Lync Mobile for Windows Phone is now live in the Marketplace

Lync Mobile 2010

For all of those business folks out there waiting on the Lync Mobile client, your time is here. You can now download the app for the popular communications platform just in time for Monday morning. From the app description:

Lync 2010 for Windows Phone extends the power of Lync to your mobile device – including rich presence, instant messaging, audio conferencing, and calling features from a single, easy-to-use interface.

Key Features:

  • View colleagues’ availability in real time and select the best way to communicate – initiating an instant message (IM), email, or a phone call.
  • Connect to Lync conference calls with a single touch, without requiring long numeric passcodes or conference numbers.
  • Make and receive calls using your Enterprise Voice (Lync ID) number only, so you can connect with others using a single, consistent identity.
  • Lync 2010 for Windows Phone provides transport layer security (TLS) and perimeter/internal network protection without requiring a VPN, so your communications experience is safer no matter where you are or what network you use.

Lync Mobile 2010

Update: Reader palaudawg let us know that resetting his MS Outlook Office 365 account on his phone resulted in a prompt to download the app--very cool. Head here to the Marketplace now to get it for your phone. Thanks, Alex B., for the tip!

Lync Mobile 2010


Reader comments

Lync Mobile for Windows Phone is now live in the Marketplace


Someone make this .xap available please! It's not available in the Canadian Marketplace yet. :/ Great to have it already!
Update: Just showed up in Marketplace for me!

I use office 365. No joy trying to connect yet :( However I did find the app in the canadian marketplace and downloaded it no problem

wow this app has audio call feature but it's limited to 2 or 3 people who use lync? WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bill Gates would have fired the WP team, his first question would have been 'when will audio/video call be available to the MSN Live Messenger? you release lync first? it's ridiculous'
'Windows Phone, put people last' (all of us users have this phone since a year ago and still don't have the basic microsoft app, lame)

1)"has audio call feature but it's limited to 2 or 3 people who use lync". ... Lync is a communication tool for businesses not and got only available for WP but also available for ios, Android, PC.
2) Bill gates wouldn't ask a stupid question like that because that feature has been available for some time now.
3) as of "mango" live messenger has been available on the phone. Its integrated into the message hub.
The only thing lame are "uneducated" users.

it isn't available in mango yet..... mango has 'text chat messenger'..... it has not 'audio/video through messenger', ... got it?... kid?

also when I say there are only 2 or 3 people who use lync, I mean that compared with the trillions of users who use msn live messenger, lync users look like 2 or 3

mango version: we can't 'audio call' our messenger contacts YET!

who's the un-educated now?

Still pretty sure it's you who is.

lol. Man, get your terms correct. You said msn messenger has no audio. Yes it does. "trillions"..what are you 5 years old? Skype is coming for that functionality. Your original comment still makes me wonder if you know the difference between msn messenger, live messenger, windows messenger, lync and the market each is aimed towards.

Dude, please. If you had a little more sense about business decisions, you'd at least consider the idea that they'll integrate Skype as a service to not just WP7, but Windows in general. Making the ground work for that, then integrating the service (Skype) to Live Messenger would make a lot more sense in the long run.

Lync is imperative for the corporate world. Messenger is just for friends and family. How much do you pay per month for your service? I don't mean that as a put down, I think MS is doing a great job of keeping their enterprise users who pay a lot of money for their services a priority. My life just got a lot simpler because of the Lync App! (Once I can get logged into my account that is) :)

If you're having trouble connecting to your Lync Server, there are a few updates that have to be installed by your Lync Server Administrator on the server side.
1) The November 2011 Cumulative Update must be installed on the Lync Server.
2) The Lync Mobility Service Update must be installed on the Lync Server.
Point your Lync Administrator here: http://blogs.technet.com/b/nexthop/
There are also some network changes that have to be made for this to work correctly
Point your Lync Administrator here also: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/hh690030.aspx

I also cannot connect.  I have my desktop client up and running but the same settings don't connect on my phone.
Must be the Admin settings mentioned above

does anyone know if this will connect with the office communicator version 2007?
i know the desktop lync client can do this

I have the free domain name from office365. When I go to manage domain it doesn't allow me access to the DNS. It remains grayed out. Can I add these cnames via godaddy? If not what do I need to do? Thanks

I am still using my trial account and will continue to use it until I get a transfer date so I only have the default domain name. I am assuming that Microsoft need to update the DNS records and that they either have not done that or they are doing that and it is just taking some time.
Anybody got this working with a Office 365 account using the default domain?

I notified the IT department of the new Lync client (they knew already), and they updated the CNAME (and other stuff probably) and it worked. There is one major thing that doesn't work: making calls! Anyone else experiencing this issue? The 'call' button is grayed out everywhere...

The break down of functionality by device implied that Voice was part of that. I am like you however, the call button is greyed out.

Finally played with it a bit. I can make phonecalls but they are actually to the normal PSTN numbers and not a Lync call. The messaging worked very well extremely quick actually. What was disapointing and I would be interested if others have had the same experience the push notifications do not come through. Which is a bit disconcerting as it does not indicate an issue other than it cannot deliver the message.

Our company isn't connected yet to the PSTN, maybe this is why my button is always disabled. Regarding the toast notifications, I don't get them either, but maybe for a different reason: new conversations are started on the desktop client.
I'm not sure how presence is handled. I usually leave the desktop client connected 24/7. When does the mobile client take precedence over the desktop client for incoming messages?

Thanks for the update #hubone, Also it seems push notifications are now working as I just received one.
#cosminb, the PSTN number actually comes from the contact and is just smoke and mirrors no lync calling which was something I was expecting.

Lync Mobile is just pretty! I love the wide touch screen and the apps! It's worth any amount of payday loan for me. If it's techie, it's worth it. I just wonder when it'll be available in the market? Hurry guys, please?!