Lync 2013 updated for Windows Phone 8, lets you now join meetings without an account and more

Lync 2013

Lync has been on Windows Phone since around late 2011. As you may or may not know, Microsoft Lync is an instant messaging client that comes with Lync Server and Office 365. It’s used primarily in corporate environments and is therefore considered enterprise software. But we’re sure a handful of you reading this have jobs that rely on Lync from time-to-time, so you’re going to be happy to find out Lync 2013 has just been updated on Windows Phone. Let’s check out what’s new.

Lync 2013 launched this past March for Windows Phone 8. It brought basic functionality to Windows Phone 8 users that rely on Lync. This is what’s new in version 5.2 for Windows Phone:

  • Join a meeting even if you don’t have a Lync account
  • View more information about meeting participants
  • Support for certification and passive authentication
  • Pin a contact to your home screen for quick communication
  • Easily start a conversation with a group
  • Microsoft Customer Experience Improvement Program support 

While we don’t use Lync around here, the latest update seems to bring some nice features for users of the service. You can now join a meeting if you get invited to one, but don’t have an account. You’re also now getting more info about any participants in the meeting.

And believe it or not, you can now pin a Lync contact to your Start screen for faster communication. Use Lync 2013? Tell us what you think of the latest update below in the comments.

Lync 2013 is available for free on Windows Phone 8. You’ll of course need to be using Lync already to get anything out of it. If that’s you, grab it in the Windows Phone Store, use the QR codes below, or swipe to the right in our app. 

Thanks for the tip Ryan!

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Reader comments

Lync 2013 updated for Windows Phone 8, lets you now join meetings without an account and more


I have this both on phone and work and have no use seeing that only IT are the only ones using it at my job. Nice to have it free on the phone.

Agreed to your point and our Lync works without any VPN as well. That said, there is STILL A NEED for VPN capabilities on the Windows Phone 8 platform.
Encrypted communication with all apps, direct access to enterprise portals that are not exposed on internet and being able to use GEO-IP aware apps like Pandora and Songza when travelling overseas are just a few of the features that get unloacked with use of VPNs.

Nice, helping roll out Lync across my workplace, look forward to trying this out when i get back to work, android and iOS versions have issues, but WP version has been pretty solid so far.

Crazy! I was just wondering this morning when they'll update the app since it hasn't been updated in quite a while. I use this for work on the regular :D

Since moving to Office 365 two months ago, Lync has become our goto platform for internal communications. Voice, video, IM and desktop sharing all work very well. This app keeps me connected even when I am away from my desk. Reliability has been good so far. I hope the update brings quicker launching and sign in.

I have the same issue such a heap of poo and linked to Notes you have the worse email/instant messaging experience in the world.

unfortunatily our CIO loves everything IBM... They are trying smartcloud now...  I might go insane if they go through with it.  Just as clumsy as everything else they build.  Can't do 50% of the stuff sharepoint can do.

Smart cloud is a nice piece of kit, and tivolli is amazing. Outside of those two families the rest of their offerings are inferior I find.

Great update, Lync has gone from slow and sluggish on my Lumia 920 to being very fluid with this update.

Prior to this update it would take 15 or so seconds to fully launch and if I selected a group a good 5 seconds to display the contacts within that group.

Now lighting fast.

Now if only you could maintain a running conversation from computer -> mobile -> computer without losing half of it.

Yes, that seems to be the biggest problem to me. On Skype, every message (whether sent or received) appears on every station that has Skype. New IM's appear on both phone and desktop and tablet simultaneously. For Lync, it seems to only go to one instance, and I'm not even sure how it choses which one gets it.
Does everyone have this issue: incoming messages only go to one destination? If so, they can't merge with this with Skype soon enough so that we will finally have concurrent cross-device support.
Also could be related to our server version. Our server is still Lync 2010.

Every Office 365 client we deploy learns to love Lync, once we demonstrate how to use it effectively for their particular business. It has great value for both a 2-person business and is scalable up to large enterprise. One of those hidden values of Office 365. Still has things that can be improved on, seeing as it looks to replace several solutions (IM, GoToMeeting, Webex, etc.). We'll see it become something even more when we get true integration with office phones without having to deploy Lync Server. The status "presence indicators" alone have intrinsic value to any business.

Trying to use the new 'guest feature' and continue to get this error, Undocumented Error Code: E_conferencinganonymousjoinclientforbidden. Any guidance would be awesome.