Lumia Black for the Lumia 925 on T-Mobile coming soon, update already on Nokia’s servers

Windows Phone Lumia Black

Still waiting for the Lumia Black firmware update for your Nokia Lumia 925 on T-Mobile? You’re not alone. I’ve recently switched back to the Lumia 925 as my daily and only bust out the Lumia 1020 for when I know I’ll be taking a ton of pictures. The Lumia 925 isn’t just one of the most elegant Windows Phone devices, it’s one of the most elegant smartphones period. Thankfully you and I won’t have to wait too much longer for the Lumia Black update. It should be out pretty soon.

Lumia Black Lumia 925

Head to Nokia’s update servers and you’ll see software version 3051.40000.1404.0011 available for the Lumia 925 on T-Mobile. This is Lumia Black. Which means it shouldn’t be too much longer before the update rolls out. Sadly, the Lumia Black update for the Lumia 521 on T-Mobile isn't on those servers just yet. 

Impatient and want it now? You can get it using Nokia’s Software Recovery Tool that we detailed recently. Just realize you’ll be wiping your phone clean and will start from scratch. We recommend being patient and waiting for the OTA update to take place, which hopefully is right around the corner.

We’ll let you know when Lumia Black for the Lumia 925 does hit.

Thanks for the tip Travis


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Lumia Black for the Lumia 925 on T-Mobile coming soon, update already on Nokia’s servers


Left behind like 710 users were. Heaven forbid phones be supported for the life and capability of the phone.

nope 810 will not be black updating, which i find a sad fact the 810 is a wonderful phone and i loved mine before i got the 925, my mother now owns mine with the dev preview. 

maybe 8.1 will be allowed for 810 later this year since ive been reading it will compatiable with all windows 8 models...but it will depend on t-mobile as well. 

i really wish nokia would go back to universal updates like with the symbian software, i miss the good ol' days. 

Will the Nokia tool put Black on the 810? Very tempting to try if that's the case. I did a full phone reset a few months ago, and reinstalling all my crap really wasn't that bad.

it does work , i tried that last night around 7:00PM AZ Time , my phone is working and fluid , yes i had to reinstall most of nokia apps " the restore form cloud didnt work pretty well i guess because of version missmatch "


It doesn't look like it will work.  When I run the tool, it says "You can install software version 3043.0000.1326.0017 to your phone", which is the exact firmware version I already have installed, not Black.

thats weird mine showed up witht he new update and its running black on my t-mobile lumia 925 , maybe they pulled it out already? or its not yet available for your 810 , if its not then you probably want to flash it with a different firmware code UK firmware for example


I hope they're cooking something good and special for us or else, the pattern doesn't really make sense.

If it was something as good as that, but Denmark has had the Lumia Black update for their country variant 620 for a while now, they only miss the Black update for a carrier specific 620.

Carriers tend to do extensive testing on each update before posting them. At least that's what they say. I have seen updates hoze some Android phones that slipped through this extensive testing.

What the hell is the deal with the 521? Really wish that the forced update trick from Zune was still around. Would unlocking my phone get updates faster?

Nope. Carriers have specific firmware with Windows Phone 8, meaning unlocking does nothing to speed up updates. Windows Phone 7 was much simpler, having mainly universal software updates, with very little firmware updates afaik. You can, however, get GDR3 RTM via the Developers Preview (which, despite the name, does not require you to be a developer. Just developer unlock, install the app, opt in, and update.)

If I "developer unlock" and install the GDR3 will that "disqualify" me from getting the official "Black" update from the carrier??

Nope, you'll still get black when its released, it works similar to steams betas, you get a pre release os, and it keeps updating until your on the official released update (which any carrier can just install the firmware ontop of) until the procccess repeats for WP8.1


TL;DR: yes black will install when ready even if your using the dev preview

I have an 810 too, and I'm just waiting for 8.1 instead, because T-mobile gave us the finger. Lucky I'm getting black for my NL925.

