Lumia Black starts rolling out for Nokia Lumia 925 on AT&T

Nokia’s Lumia Black firmware update began its global rollout last week. Things started off in China, but then we saw it start popping up in different regions like India and Italy. If you head to Nokia’s Global Support page you can track the rollout and you’ll see other countries. However, that page is sometimes a few hours behind what’s actually happening in the real world. Case in point, the Nokia Lumia 925 on AT&T is starting to get the Lumia Black update.

We’re seeing reports pop up here and there of carriers and specific handsets also getting the Lumia Black update, including Windows Phone 8 Update 3 (build 10521).

We’ve got unlocked Lumia 920’s in the Netherlands getting it, while in Germany it’s available across the Lumia 820, Lumia 920, Lumia 925, and Lumia 1020 on various carriers. Now it’s time for AT&T customers rocking the Lumia 925 to get in on some Lumia Black action. Tips are coming in that the Lumia 925 has Lumia Black, we just checked on ours and can indeed confirm. 

Head to your settings and scroll down to phone update to check if you have an update ready for your device. Lumia Black will bring some pretty cool features like Bluetooth 4.0 LE support, Glance Screen 2.0, and more. Let us know if you’re seeing the update on your Lumia 925 with AT&T. Or just go wild and list your carrier, phone model, and whether or not you’re rocking Lumia Black.

You can always check with Nokia if Lumia Black is ready for you

Thanks for the tip Adam!


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Lumia Black starts rolling out for Nokia Lumia 925 on AT&T



Seriously. 920 was the first WP8 device on ATT and those of us that dropped the $200 for it when it debuted in 2012 as early adopters are the last to get update 3. Dissin' your customers like that isn't cool. And the 920 damn well better get the 8.1 update or I'll dump ATT!

Everytime an update goes up, people lose their patience. Look, let them finish their testing. Its harder to update older phones with respect to testing. You would have thought people would know that by now.

- Owner of a Red 920.

My girl has my old red 920 and she could careless about updates but I'm being impatient for her.

I want her to have "storyteller".

Makes you realize why Microsoft drags their feet. There's no pressure from your average everyday consumers about updates and features.

Wrongness #1: Storyteller is available on Amber.

Wrongness #2: Why is it Microsoft's fault and not the carrier's and their bullshit "testing"?


If Nokia (AKA Microsoft) has it on their page where the updates are available chances are they have given it over ot the carriers to push out.

Words MEAN things.  EH accused Microsoft of DRAGGING THEIR FEET, not surrendering control.  There's a HUGE difference.  So, NO, Microsoft is NOT dragging its feet on the update.  It's been ready for months.  It's 100% the carriers for dragging THEIR feet in the testing and approval phase.  PERIOD.

Either way he's right about #2. Most people have jobs and other stuff to do so they could care less. Some people don't even know their phones get software updates. We're the vocal minority.

The phrase is "Couldn't care less". Saying they could care less implies that they choose to care more. Couldn't care less implies that they are at the lowest of the "giving a shit" scale. I am not trying to be an ass but I have seen this used incorrectly twice now and needed to say something. Carry on! ;)


Yeah I laughed at that. It's like "My level of caring is quite high right now, I could care less if I chose to" :P

While some couldn't care less, I am, as others here are, ready for any and all updates. EE are dragging their heels though. It is bad enough that their swapables are hardly available on Windows phone. Deezer is, but the only other is that astrology drivel. Come one, show us some Windows love.

I'm confused.... Verizon was on time with Amber for my 928.... The Lumia Black update doesn't seem to be headed towards 928 in the near future. I fear they may hold off until the release of the rumored 929 (Icon). Hopefully my concerns will be proven wrong.

Updating my wife's brand new 925 she got from AT&T through Assurion insurance after our dog bit her screen and broke it got a brand nee 925 for a replacement for 920. She loves it.
it also came with a 1 yr warranty sweet glad it's not a refurb.

My 920 just went to the dark side, since i got the gdr3 preview it was only one update for Nokia, no os update.

Hmm I'm tempted to buy one... I saw one for $320 or $350. Brand new. Pretty sure it was a Telstra model. I wouldn't be keen if they're ages behind in updates

Flashing annoys the shit out of me, because it highlights the massive failure in syncing that is Windows Phone. All appdata is lost and cannot be retreived, so every app needs to be setup again, and all game saves are lost forever.

I saw somewhere on the Telstra crowd support website we should get get the update for 920 in Feb.

