Transparency Tiles

Make Xbox Music, Video and Games transparent with this new app for Windows Phone 8.1!

Today is evidently Start screen day, as more and more developers are quickly pumping out apps for Windows Phone 8.1. Last night we gave you a guide on some ways to make your Start screen shine on 8.1, and this morning we gave you two more apps (Tilesparency and Clock Hub) to add to your list.

Now, we have a third one to share. No worries, it does something different and I think you’ll like it. Transparency Tiles is an app from developer Matthew Miller and it’s free to use. Its purpose? It generates new Tiles for Xbox Music, Xbox Games and Xbox Video that are now transparent.

The app is super simple to use: launch it, create transparent Tile, resize and reposition as needed.

Miller has told us that he’s going to update it again today with even more Tiles for various apps. I imagine this could become a thing until devs update their own apps to support Tile transparency. In that regard, if you have a request, you can drop them off here in comments as I’m sure Miller will be listening! (I’m guessing one limitation with this method is these will be static Tiles only)

Update: There was a technical problem with links to this story not working; it has now been fixed

Pick up Transparency Tiles here in the Store for free. Windows Phone 8.1 only!

QR: Transparency Tiles


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Make Xbox Music, Video and Games transparent with this new app for Windows Phone 8.1!



Also the games icon is too small... I hope the dev reads this and makes it the same as the original tile...

I'll probably get corrected by a more experienced dev than myself, but I'm pretty sure I can't make them any wider using the iconic template...


just making sure you understand what I mean, I'm talking about the white xbox controller icon (not the entire tile)... it's hard to believe that changing the size is impossible...

anyway thanks for the respons

Can't do that on my phone. There used to be links to store in WPCentral app that one could access to visit store. Back in the day.

Also, ATT has a scanner app built in. I think that and the account management app are the only ones that I didn't remove of theirs.

Check the app again in a few minutes to let the CSS refresh. We had an issue on the backend that wiped the URLs. They are now fixed but will take a few mins to propagate to the app.

Pin location to notifications and when you want Bing vision, just disable location and the old search is back.

Bing Vision for scanning QR codes is still there, but now it shows up with your Lenses under your camera app. And yes, there are several other QR code scanners from the WIndows Store that you can use.

It's great, but this is something that should have been part of the OS, why do you have to have an app for every stupid little thing.


You don't have to be interested in what he/she said. This is the comments part of the article, where people are free to voice their opinions. It would only be weird if every comment here was interesting to you...

Mine does the same. It worked for a while, then I restarted my phone and it was back to being my theme color. I went through the Live Tile setup in the WPC app again, but no luck there. Eventually, it seems to go back to being transparent. I actually switched to the Iconic tile from the WPCentral Flip Tile (which I prefer) just to make it transparent. Probably just a glitch that Jay will get to soon.

Yes I've noticed this. If you open the app, once you go back to the start screen it's the accent colour, but eventually it changes. I even saw it change from the colour to transparent one time.
I looked at the help section in the app but wasn't sure how I should contact Jay to have a look at this :s

It used to happen with WP8.0 as well, tile used to go Black. If you click a link in email to open someone's reply to your comment and go direct to that comment. Now it happens with clicking direct to article from Action Centre.

Facebook, Twitter, HERE apps, Nokia apps, & Tapatalk for today.  Possibly more in the future.


It sucks big time. The old one on window phone 8 was way better. I just hope they are more features in the final build. Also I miss the Facebook and Skype chat options in SMS and the social hub integration.

6tag (instagram) is transparent and other than having to pay to do video it's a way better app

First we need update though still twitter is running well with 1 update till now compared to fb app. We need twitter update as first

What happens if you set a photo as background and you have a very long page of tiles? The image finishes and then all the rest is blank? The image is repeated? The image is zoomed to cover all?

It covers your whole start screen no matter how many times you have pinned.. It's called parallax scrolling..

The speed at which the image scrolls will adjust so that it'll finish when you get to the bottom of your tiles. At least, I assume so.

Firstly Microsoft needs to update a dump of an app that is the Xbox music and Xbox games cuz both of them suck big time. Then I can think of using this gem of an app

I don't know if you've downloaded the latest update or not but it apparently doesn't show your games collection itself in the hub. It shows completely empty. And also it's always up updating whenever I open it. Please tell me how is it an improvement? The previous games hub was a billion times better.