Ditto to that. Were they just putting their NL810 users on the backburner or what, because I don't get the sense in the extended wait time. It reminds me of when I had a myTouch 4G; God, I hated how Google and T-Mobile kept messing with people on Android updates all the time.

You can always use the developer preview to get GDR3. Granted you'll miss out on black, but the 810 firmware lacked features the 820 did anyways (Storage Check compatibility, for example), and you're not missing too much without black. Just a few hardware enhancements and treasure tag compatibility afaik.

We won't see it on the 810. it is the only listed lumia on the Nokia Support website that says the update us anavailable...the only one.

I am not sure, but is Tmobile still selling the 810? Maybe that is way they do not want to waste time on it. My wife had my old 810 and she lost it. Got her the 521 but it has no qi charging. I still liked the 810 better though. I have the 925 until something better comes along on Tmobile. I am a nokia windows phone fan.

It appears we're getting it last. I actually see no major gifts coming with Black because it's overshadowed by the 8.1 news now; even the 720 users actually don't see much improvement, double tap to wake excluded.

Black for the 925 in Australia has been out for a month already, for the Optus, Telstra, Vodafone, and Country variants. In fact Black update has been out for a month already across the whole of Asia except China Mobile.

Arrived on Lumia 520 for Malasya yesterday.
Got it on Cellcom Israel, found out my phone is registered as CV Malasya. Lucky?

Wow, t-mobile must really suck, i feel sorry for you guys. If the rest of us gets blue in the summer you might get it for xmas

Thats what I was gona say. We were getting updates first b4. At&T was a blow hole for a while. This time around they were first. Maybe were not slow but at&T rushed the update out. Who knows.

Not really the L925 actually came with Amber update out of the box, cause I change mine three times and never have to do an update they just add the update to there server.

True, but when the 925 was TMoUS's fresh face, they were way ahead of AT&T on rolling out updates.

Awesome, finally!
I still don't have GDR 3 though, will they be bundled? Not too interested in making a developer account.

You will regret your last statement when 8.1 comes and we are all rocking the new software and you are still trying not to miss those toast notifications....

Well it's fine for me, I'm pretty patient and would be fine with waiting for the update to officially release. There's a great benefit to making a developer account, but I can wait it out.
Won't regret it because I'll still get it regardless. ;)

Am I mistaken, or in the middle of January Nokia LITEREALLY PROMISED all damn phones running windows phone 8 will get that damn patch by midnight january 31st. Ok, ok I know vendor promises mean LITERALLY nothing these days unless there is a legally binding paper in your hands, but still. Why does Nokia promise things, that arent in their authority to have absolute no influence as the stupid providers are the real ones in charge?

Your stupid don't get mad at what they thought Mobile Providers would clear at a decent time frame. they probably gave them a decent amount of time and T-Mobile took their sweet time testing cuz they barely care for windows phone!

Sam you are correct 925 is a great phone, just received mine from the Newegg deal last week, looking forward to update. What a difference from the 521

No update for Lumia 720 on NSU as there is no update uploaded on the server. I have already updated to GDR3+Black via OTA. But still want to update via NSU so that i can install fresh OS with black update.

I know but sometimes it ends up in mess after doing hard reset. That is why, i am waiting for the black update via NSU.

That opinion is nothing but an opinion. If you seen and held and loved this phone you'd see why. Its profile, its design. Its screen. Its amazing.

Daniel actually uses the 1520 as his main driver, I believe. However, that's somewhat irrelevant, because San wrote this article anyways. Besides, what does it matter? All the Lumias aee awesome pieces of hardware.

We should all unite because we love the OS contained within, not divide because we disagree on the hard care containing it

Yes. Agreed. The Lumia is available in multiple devices for multiple ppl. I want the 925. Not 1020. Too bulky. The 925 camera is still amazing. Im sure 1020 is great but more than I need. I take amazing pictures and people are still wowed. Even im wowed at times. Give me the 1020 camera in a 925 profile and ill be more happy.

