Lumia Icon – Nokia posts new hands-on video, detailing the design and features

Missed our review yesterday? Want to hear what Ifi Majid, Head of Global Sell-In and Experiences Marketing at Nokia, has to say about Verizon’s latest flagship Windows Phone, the Lumia Icon? Then check out this 2 minute video detailing the design and features of the 5” 1080P device.

While not much new is revealed, Ifi does a great job of putting things into context, along with some nice panning shots of the latest US-only Lumia.

Personally speaking, while I have the black one here, I have to admit that the white version catches my eye. I may have to do a trade in to pick up that matte white version, just to add a little pizzazz.

Don’t forget, if you have questions or comments about the Icon, you can check out our dedicated forum on this phone!


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Lumia Icon – Nokia posts new hands-on video, detailing the design and features


I first thought that device was as ugly as sin...but for whatever reason the white version looks really nice!

I agree. This is a very nice looking phone. Wow why Verizon only? Good bye t-mobile. The NL 925 is nice but I'm making the switch to Verizon. This phone is much nicer.

A New Year and yet another conversation about a New Nokia Flagship being released on Single US Carrier.
I'm not buying another Unlocked Windows Phone for use on T-Mobile. I can't deal with the compromises.
I just want a 6in, 1080p, LTE, Unlimited Data, Wireless Charge Capable Device to use on T-Mobile US.
Is that so hard Microsoft/Nokia?

Blame T-Mobile NOT MS/Nokia. I'm sure MS and Nokia would love devices on T-Mob but they aren't coming to the party!

I agree, it's T-Mobile, not wanting to get enough Nokia/MS devices on board for their company. Nokia, really would love to have a device on every carrier all the time. T-Mobile and Sprint doesn't show any interest in WP8 devices.

I agree Jonny I thought I was in that camp until I picked on and used it while in the store. 1520 surprised me at how nice it looked and felt in my hands.but being on T-MO well not for us.

I agree, this seems like the perfect size for 1080p phones. I would buy it if it came with LTE bands for AT&T. Maybe something like this would come on AT&T/ global variant once WP 8.1 comes out!


Really amazed at how the Nokia Icon completely destroys Samsung Galaxy S4 when it comes to audio recording - Nokia engineering at it's best.

Agree. This phone looks like an iPhone-Android hybrid.  That's not necessarily a bad thing.  It just doesn't look like the typical Nokia Windows Phone.

1520 is just too big for me. And it doesn't have wireless charging. And Verizon coverage is way better then at&t

Such a nice phone, for the few people who have that carrier as an option. :P I look forward to seeing what Nokia offers as international alternatives.

Verizon is the largest carrier in the US. The phone may not be for sale globally, but there are plenty of people that can choose this phone.

Maybe, but glance is a MAJOR BATTERY KILLER. Verizon probably didn't want to deal with a ton of returns due to short battery life. That's my take.

It's not a MAJOR BATTERY KILLER if you use Glance Peek, I use it on my 1020 and get almost 2 days battery life under normal use.

Haha. Glance is NOT a battery killer. Do you think it stays on all the time? Haaahaa noob.

Hahaha I see you got your tongue stuck up Nokia's Fart Box. Noob that's funny. Lets see the windows phones I've had HTC Pro, Wing, HTC HD7, Dell Venue Pro, Nokia 900, HTC Titan, 920, 925 and Samsung ATIV S. Hmmm yes glance contributed to a shorter battery life for a fact on my 925. Then again all my Nokia phones (hd7 too) had horrible battery life. My ATIV S is the only one that last all day with heavy use.

I can't wait to pick up my device. I just can't decide between Black or White... I wish they made one with a black or grey back with the silver metal frame instead of the black frame. I'm a bit worried about the frame showing scratches, etc. with the black.

One thing i think most people are overlooking is that this is not a "remake" of an ATT exclusive.  Verizon got this first.  I know this is similar to the 1520 but it is not a direct variant.

This tells me two things; Nokia and VZW are working closer than ever. VZW feels that WP has a story to tell and they want to help tell it. 

This is a good sign.

Next step; launch an WP8.1 flagship phone on all three US carriers at the same time (even if they are slight variants of each other).

I wish it didn't have the branding on the back. I love the 920 because it has a solid color and no branding besides the lens.

WOW this thing looks like a iPhone on steroids. Which is a good thing. I wouldn't be surprised if the new 5 inch iPhone looks identical.

With so much emphasis on photography, why is the default picture shown on the Photos tile? With so many ways to customize the screen I'm always bewildered when so many "default" tiles are shown in the advertisement.

How about releasing this phone internationally?  Nokia & Microsoft would definitely win a lot more market share with this device.

I'm currently using an iPhone 5 would change if this phone was available in Australia.

Thats the problem with nokia. Good smartphones under good range is not available in other countries where ppl use diff sim cards. This piece will sell like it cakes in India and more once it gets 8.1

Hi all

I notice in this video that there is a Voicemail Start Screen Tile.  Is this possible on any WP device or a Verison customisation?



It is carrier specific visual voicemail app - ie Verizon. What sucks is you have to pay extra to get this service.

I was with att b4 and I don't remember having a separate app dedicated to vis vmail, thus the dedicated tile. I believe that was the original question. Didn't mean to say that vis vmail is exclusive to Verizon at all..

If (when!) we get a similar model here in Australia I may finally replace my 920. The 1020 wasn't a big enough upgrade and the 1520 is way too big. I don't mind the look of the Icon but it has very strong echos of the iPhone.

I really like the way this phone looks. And it's actually the first time that I prefer the white version to the black one.