Lumia 930 pre-orders begin in Norway Wednesday for July 10 launch

Lumia 930

Residents of Norway will be able to pre-order the Nokia Lumia 930 starting on Wednesday, and the Windows Phone 8.1 device will be officially launched on July 10 in that part of the world.

The phone will cost 4495 in Norwegian Krone, or about US $735. Among the companies that will offer pre-orders for the phone will include Telenor, Elkjøp and Lefdal. The July 10 launch date is in line with other markets in Europe that have plans to sell the phone, including Finland. Ireland will also get the Lumia 930 sometime in mid-July.

Just a reminder: The phone has a 5-inch 1080p display, with a 2.2Ghz Snapdragon 800 processor inside, along with 2GB of RAM, and 32GB for storage. The rear PureView camera supports an impressive 20 megapixels.

If you live in Norway, do you plan to jump in and pre-order the Lumia 930 on Wednesday, and if so, what color will you pick?

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Source: AMobile.no


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Lumia 930 pre-orders begin in Norway Wednesday for July 10 launch


been waiting for it as well!!! my 920 is spoilt because I dropped it... been using my old HTD HD7... so frustrating!!!

If this was with T-STUPID-Mobile I would buy this real quick! Smh! I may have to leave T-Mobile seriously.

Iv got the same specs on my 1520, but i have a SD slot and the glance screen !! The 930 is more attractive but less option and more expensive !!!

Amoled display without memory so no glance screen VS LCD with memory and both have the same resolution 1920x1080, only the pixel density is a little better on the 930 but you will notice any differences !! I prefer the 1520, i really like to have glance, no need to open the phone to see the time and notifications !!! And the 1520 got a 3400mAh battery, i cant see the end of this battery, i can record a full live show in 1080p and will remain 60% of the battery with the SD slot and my 128gb sd the memory will never be full, my phone will always be fast because i put only apps on the 32gb, all music, video, pictures...etc go in my 128gb !! you guys really need to try harder to convince me...

Lumia 930 - The Flagship That Wasn't

I just hope Microsoft doesn't botch the McLaren launch as badly as this one.  What a disaster.

Seriously, MS is neglecting the US in terms of the 930. The icon was Verizon-only, even though more ATT customers bought the 920. Now that their 2yr contracts are almost up, they are left with a choice: A nonexistant successor or android. MS/Nokia are being dumb

This phone seems very yesterday to me and it's not even out yet. I will definitely skip it - it should have been released last year to properly make the headlines. I hope the updated versions of 1020 and 1520 are round the corner...

The Mclaren certainly is around the corner! It will be like the 930 but with mysterious 3d touch sensing. But the real kicker is this: It will be available on all three US major carriers

Good idea, get a 1520 or wait but i think that the 930 will be the last Nokia flagship on the next devices you will see Microsoft on it, if this happen my 1520 will be my last WP !!!

Just because the logo and name is changed? U do know that the designers and engineers of Nokia is the same people who will be designing and building the next generations as well?

yeah i know, but the logo NOKIA on my phone means a lot for me and the name should be indestructible like their phone !!! But lets talk about something else but similar, since Ford own more than the half of Mazda their cars became a dump, an old mazda 92 could stand more than 312k miles (500 000kilometer) now its always broken they rust like hell, when you buy a Mazda tribute it mean you buy a Ford explorer... Its the same for Suzuki in the time when GM own it they engin became crappy, well Suzuki scrap his name that's the reason why we dont have Suzuki car anymore here in Canada nobody want to buy it anymore, when a company buy another one they will build units,phone,cars...etc with the requirements of the owner, so cheaper pieces and parts for a lower cost in the manufacturing and they will sell it the same damn price. I have talked about car and phone but there is a lot more example than that, and unfortunately it will be the same for Nokia and Microsoft !!!

Why the duck isn't there a sd-card slot like in the 1520?? Will they ever learn? And no, sky storage isn't the same.
With sd-card support 930 would sell like burning hotcakes, but without...

8.1 official phone....  I hope to heavens that no-one who buys it is planning on using Xbox music on the phone....  They are in for a nasty surprise when they realise how crap it is.....still.  I can't imagine how they will be able to fix it between now and then.

I think you misspelled the source, It's Amobil.no and no, won't buy the 930. Can't live without glance and xenon flash :P

Only the 1020 has Xenon flash..

Wondering if I should drop my 1020 on my mom and go for the 930. Or maybe the 1520... It's a tough nut!

Still nothing for Canada. Buying unlocked from the Microsoft store is our only hope (I hope that one day soon, we will be able to). No 925, 1520, or 930. :(

They want us to buy up the rest of the 1020's.. from Rogers.. They are skipping Canada with the 1520 and 930 completely.  Getting the 520 from Telus is like trying to find a hidden phone.

Yup..have a credit at Telus but looks like I will have to use it with another 1020.. Good phone but would rather have a new flagship

Come on Rogers or Telus. Wake the hell up and pick up the phone. The Lumia 930 that is... I mean, add it to your line... You know what we mean.

Ordered earlier today from Elkjøp (elkjop.no) in green. Can't wait!

My yellow 920 has been the best phone I've ever owned (and would have bought a yellow 930 in a heartbeat) and I feel guilty for replacing it.

Was going to get this in the UK but considering it is the Icon which is what, about 5 months old, I don't think it justifies the 'new' handset label and price it will no doubt demand.
Now, if they were to release it at a 5-6month old device price point then a 930 owner I would be.

Which is why I'll probably wait. Somewhat stupidly (financially at least) when I buy a new phone I like it to be 'new'.
Got the 925 last year, which is awesome, but if I'd waited a few months could of got the 1020 instead.
(note to people who wont read this correctly: This is getting a higher spec/series device, not the same as constantly waiting for the 'next thing')

At this point I would think twice about preordering this thing. I don't trust any release date floating around until it actually hits the shelves in volume.

Agreed. There have been pre-orders in other countries almost at the beginning of last month. I'm starting to think this phone will never be released.

If Microsoft's tactic is to delay the phone on purpose to get people excited, it worked last month but now it's starting to backfire.