Ur the best Sam! U promised you'll let us Tmo users know about Black on the 925! Thanks for keeping your word, your the man.

Just ordered a T-Mobile L925, for a client of mine, to replace a 8x that has a boogered USB connector and a cracked screen. Can't wait to set it up and take it for a spin. Love my L1520 of course.

Oh, haha, I've actually almost forgotten how there was a time before we got notifications on the Glance Screen. My oh my, those were dark's days indeed...

Hopefully you 925 users can finally be led towards the (black) light.

Waiting on 521 update... Already using GDR3 (thanking you developer preview update channel) but I'm curious if black actually does anything for me...

SIGN UP FOR THE PREVIEW!! Takes like 5min and you get the actual update. I can't believe im still seeing comments like these. Black im sure will bring GDR3 with it. But I thought GDR3 was already released. Ive been using the preview which is now the latest build

Except for the fact that I already did that, but I did a T-Mo warranty return sooooo I can't because you only get one......also the developers preview technically voids the warranty so people may not want to go that route.....sir

That's the kind of thinking that drives up prices for everyone. The warranty isn't pointless to many who didn't buy into the JUMP plan--sure you get to upgrade for "free," but free isn't really free.

I dont break my phones and I have never used insurance.... When you have a device worth $700 you should treat it as such. If there is a mechanical defect than you have the right to get it replaced. Thus insurance. Whether you have jump or not you will eventually when your contract ends. I paid $200 to skip the wait. Thus getting my L925 which was my best decision to-date.

I agree, I have had to use insurance once but that was not due to my own mishandling but anothers, however, anything you pay $500+ should be treated with the utmost care!

Beside its not actually free they just make you start paying all over again for whatever new phone you get so if you were $300 in you get to start all over again.

I highly doubt that they just give you a free phone esp when you used you have to pay $150 when you had insurance but I'll look into that because I cannot say for certain..

Clearly you don't pay attention when you are signing up for things because it says very clearly...you cannot go back to a previous version......

Developers Preview never voids the warranty on Lumia the 925. I have got 2 Lumia 925 with with developers preview GDR3 replaced by T-Mobile, one with Bluetooth problem and the other with a flickering screen and I didnt have insurance on any of them.

Just because they do it for you doesn't mean its not voided...very clearly we have learned that T-Mo doesn't know WP very well so they might not even know what GDR3 (the workers) so they might not even check for it. Because as WPCentral very clearly stated in their article and even when you are doing the developer update it tells you.....your warranty is voided my good sir, just because you got by it doesn't mean it's not.......

Lets just drop it. Its not a huge deal. Being informative is great and we appreciate the corrections and help. Lets keep it friendly though. I dont know everything. Neither do you. Thanks for updating me. And I will do my best to also help the community

With T-Mobile's track record, I doubt if the update will ever come to the L 521. The refuse to update their lower end and mid-range Windows phones. The L710 and the Radar were never updated to 7.8 and the L810 was orphaned quicker than BB Q10

Hd7 was never updated to 7.8 either. Had to flash it manually myself. I'll be pissed if they skip over the 521 after taking this ling to "test" everything first. Should have gone with the 925, but funds don't allow for another charge on top of my bill.

Took forever for simple update....Microsoft needs to move much quicker to be in mobile business....they are putting feature in black that everyone has had on other phones for a long time

Took way too long but I'm glad we're getting it soon. I just hope T-Mobile doesn't make us wait this long for 8.1!

I will believe it when it starts to download. Seems there was one of these posts for us mobile users back in December???

Hey, here's an idea... instead of saying "Head to Nokia’s update servers..." why don't you provide us with a URL?  As stupid as that term sounds, I googled it anyway and guess what? No results for this...

According to this page (is this the infamous "Nokia Update Server"), it's NOT available, and it's status hasn't changed in over a month at least: http://www.nokia.com/global/support/software-update/wp8-software-update/...

