Have a Lumia Icon with 8.1 Preview? Hold off on that Treasure Tag purchase until Cyan

Nokia Treasure Tag and Lumia Icon

File this under ‘beware early adopters’, but in case you haven’t heard, Verizon has started selling the $29.99 Nokia Treasure Tag accessory. Pairing via NFC and Bluetooth, the little gizmo allows you to track via HERE Maps whatever possession you attach it to, making it perfect for your keys or new baby (I jest).

Unfortunately, if you buy one today – like I did – then you’ll find yourself with a useless purchase if you’re on Windows Phone 8.1 Preview for Developers. That’s because it says you need Lumia Cyan for it to work. As a reminder, Lumia Cyan is the forthcoming firmware update that will roll out with Windows Phone 8.1 in the coming weeks and months.

As it turns out, the Store warning for the app denoting the requirement is accurate.

So why doesn’t it work?

Windows Phone 8.1 Preview for Developers disables Bluetooth 4.0 LE, which is needed for this contraption to work. Not many people know that but that’s what happens. Bluetooth 4.0 LE will obviously come back, that’s what the Cyan firmware will do, but until then early adopters are out of luck.

Nokia Treasure Tag and Lumia Icon paired

Ironically, if you’re just a regular Joe, who has an out-of-the-box Lumia Icon with Windows Phone 8.0 Update 3, everything will pair up and work just fine (see the above photo).

The good news is if you did buy the Treasure Tag, you’ll only have a few weeks (or months?) to wait until the proper Windows Phone 8.1 update with Lumia Cyan firmware arrives, which will make it all worth it. I’ll just have to make sure I don’t misplace my Treasure Tag in the meantime.

I’ll play with Treasure Tag on my other Lumia Icon and will share my thoughts in a few days.


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Have a Lumia Icon with 8.1 Preview? Hold off on that Treasure Tag purchase until Cyan


I mean, you could read the article...

Edit: The "it" I thought was referring to Treasure Tag, not BT 4.0 LE. My bad. To answer, the drivers for 8.1 are different and Nokia is revamping them and the APIs with Cyan. It will enable features like smartwatches and more later this summer/fall.

In his defense, we still don't know "why" is it disabled? What sort of new core features or functionalities have over ridden another already working stuff? Swear, WP8.1 Preview has crippled more WP8 features than GDR3 Preview did to GDR2.

WP8.0 Lumia phones had a BT4.0 LE stack provided by Nokia. That's also what the Treasure Tag Software uses. In WP8.1 Microsoft themselves added BT4.0 LE support but this will only be usable once Nokia drivers that support it in conjunction with the Microsoft stack become available (Cyan) - they are missing from the developer preview.

It seems however that the old BT4.0 LE stack by Nokia also isn't compatible with WP8.1. So what we're waiting for is an update that a) enables the built-in BT4.0LE functionality and b) Nokia Apps using that new stack instead of the old one.

Depends really if the phone can support it, as for the highend Lumias could do with just a firmwareupdate but my guess is that most phones will get it sooner or later.

It's not even certain wether the other OEMs even built chips into their devices that support BT4.0 LE. It's known for Nokia phones but all others seem to have chips that are only certified for 3.1.

It is disabled because 8.1 is software (ms) and BLE is a component controlled by firmware released by device manufacturer (Nokia). Remember prior to the merger completion these companies were not able to collaborate.

BT4.0 LE does not work in the Developer Preview. So either you stay with Lumia Black (WP8.0 GDR3) or you wait for Lumia Cyan.

Any approximate date for wp8.1 update...also Nokia Lumia 630 review is still missing waiting for it ... it is going to launched India in two days still no review pls make it faster Daniel.....

No official date has been released, only a timeframe of being this summer; we're all waiting patiently for the update.

Thanks for the clarification Daniel. Can't wait to get one for my 1520. Could had used it this morning to let me know my keys was in my pocket...

Yes. So long as you have NFC and BT 4.0 LE (Lumia Black) with Windows Phone 8.0. You'll of course need the app, which is in the Nokia Collection.

I only mention Icon a lot because it's darn near impossible to buy it anywhere else besides Verizon right now.

Just ordered five :)
Nokia did not send any samples here to developers, so no new specific apps from Italian devs :'(
Anyone was more lucky in other parts of the world..?

You could not access BT4.0LE in WP8.0 as a third party developer and using the developer preview you can't with 8.1 either. So basically right now no one can access them anyway.

The features of 8.1 just far outweigh the glitches that occur. I updated my Icon from 8.1 just because I didn't have access to the features like I did on my 928 before. I probably will hard reset my device tonight to make it smoother ;) here's hoping it all works!

A few days ago, I attempted to download the Treasure Tag app on my Lumia 822 and it said that I couldn't. Then yesterday I tried again and it downloaded and installed. I even ran it and it started scanning for the tag. I thought it was only going to be available for the Icon now.

With regards to the Cyan firmware, will AT&T's Cyan update disable Data Sense (which currently works on my L920 w/8.1), or are they finally going to leave it alone?

I don't think Bluetooth 4.0 ble is disabled because I use my Adidas heat rate monitor just fine when I workout and I'm on on 8.1 developer.

Yeah, My Adidas heart rate monitor and the Adidas Speed Cell was working this weekend when I was using it with the Adidas miCoach app and I have been running the developer preview since the day it came out.  I was thinking the Adidas heart rate monitor and Speed Cell was Bluetooh 4.0 LE.

On a side note do you have issues with your Adidas heart rate monitor getting inacurate after a while?  Mine seams to report the correct heart rate correctly for the first 15 or so minutes and then it will start to under report my heart rate.  It will say my heart rate is 44 or some low number when it should be in the 100's when I'm running on the treadmill.

Months... Verizon is slow as fuck. I thought Microsoft was going to control the weaknesses of the carriers in the form of forcing them to push the updates for their phones. This system needs to be changed. It's so poorly designed and has devolved over the last 6 years.

Now here's to hoping the next version of this item lets you tack back to your phone if you lose it! Haha. Now that I would get!

I bought a Nokia Treasure Tag WS-2 from Verizon. I paired this device with Lumia 1020 and Lumia 520 - both running WP 8.0 with Nokia Treasure Tag app - and everything works fine.

Device is not locked for Verizon! Just use oficial public relase WP 8.0 instead of WP 8.1 Developer Preview.

Well, at least now we have an explanation as to why the app versions available for 8.0 and 8.1 users are different ... and why the 8.1 version of the app requires Cyan!  Thanks for the tip!

I'll hold of spending my money until I get Cyan, but I will be getting a couple of these accessories - it's a great idea :)

@Daniel: How to not lose your treasure tag:

1. Attach another treasure tag on your treasure tag you can't use

2. connect the second treasure tag with a phone that is compatible

3. wait until Cyan arrives

4. Find your treasure tag you previously could not use, thanks to the second treasure tag and the second phone

5. Profit

I know this is a bit off-topic, but I wondered, if you want to save battery and disable bluetooth, what happends? If you turn bluetooth on again and is within range, can it still find the tag? It will drain my Nokia 1020 of battery so it would only last like 3 hours if i have Bluetooth and location turned on all the time