MakerBot 3D printers become available at select Microsoft Stores

Earlier this week we viewed Microsoft's latest episode of "On The Whiteboard" about the new 3D printing drivers that will be shipping within Windows 8.1. Today we have learned that Microsoft retail stores across the country will offer the experience to see a MakerBot Replicator 2 Desktop 3D Printer first hand.

Customers will be able view a live 3D printing demonstration, as well as being able to purchase a home unit and the required filament in store. At this point in time, Microsoft Stores are the only stores outside of MakerBot’s NYC store where you can purchase one of these high-tech printers.

Currently a list of eighteen different stores are offering the experience:

  • Scottsdale, AZ – Fashion Square
  • Costa Mesa, CA – South Coast Plaza
  • Mission Viejo, CA – The Shops at Mission Viejo
  • Palo Alto, CA – Stanford Shopping Center
  • San Diego, CA – Fashion Valley
  • San Francisco, CA – Westfield San Francisco Centre
  • Lone Tree, CO – Park Meadows Mall
  • Danbury, CT – Danbury Fair Mall
  • Atlanta, GA – Lenox Square
  • Oak Brook, IL – Oakbrook Center
  • Schaumburg, IL – Woodfield Mall
  • Bloomington, MN – Mall of America
  • Salem, NH – The Mall at Rockingham Park
  • Bridgewater, NJ – Bridgewater Commons
  • White Plains, NY – The Westchester
  • Houston, TX – Houston Galleria
  • McLean, VA – Tysons Corner Center
  • Bellevue, WA – Bellevue Square

For those currently wondering, a MakerBot Replicator 2 Desktop 3D Printer costs around $2,200. You will have to purchase a service plan separately for $350 if you want to protect the unit in the first year against failure. Each 1kg of filament costs $48 – so this won’t be a cheap purchase for anyone.

MakerBot at Microsoft Stores

Let us know if you get to see a MakerBot in person and if you do – send us some pictures!

Source: MakerBot; via: Neowin


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MakerBot 3D printers become available at select Microsoft Stores


I'll be making a trip to VA at the end of this month, might have to detour to the Tyson's Corner store to check this out

worth it, the tysons Microsoft store is pretty awesome, also a Tesla showroom opened right next door for added geeky awesomeness!

YESSS somehow this rural area is blessed by an MS store.

I'll be playing with and quite possibly purchasing one. Tbh I find that I can do just about anything with a dremel and scrap computer cases, but maybe I'll be more productive if I can pump out exact parts faster.

For all the DIY folks out there that want to put together a 3D printer themselves at a MUCH cheaper price. Bing reprap. Or if you want to buy a kit and just assemble it, Bing printrbot. I built a custom printrbot as my first printer and was an excellent printer for beginners.

vdubskey, does Reprap or printrbot have built-in windows 8.1 support?  From what I understand, the current process to actually print a 3d model from a PC is somewhat lengthy.  You'd create a 3d model/ or scan it, you'd have to change the format of the file, you'd have to slice it and etc.  The reason 3d printing gets baked into 8.1 is to make it as easy as printing a document.  Does reprap or printrbot support it?  If not, when will they have drivers/support for 8.1?  On channel9 a 3d printing company expressed concerns that maybe the bigger 3d printing companys will get support and reprap and other open-source 3d printers would have a hard time.  The microsoft tech answered that they will help for free if you approach them.   Is this currently happening?  Is someone from the reprap or printrbot community actively engaged with microsoft to make native 3d printing happen on 8.1? 
I'll wait for the SLS patents to expire and hope the reprap/printrbot community releases an open-source version with 8.1 support.

Im not sure. The first I heard about 3d printing functionality from windows 8.1 is here. Makerbot actually started as a reprap project and decided to go closed sourced. The electronics are very similar. If the windows 8.1 can accept the .STL file format and print in the .gcode format it should work. But I just don't see this working for everyday printing. Every object needs different settings for each print. But I hope to be proven wrong. Would love to see 3d printing more mainstream.

I'd love to have mainstream 3d printing too.  Oh the possibilities!!!  Microsoft is pushing for an open file format based on xml named 3mf for 3d printing.  Supposedly it will speed the prining process by cutting the steps, makes better looking prints.   It's too bad about Makerbot, it would appear that people are following Zuckerberg's lead where stabbing your friends in the back seems like a legitimate way to get ahead.  One of the reasons I don't use facebook.  I'm not going for the makerbot 2 either for this reason.   I'd go for the $300 asian printer but I don't know if it will work with 8.1 so I'll just wait.  People seem to think that we'll get better 3d printers next year when selective laser sintering patents expire.  But having makerbot on microsoft stores would be really cool.  Just not buying one, it's the principle of the thing.

I live in Mission Viejo, and work beside MS store!! :D
I'll post some pictures and a video later today or tomorrow

I asked if they had 8.1 running the printer and they told me the APIs weren't developed yet for MakerBot to work with 8.1 yet.  Guess we got a ways to go before all the brands will work with 8.1

That clearly is an old photo of a Microsoft Store: The Windows Phone on the giant screen in the background is running Windows Phone 7.5 or earlier.