I have a real love-hate relationship with this website.  You guys are the biggest click whores on the internet, but at the same time I am forced to click because you have the largest abundance of WP information.  Sometimes I swear you make it up though, or you always save it for "after the break"...

Than why do you even read the articles? It says the update is not available because, barring you use the tool to wipe your device clean and start fresh with black, the OTA update is not available. They don't make up news here...they had an article about that a while back.

Did you even read? I literally said:

"Impatient and want it now? You can get it using Nokia's Software Recovery Tool that we detailed recently."

See the part where "Nokia's Software Recovery Tool" is linked? Click that link. It takes you to the post that has all the information about the recovery tool and the download links. You literally download the software, plug your phone in and have it install the update. But you'll wipe all your data. Since you're having a hard time reading..let me say that again...You. Will. Wipe. All. Your. Data. 

But here's an idea. I'll save you all the trouble of clicking two links and point you directly to the download page for the software recovery tool for those in the United States. http://www.nokia.com/us-en/support/software-recovery/

If you're willing to not wait a few days for the OTA update, then you've got to be willing to put a little effort into get the update now. 

Did you read mine? You show a screenshot of some mythical T-Mobile page that supposedly confirms the existence of Nokia Black for the Tmobile 925. I never said anything about expecting my phone to have the OTA update available. What's the link for this page that shows an update?

I tried it and it does in fact work. My glance screen now has notifications. The real big PITA is restoring all the lost apps and texts. Should have waited

It would be nice if T-Mobile would deign to actually communicate with their customers. Waiting a bit for QA isn't a huge deal, but the absolute dearth of information from official channels leaves you guessing when or if you're getting updates at all.

I heard they killing the 810, which might be why its not getting any black love, a good friend of mine was advised by another friend that works in Carphone warehouse here in uk to make sure his 810 was insured then hammer it, because they wernt getting anymore they had to replace it with a 920 for him @ no extra cost

Call what ya like Juan, ain't my problemo, im just sayin and i know its what happened, i was there to see it for myself

Everything works fine after reinstalling everything? I may do this. Just don't want to if the update is coming this week. A waste of time.

 Yep, everything works fine after the update. I lost some backed up texts and my stored wifi passwords, but that's all. The wifi calling seems to actually work now. Contacts and all but 3 apps reinstalled automatically if you have backup on in the settings and perform a manual backup to skydrive (onedrive)  before you start.


I'm happy for all of those T-Mobile 925 users who are privilegd to get the Black update. Unfortunately, I am somewhat disappointed with the reporting chops of WPCentral for their failure to find out why 810 owners are not getting it. It's great to cheer on the daily developments of the WP platform, but when customers are locked out of upgrades less than a year after the carrier stopped selling it, then it raises big questions. T-Mobile's lack of support for the 810 is what gives me pause to even consider the Verizon Icon. Suppose in six months they stop selling it; are they going to stop supporting it? 

T-Mobile, Nokia and Microsoft might want to take a close look at their place in the mobile telecoms race: almost last. Customers who support Nokia, Microsoft and T-Mobile have a choice and my experience with the 810 is not encouraging. 

[Throws chair which explodes into wooden shrapnel when it collides with innocent WPC commenter]: C'mon already T-Mobile, before WP 8.1 gets here!

I have to agree with the author about the elegance of the 925. This is simply the best phone that I've ever owned. Over the years my employer has provided me with numerous blackberries and androids, but this 925 which is my personal cell outclasses those phones in so many ways! Great reception too for phone calls. I love the OS.

I agree if your using the 32 GB one otherwise 10 GB is not enough space for apps and personal media

About fed up with this phone, and Tmobile. On my 3rd 925. Constant restarts, apps won't update and no one can tell me why, no fix for it. They just keep telling me to wipe it. Smh. Ridiculous. Hoping black will fix the probs if they will EVER RELEASE IT!!! Ask Tmobile about the update on twitter, and get no answer at all, ignored. Gonna Jump alright, straight to another carrier.