I also have the same version and I can confirm it works...

I just wish MS would continue separating the games from regular apps in the app list... :(

Nokia apps coming today or tomorrow.  Weather channel isn't possible.  I can try to add Battery from enless-soft in the future, but as with the rest it won't be live.

I'm not seeing the app in the store and the direct link in the article doesn't seem to be working. Am I missing something?

I hope someone works on Nokia's here suit -). Also the link appears to be broken? I tried viewing in ie but nothing loaded when I pressed the link and there is no "download app" button in the wpcentral app lol. Oh well will try the qr code later on.
Edit: I found it on the wp store by searching the developers name as searching via the app name would bring alot of similar named apps -p.

Well the inconsistent transparency on the iconic tile is obviously a bug. But the one which you prefer is rendered as an image, so there's no possible way for it to look as it does now and to be transparent where the accent colour is. Perhaps it could redone.. but I am not a developer (yet) so I don't know anything about coding :P

It's a shame it isn't just as simple as using an image format with transparent elements, like PNG or GIF... but maybe you can? I'm not a developer either. xD

Same prob here too. try using the app list for the time being. It won't be long before they release a fix for the bug.

In the more section click show in browser, then at the end if the article the last line is as a link to the app :)

Pretty neat and it doesn't matter if it's static tiles only, since the stupid music app has been stripped out of its lovely love tile ability. Can't wait till all the major apps begin updating for 8.1 support.

Metrotube is semi transparent :P well not really semi, its the small rectangle in the logo that is transparent.

I don't expect to MS to update these Xbox tiles to add transparency. FB, Twitter, Here and Bing neither.

At least I saw in the demos transparent tiles for Skype and Instagram beta.

Transparent is the new black.

Perfecto...! I hope that developers start releasing updates for their apps with transparent tiles or the option to use transparent tiles! (MS should've given transparent tiles for all their apps with 8.1 to begin with...)

I hoping there will be an option soon to make the Bing image of the day the background (maybe some of them are too busy though)

Does anyone else miss the old music integrated app? I miss the live tile activity I would get when I played an artist. The stand alone app doesn't do anything...

Nice! Hopefully developers will start updating their apps soon to bring transparency to the tiles.

IM+ Pro would be my number one request for this app - it has such an ugly tile LOL

(Then Vieather!)

I was searching for this kind of app. Thanks for it. Please add support for more apps such as People hub and Photos. I can compromise with static tiles.

Photos you can already change to transparent.

Open up the photo app...Go to Settings and change "Start Tile Shows" to Single Photo.  Tap the Choose photo button and then exit without choosing a photo.  Voila...the tile for photos is now transparent.

Office, Music, Games etc are static either way atm. So thanks for bringing Microsoft's thoughts to a logical end. (Logo is enough branding imho

Cool. Oh btw you can also set custom notifications for apps yourself just go to ringtones+sounds xD I am using FB chat notification sound for my Fb messenger (downloaded it from Zedge) :3

I would love OneNote, OneDrive, office, here drive, smartglass, twitter to be also transparent. Would appreciate teambiewer, eBay, healthvault, starmoney an im+

Transparent tiles are really beautiful - it makes the platform really stand out! iPhone guy stoped me today to ask me to look at my screen - I could see the jealousy in his eyes. Would love more transparent tiles - especially a weather one as that generally takes up a lot of real estate. WP 8.1 is a huge step up - I'm thrilled with it!

can anyone explain to me in simple English how this app works?i only managed to make a transparent live tile with nothing in it and thats it!how can i assign an app in it??

Launch the app, select an app that you want to be transparent, tile will be placed on your start screen, remove the colour tile.

when i launch tilesparency how it is possible to choose an app?i press add trnsparent tile and a trnsp tile appeared on start screen with nothing in it....

Wrong app...that one only does blank, non-functioning tiles.  Try Transparent Tiles instead...that's the one that does actual app tiles.

Now if only we could make the WPC app tile transparent... How long has it been since they updated it anyway? Grrrr

Awesome app and to think ppl were complaining about too much customizing not good for WP8.1, a few request myself amazing weather, cal calendar Nokia camera, xbox extra n netflix Thanks Dev