Lync 2010 for Windows Phone updated to version 4.3


Although the Lync 2010 app was MIA yesterday in the Store it evidently was due to the fact that it was getting an update.

Indeed heading to the Store you can now find version 4.3 ready for download. Unfortunately, there is no change log to go with it and since we don’t use Lync ourselves, we can’t do our normal compare and contrast. The app was last updated in March with version 4.1.

But if you’re a Lync fan, you’ll want to go ahead and grab the update here. Notice some changes? Let us know in comments.

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Reader comments

Lync 2010 for Windows Phone updated to version 4.3


I cannot say I have noticed anything since it updated yesterday. Obviously VOIP would of been worth it but alas just an incremental update.

Used the link in Marketplace. It gave a message to update. Just restarted the phone to see if that would help but no... stays on 4.1.8092. I checked my other Winphone and that one is on version 4.1.7947 so I must have received the right update. (?) ...or is it just an MS versioning typo

As this was the second time I noticed the upgrade but could not confirm any version change after the install, I decided to delete and re-install the app. I am not sure this is a new version, I still get Version 4.1.8092.0 while the store says it should be 4.3.8092.1...
MS really needs to clean up their store and app upgrade process soon...

I am now getting notificatiions under lockscreen, which wasn't working last week - but I think that was actually a setting on our server, rather than the app, as one of my iOS coworkers wasn't getting them either...

Installed the update but it's still garbage as far as functionality. I get a message notification, select it, it opens the app and the message isn't there. Sometimes the message goes to the desktop, sometimes to the phone. Most of the time the phone is missing messages and I get them in my email. It looks good, just doesn't work consistently.

I have v4.1, but the marketplace says v4.3 is unavailable for my device. I am in India, using Samsung Focus, OS updated to 8107.79