Magnify Beta moves into v3.0.8, adds OneNote sharing, pull to refresh and more

The beautiful Magnify Beta RSS reader for Windows Phone saw a major update only a few days ago but already the team has prepared another update for everyone. The changes aren't as huge as the previous release but they're just as important and enough to push the app into v3.0.8. We've got the full change log as well as some screenshots for your viewing pleasure below.

Change log:

  • You can now save articles to OneNote.
  • Added many new feeds from ESPN, FOX, CNN, BBC, 500px.
  • Pull to refresh when browsing articles.
  • Notification banners will be shown for feeds with new articles after update.
  • Added option to turn off Swivel cube view.
  • Support orientation change when viewing images.
  • Show more text instead of image while waiting for full article to load.
  • Fixed duplicate articles.
  • Changed social share button icon.
  • Changes to improve updating of Live Tiles.
  • Added tutorial video.
  • Fixed font issue when app returns from tombstone state.
  • Fixed app not saving when quitting app from exit prompt.

You can download Magnify Beta from the Windows Phone Store for free. We highly recommend you check out the beta should you be looking for a feed manager.


Reader comments

Magnify Beta moves into v3.0.8, adds OneNote sharing, pull to refresh and more


How about showing a little support for developers who are putting in a lot of time to bring in a great app? If you don't want to use it then don't, but you dont have to crap all over the developers just because you have no plans of using the app.

This is a great app, and the developer is very responsive to listening to users and adding new features.

I agree with you, and I support this app.

Yeah right ! I haven't seen flipboard, but as far as I'm concerned, magnify is much more of my type, and besides, being a private beta tester of this, i know how supportive the developer is, how he implements every function we ask for..
He deserves a lot of respect for his job !
Oh and just to add, magnify isn't a copy of flipboard now, it was, but it is very unique now..,

What official app coming? There isn't anything in the store that I know of like Magnify and this app is fantastic and smooth as glass.  I still want it to flip like it did when it first dropped as Flipmag but it does what it does extremely well.  You probably haven't even tried Magnify.

Well actually what he meant was that originally flipmag was a copy of flipbook. Its there on w8.1.. But when the developer realised that its gonna make it big, he had to remove the flipping animation which the flipbook owners would have disliked, that's why he had to put the swivel animation.
And people still think its a copy of flipbook. Now it isn't at all !

The developer realized it was going to make what big?  Did the developer tell you that or did you read the developer write that? Make what big exactly?  I beta tested this app too but didn't read his thoughts on this point you're making.

Magnify is an awesome app. It just joined my list of best designs along with poki and readit. If the developer is ready to put an app when the official is coming anyway, it shows confidence and is always worth a try.

This is one of my favorite apps but it's getting so annoying that you'll have to go back and set it up the all over again after every single update. It's such a pain to take a precious time to customize the app and carefully add your preferred contents only for it reset with some annoying bugs in a few days.

Yeah, I had to stay awake for almost an hour last night to set it up all over again because it got broken just after I got the update.

Sorry to hear that, may I suggest the next time the app resets, please do a clean uninstall and reinstall of the app.

That is incredibly annoying, enough that I uninstalled it.

Also, it was very resource intensive. On my Lumia 521 it was barely usable at all.

Maybe I'll give this new version a try, but if I still can't get to a new version, or recover after a crash, without losing all my settings that is a huge problem.

Also something I thought was odd was that out of all the categories there was no default for "Politics".

I really like the look and feel of it though. But content is king, as they say. :)

Please try a clean uninstall and reinstall as I stated above. This issue does not seem to affect everyone which is hard to pinpoint. Anyway for content, I know that are no default political feeds but feel free to add them using the custom add feed feature.

Off topic: WPC, please get hands on video of new lock screen layout.. Loved what Joe showed on stage yday..

I agree. I'd love a desktop Windows 8.1 version, especially if it synced with the WP version. I would buy both versions, that is how good Magnify is for WP.

It's looking great. i'm a big fan of this app, but it needs some improvement after this new version. Scroling on the L1520 is not as smooth as before and it needs some update that supports 1080 devices natively.

I might change my note taking from Evernote to OneNote. So many support for OneNote, keep it coming.

I use both, but I've been using one OneNote more lately, since developers are adding OneNote functionality to their apps.

Great app with perfect design, but still remains my old complaint abot pic resolution.

Compared with Nextgen for example 

Respect for developers..great job

This app is just awesome. The desing is marvelous with the live tiles for a start sceen. The way to scroll the page in the articles. WELL DONE!!!!


 I wish more apps had the that style.

The developer of Magnify is a really hard worker, everytime I see an update ready to be installed I know it'll be worthy! Awesome app!