Don't worry boo, I keep checking my 925 on T-Mobile and will update you all the second the update goes live. 

Sam is the developer preview gdr3 compatible with the black update? Thinking to disable it and check update status again, any thoughts?

Don't worry about having the GDR3 update already installed. It doesn't interfere with the Black update. I already had GDR3 on my 1020 and got Black a few days ago. When it's ready for your variant you will get it no matter what.

Yeah really... Wasn't it supposed to have gone live almost a month ago according to wpc? I thought T mobile was pretty quick about these updates...

Not quite. Sam reported that Update 3 was on T-Mobile. However, that turned out to be pretty false for most customers...

Legere has to have X amount of time looking at himself in a mirror before he'll deign to release an update to the masses.    Given he believes they're worthy.    Apparently the 810 is not and I would not bet on the 8X either, cause those suckers (ie customers) spent their hard earned cash on their phones a year ago and that's freaking worthless to T-Mobile now.     Suckers always have to buy whatever new crap T-Mobile will abandon next.


Just got notification of the update (ATT 925), but not sure how big it is, so I am waiting until on WIFI. Yay for updates!

I just got my 925 a 4 weeks ago.  I was starting to think I should have gotten the 1020 instead.  This has made my day.  

Yes, if it is ATT branded. Otherwise there will be a separate update for unlocked devices (no logo) which may or may not be out.

Lumia Black is now available for my L920 - Country Variant - in the Philippines. Just finished updating my phone now. ;-)

L925 TMO. Patiently waiting. Im assuming ill get it soon considering the update seems to be rolling out nicely (compared to past BS). Thanks Nokia.

Just got it on my ATT Lumia 925 currently being used on StraightTalk. Can't wait to install it when I reach home


Beautiful, MAYBE Now my one Nokia 920 Wich still does not have Amber, after 100 emails to ATT, Microsoft and Nokia will be updated.

Man im jealous lol that is quite the gadget swap right there my friend. I have a 925 and used to have an Evo LTE but had to sell it for quick cash.

Quick question, is KitKat really that great? like does it finally put android on that buttery smooth level iOS and WP are on? you're the perfect guy to ask since you can just test both out right now :D lol thanks in advance.

Thanks!  The moto x is very smooth!  It is probably the best optimized android device available.  It also has touchless control and some other things that make it a great device.  I picked up the Lumia 925 for the camera and am enjoying learning more about it.  Liking the black and GDR3 update since I got the phone at Christmas! 

i have both too. love the amoled screens with active notifications or glance screen. Wish T-Mobile would give me the black update ASAP.

Nokia site says that L925 (Att and T-mobile): "Waiting for approval" for Black, but firmware number is: 3050.xxxx.xxxx. which its a Lumia Black firmware! Right? So I think that is great news for t-mobile users ...

Don't you have to wait for Rogers??     Does Rogers have any sort of news on their site about the update??

I'm not finding any official word...

I'm updating it right now! Nokia Lumia 920 KPN! It is now at around 80% at the spinning gears, but a few minutes ago, i was worried because it stuck at 5%! Almost done :)

Sam, I know I'm asking a question we've all asked before. We know that the power to control updates falls to the manufacturer and carrier. Nokia had done a great job of showing their processes.

What/how does the carriers approve updates? Are they actually running tests in a lab? Are they updating/retraining their support personnel? Is it as 'evil' as we think that they let the new phones have the update and they delay it for older phones to encourage upgrades?

To answer that question why do you think the 810 will not get Black?     I expect that multiple people are running the developers version of GDR 3 on the 810, yet I will be very curious as to if T-Mobile will ever update the 810 officially via OTA.

Evil, I think yes....

I have 710 that Tmo never updated to WP 7.8. They just refused to push it, have no idea for what reason, anyway I flashed it and got 7.8. Seems working fine but I didn't not check with sim card (I don't use that phone anymore, got L928)

Yea, T-Mobile's got themself quite a history.   I updated my HTC HD 7 to 7.8 just like you did.  

Try going to ur settings and scroll right and click background tasks and block all applications you don't want to be running in the background. This saved me a lot of battery

Already did that just still feels like its eating up tho....just hoping that black might have some fixes to it if not then I would know its my phone

Maybe its one or several of your software's that's constant running on the background that you don't see, because this happened to me and when I uninstall it my battery life lasted very long.

