Mango available for Developers


Here we are folks! This is it, a Mango beta ROM (reportedly build 7661) is now available (or will be shortly) for developers to update on their retail devices. Fantastic news for the registered brains. Confirmation comes from both Brandon Watson and Joe Belfiore. Full distribution of Mango to developers will be carried out over the next few weeks (in batches), registered developers will receive invites to the Microsoft Connect site, which will provide you with the update.

Countries explicitly supported for the early access program (your device will be supported by big M and will be processed should it malfunction once the distribution infrastructure is in place):

 "Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United States"

What should you do now? Why not head on over to download the Mango Tools beta 2, which includes a number of  goodies, update your device to Mango and then (as Brandon Watson so fantastically puts it):

"Third, go rub it in your friends’ faces that you have Mango and they don’t. "

There will be a tools update in the coming months that will feature the go-live license required to publish Mango apps to the Marketplace, but be sure to start being creative now since your apps will work in the tools and the developer phone. For more information, check out the official blog post using the link below. These are positive signs my friends, this will surely drive excitement for Mango even further.

Source: WindowsTeam Blog


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Mango available for Developers


Here is a question. How long was the offical NoDo released after developers had access to the beta? Just curious to see if MS may keep to the same time frame in hopes for maybe an early Mango release.

Microsoft is about to see a small flood of new "developers" willing to pay the $99 cover charge, myself being one of them. :)

Signing up is easy, but it takes awhile for account information to be verified. So not sure if this will require just a paid developer account, or paid and verified developer account.

I have a student account and mine isn't verified as I wanted to unlock my device to develop uni programs, so I hope I don't need to be verified :S

Students can't unlock their phones until they've created their first app and submitted it to the marketplace, so I'd advise to get coding if you haven't already :)

Or you could compile one of the test apps in the SDK and have it fail certification. The app does not need to pass certification, it just needs to be submitted for review.

I got my invite just now in the email! woot! So, we will test very soon (after lunch) if the 1.4 Focus is upgradable to Mango currently. And hopefully I will have it before NoDo, which is ridiculous!

I received my invite already... it came in about an hour ago. The email will say Invitation From Microsoft Connect from msftconn@microsoft.com received at 12:33pm about exactly an hour ago. Already downloaded all 4 files, just doing some backup before I start installing anything since you void your warranty by installing Mango beta according to microsoft install agreement

Yep, correct. Focus rev 1.4 can not install this Mango because we do not have NoDo installed. So basically rev 1.4 Focus owners are getting f'd over in every way possible!

People say AT&T is the best are backing the Tmobile merger. But people fail to receive AT&T screws over its users daily.

No fan of AT&T, but WTF do they have to do with Samsung's failure to get their r1.4 phone working properly. Samsung should do the right thing and replace EVERY r1.4 device with a r1.3 phone, plan and simple. They should be ashamed for the way they have treated their customers. Will add the same remark for all those unlucky DVP customers.

I wish I could developer unlock without paying $100... Damn you HTC Trophy having the NoDo update so I can't use Chevron.

I have an app on marketplace and have been a registered developer for more than 9 months. Is this e-mail you guys are talking about a lottery? Does anyone know the best way to get the link?

Don't know if its a lottery or not, but give it a day or two. MS has a lot of wp7 developers to go through. it's only been like 2-3hrs since the announcement some people like myself have received the email it'll still take time.

They say the emails are rolling out in batches, possibly even over a week long time period. So, I guess getting it early is sort of a lottery luck of the draw.Also, it is possible you have to be setup to receive developer emails from Microsoft. No Clue.

yeah, my first name starts with a P, last name V and developer app publisher name N... the only think I can think of is my WP7 developer login account alias starts with "ac.."

Goodness, Mango on HD7 feels super charged. So darn fast. Everything from the lock screen, to scrolling 3rd party apps is just butter!!

So there is no way to update to Mango without the e-mail? The website makes you think that every registered developer will have access to mango on their retail devices right away. Lets hope it gets here soon :)

I just got my developer account verified about 2 days ago and I am installing mango now. So this has nothing to do with how long you've had an account for. I will post a reply with my impressions.

Got it installed and it kept all my settings and apps. The only problem is that all the apps were compiled using the 7.0 toolkit so the apps don't resume correctly from the task switcher.

For anyone wanting to upgrade to Mango - there is a catch. You have to create a backup which is required to be restored to in order to upgrade to the later full Mango release. This means any data, game saves or apps (etc) that you acquire through the BETA will be discarded."Data Loss: Microsoft is not be responsible for any data lost through participation in this program. This includes photos, videos, contacts and e-mail data, and any data associated with applications and games installed on the device.Additionally, restoring to the backup you take at the beginning of this process will restore the device to the state it was in at the time of the backup - all phone and application/game data generated after that backup was taken will be lost.*"

That is cause for concern. I have to play lots of games for my job here and I will lose all of my progress when I switch to the full Mango release in a few months.

hmmmm maybe i will wait for the full update, im going away for a month so it doesn't really matter if I have it now w/o phone service

For anyone that doesn't know mango will disable your ability to remove the app sideload limit even if you are unlocked. Native homebrew code like registry access no longer works so even if you already have those apps installed they will not function. So if you want to sideload more than 10 apps (or 3 if you are a student developer like me) you will not be able to and I recommend you don't upgrade to Mango. It also will relock your phone upon updating but you can simply unlock it again using the tools. With that said I have installed mango on my phone and it has many nice features but I am already beginning to miss my homebrew apps to the point I might restore back to Nodo.Also facebook chat is giving almost everyone trouble, there are a few who have gotten it to work but for the most part don't consider it functional.