Maestro email app gets demoed, shows off quick actions and more

Maestro email app gets demoed, shows off quick actions and more

Hidden Pineapple, developer behind upcoming email app Maestro, has posted a video update about the current status of the app, along with a demo of the current version. Maestro has faced some delays, with the beta originally intended for a July release. Check out the video by Maestro team member Ben Krogh below.

Maestro was originally announced back in June, with the goal of creating a better email experience on Windows Phone. The app will launch with support for both Exchange and Gmail. It appears that the app will require Windows Phone 8.1. You can sign up for progress updates on the Maestro website.

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Maestro email app gets demoed, shows off quick actions and more


No way to control the spam in my yahoo mail.  Soo much shows up in my inbox its like I'm using geocities.

Yahoo in general got more page views in 2013 than Google so clearly it is still used.  In today's world, people dont only stick to ONE service. Eg, I don't only use facebook, i use facebook and twitter.  Don't just judge a brand on the stigmatism that it had in the early 2000s

My Yahoo account is working fine without any additional apps. I set it up under Email&Accounts in the settings menu.

Yup just saw the demo. I subscribed for their newsletter and email updates for the app. Been waiting eagerly for the app to show up in the store. It sure looks great in the video.

Umh, an app for my email accounts. But I already have my accounts set up via Email and accounts under settings. I'll wait patiently for this one and see about it's features.

Wow, this is looking great! I'm looking forward to it. I hope it uses the filepicker for attachments! :)

The tap and hold for options looks a little bit odd though. A context menu might be more useful than dragging mails to corners. But we'll see.

Built-in email app in 8.1 works great for me and handles my four web-based email accounts with ease. Has since my days with the HD7S and WP7. Personally I don't need another obscure app to do stuff the factory app does well.

Well I guess they should just stop developing it then. 

I would be all over this app if it supported corporate exchange like the native app.

My work requires me to have a 5 digit pin that is pushed down to my phone through a policy. I get why since I do have confidential information on my phone but I'd much rather have an app that does it so that way I only have to have a pin for the app and not the phone. 

Oh well. 


-Chris Georgeson

Folders? Buried in a setting. Attach anything other than a photo? Nope. Unless via a OneDrive hack. Filters. Nope. Add folders to a pivot? Nope. That's too useful. Instead it's crap like Urgent. Doubling up of IMAP folders? Sure. That's confusing, we'll include that. Yes it works but basically, it's very basic, badly designed and mimics that awful experience of Mail in Windows 8.1. Anything else would be welcome.

I'm excited about this, but when the heck is MS going to update its own email client? With WP 8.1, I'd have expected them to break it out into its own app and bring features like Sweep over from the web and "big" Windows.

wow nicely done people like this should be working @ ms the email app in windows for me is basic at best .... sorry MS do better il switch to this :D

Who will use this I mean if the the mail is working fine in my windows phone I don't need another app to read email I have 4 emails setup in my phone and honestly I would not use this app there is no point for me

This. The app looks great and I can't wait to get my hands on it

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Windows phone has the most reliable email app compares to IOS and Android so no one needs a third party email client

I have seen the video. Only special thing is the "mode", which I'd rather prefer to have as a context menu (but that's just my opinion).

Also that is a GUI thing not really a feature, what you can do by dragging to the corners is just basic features. Forget design, what features are expected beyond what the native app provides considering the native can do with its own feature additions.

Looks really good, you can see that they worked hard on to give us as users another choice on how to make our phones ours...  cant wait to try this one


Whatever you try you will come back to original mail app. I have come from android and speaking from experience I stopped using third party apps for email and sms due to number of repeated emails and fake notifications

Hope it supports Rich text formatting and editing of forwarded emails. C'mon MS. How can this be so difficult to implement in the native app especially when the desktop version supports them.

Would have been nice if he demonstrated Outlook email instead of Gmail, Personally after watching the video really what special features are there. I expected a little more especially after all the delays.

Outlook works almost exactly the same as Gmail in Maestro.

Us developers never know exactly how long something is going to take. There's always some unexpected issues that come up that cause delays. :( Just know that we are working as hard as we can to get it done. :)



Correction to the article, it looks as though they'll only support Outlook and Gmail out of the box not Exchange. Too bad as I really need Exchange support, and a client that I can attach office docs to an email.

The built-in email app though more than sufficient for functionality lacks the visual touch which I would love to have in an app. Looking forward to this. So far the apps having all the visual goodness lacked the fluidity of a built-in app. Hope this one changes it.

Looking forward to this! I think it needs dark version for us AMOLED users and probably hiding status bar for aesthetic purposes. The UI looks sweet.

Why don't Microsoft just bring the windows 8.1 mail app to Windows Phone? While the WP mail app is functional and easy to use, it could surely do with some odour

Not at this time. Only IMAP support (Outlook.com and Gmail both support IMAP) for v1. If enough people request it, we'll look into it later.

Not a fan so far. Yes, I would love a better mail client, but this one seems less efficient. Do you really want to tap hold to select the message then drag it to delete? The built in mailer is so much more efficient just select with the x and group delete.

I may try it out, but so far, I can say, I don't want regular tasks to take longer than they do now.



If you are just deleting messages, all you have to do is swipe it to the left. Swift Edit mode (which is started by holding an item) is for more advanced tasks, such as moving messages to custom folders.

We at Maestro hope you like it when you try it out, and are always open to feedback.



Looks very nice, seems to perform and the aesthetics are great. Of course probably in betas and early stages of its mature life improvements will have to made but it's a very welcome addition.

As for regular mail app from WP it works great for me. I have three mail accounts constantly sincronised and am pretty happy with it so stop whining those of you so inclined.

Still, welcome to the new app, choice is the king!