Asia, even Eastern Europe where manuacturing can help boost their economy. Cost of manufacturing is not too high compare to China but you get quality workers who can bring quality results on th eproducts.

I think we ALL should get those since the damn phone has been constantly delayed EVERYWHERE.

But perhaps Putin threatened to annex Redmond next so Microsoft did this...=P

Im pretty unimpressed it has taken Nokia this long to get this phone released everywhere. I feel like there was little excitement about it to begin with and the longer it takes the more out of date the phone will appear to people

Maybe, as I said before, Nokia and MS were not all that buddy buddy after all. Too difficult to work unified on a device from afar caused problems. Not to mention time zone differences. Lots of little, simple things added to serious differences created unfriendly work environments.

Maybe Nokia is dragging there feet just to spite MS. Notice how fast MS dismissed the Nokia name from their apps?