I use mine aggressively and have zero issues. Makes no sense. Maybe you crowd your phone with a million background apps. Or your internet sucks

yeah I know it makes no sense, 3 phones in a row. My wife has the same one, no problems. Same internet. Seen other ppl who have had this problem in other forums. Only app I run in background is weatherbug. Got over half my memory left. Every time I'm on a call over 20 mins, shuts down and restarts. Nokia, Tmobile, or ms has no idea what it is, for me or other ppl I've talked to that have this problem. Never downloaded anything that wasn't on the market. Last one stopped my text messages all together. Apps will not update, I have to search for them, and see if they need updating. Went to windows because I was fed up with android, keep having these probs I'm going to iPhone, as much as I hate to.

Oh my god.... I know how annoying shit like that can be. Its BS. I wish you could have a better experience with this phone. Because it really is a diamond. Why not run a restore and get Black installed. What could it hurt.

Or, your one of those Superhumans with an increased electrical charge in your body and your making it malfunction with your INTENSE POWER. Lol that sounded so geeky!

I actually had the same issue. I went through about 5 L925's. random restarts and sometimes it would reset and be frozen on the "tmobile 4g lte" until it died

Haha I'm electro man. Yeah I love the phone, it feels so much better than the cheap androids. Its sleek and the screen and touch are amazing. Video quality is way better than most. If it were any other phone I would have swapped it out for something else, but I do like it so much is why I'm trying to be patient for the black update hoping it will help. One thing that would help me is if the market had a place that shows you what apps you have downloaded and cld update them from there. So when they don't come through to be updated i have no choice but to search for those apps to see if they need to be updated. I've seen so many lil different things on the web to try to fix these problems, like turning glance off, but none have worked. The first two phones I wiped and started over, just to have the same probs. Love the phone, but so damn frustrating. Be on hold with some office for 30 mins, as soon as they answer it shuts down. Makes me wanna go ZAP SOMEBODY LOL.

useless.  I decided to do it, because NONE of my live Tiles work.  Download software, connect phone, and the New ActiveSync program starts.  Nokia's software however doesn't find my phone.  I can browse the contents of my phone in explorer, I can watch while music is synced.  But Nokia's software says there is NO phone connected.

Rubbish.  All of it.  WP, rubbish.  Nokia Software tool, rubbish, and Tmobile, why not just skip this for 8.1.  ALL rubbish


When I did mine, the software installation asked if it was ok to add an exception to the windows firewall twice. Maybe that's blocking the SW from seeing the phone ? Something to check....

thanks for the reply.  It took  about an hour for drivers to innstall.  LOTS of reboots of both my notebook and phone, and then magically it just worked.

Live tiles do indeed work now.

Still Waiting Tmobile. Turtle mode on updates. Went through this with the mytouch. Except they just abandoned that one all together. After promising updates. Hated that phone, love this one, be better if we weren't left out in the cold on updates.

Come on GD it. Send the f'ing thing already. Damn you Tmobile I hate you. I'm sick of seeing that my phone is up to date. Its not up to date. In the damn stone age for text tones, some stupid ass Bing bong instead of an mp3 gtfoh, smfh. PUSH IT ALREADY!!!!!!

This is ridiculous...

I love this phone. I left my iPhone and AT&T for this. But having to deal with the obsurdly long delay in getting an update is disheartening.

Got the update, still didn't help anything. Still has random restarts every time I'm on the phone. Fed up, Tmobile can have this peice of crap back. That's 3, and I'm going to something else. Probably iPhone this time. I shouldn't have 3 phones in a row that do this. Ms or Nokia should have a fix for this. I'm not a damn tester, I'm a consumer, and I don't like paying for junk.

2 phone calls yesterday, 2 restarts. 1 call today, 2 restarts....done. The best looking sleekest phone in the world, with all the bells and whistles, is still no good if it doesn't do what it was meant to do, make damn calls. Its a phone. Smfh. So pissed off. I give up, this was my one and only windows phone. Never again.