Downloading Black now on my L925 on ATT. I always get super-excited for these updates and then disappointment ensues when I get them because they never have huge changes or features. Here's hoping for 8.1.

it's dead sorry... Nothing for you that's a Windows Phone 7 Handset this is for Windows phone 8 Nokia Lumia Handsets

Black update went pretty fast, as soon as Nokia said it would start rolling, I got it after less than a week. Unlike Amber which took forever.

Come on tmobile.  We are always first in updates for windows.  Plus we got the lumia 925 first!  Waaaay first!   Don't make me get my belt!  Haha 

Looks like us 920 users will get it in a week or two. Not bad considering how long we waited for amber.

T-Mobile's stock of 810s must have been radioactive or something, because they shafted it pretty fast and hard. I'm reeeaaaallly hoping I can download/install the Black update with Nokia Care Suite or something.

Or better yet, Nokrosoft needs to do a Nexus-style thing where they sell an unlocked, carrier independent phone. I'd buy that thing in a heartbeat if it had an SD card slot.

I don't really know but I assume that when there is a carrier exclusive the OEM approaches the carrier and say's something like, "hey pony up some money for us to write some firmware for your phone."    T-Mobile's response was "well it did not sell as well as we hoped and so we will not be updating the firmware."

So no Black update for the 810.   Not a Black update hidden away somewhere on Nokia's server waiting to be installed, but zip/zero for the 810.

T-Mobile's pretty shameless at abandoning their WP devices.   I am not sure why we'd think they'd do anything else at this point.  I'll be real curious as to what happens with the 925 over time.    I expect GDR 3 and 8.1 for the 925, but as far as 36 months of support.

                                HA HA HA HA
       HA HA HA HA                                            HA HA HA                               HA HA HA HA

Lumia 820 CV NL rolling out here since about three hours. I agree that the Black update deployment is going faster than the Amber update deployment.

Just imagine the day when Windows Phone has a big enough market share to throw their weight around and bypass the carriers or get an agreement to release it to every phone at once. It will be a good day.

Tmobile NL 810 will not get the black update. For sure the cricket will be dead before it gets the 8.1 upgrade.

Got my Lumia 925 updated, on AT&T!!! Do not see much difference, since already had GDR3 DP. I assume under the hood changes are worth it!

Wish there was a way to turn off the backlight on the glance screen ... The gray color makes it look cheap. But nonetheless, this L925 is quite the masterpiece.

Well considering the Lumia 920 for att took forever to get the amber update im gonna say the same is gonna be for the black

I jumped ship from T-Mobile to AT&T just a week ago for the 920.    I've owned a HTC HD 7, a Lumia 810, and a HTC 8X on T-Mobile.   We've seen two of those get abandoned unnecessarily and I expect the HTC 8X will also be abandoned.

I LOVE MY RED 920!!!   And you know what, I have EVERY EXPECTATION that the 920 will NOT BE ABANDONED.   I expect GDR 3/Black will be released either shortly or within a month or two, but it will be released.   I also expect that the 920 will get 8.1.    Will the 920 get a full thirty six months of firmware/OS updates, I can't guarantee that.   But if any phone does, there's a good chance it will be the 920.

So yea, even though I am the newest kid on the block, I love my fellow AT&T Lumia 920 owners.    Because even if it is last years flagship device it is still a flagship device that is owned by quite a few people.


Why didn't you just get the 925 that's what I did I left my HD7 for it and was glad it was already in amber and a pureview cam

I think it can reasonably be argued that a sixteen megabyte device is not a high end device.   I really wanted a thirty two megabyte phone and AT&T is selling the 920 for $299.    That's significantly cheaper than I could buy the 925 for, and that's not even including the $200.00 that AT&T will be shoving my way in a couple of months time.    Finally by this time I have zero faith that T-Mobile will support the 925 over time, they have a long habit of abandoning support for their WP devices.    Finally who can argue with a Red 920?

If Negri Electronics had a thirty two megabyte 925.2 version then my calculus may have worked out differently.

So it appears the Lumia 810 will not be getting the Black Update.  I'd like to know who is responsible for not supporting their product after less than a year?  Nokia or T-Mobile?

I can't wait for glance screen notifications. And I hope 8.1 will serve those notifications to a Pebble.

I'm glad AT&T seems to be on the ball, hopefully 920 is soon. I'm not sure why people are yelling at them already; they are rolling the update out fairly consistently along with other carriers with a brief delay between phones. 920 is the oldest so it comes last I guess.