Mango bug preventing Twitter contacts from showing up? [Updated]

In the above image, see how the Left device is synced with Twitter, the Right is not despite the same settings

Here's another issue we're hearing a lot of today and which we verified our-self. Seems as if Twitter contacts are not showing up in people's People Hub, regardless of the settings/filter chosen in the setup.

Indeed, we took a look at our Dell Venue Pro and this is the case. However, on our Samsung Focus (loner review device from Microsoft) our Twitter contacts are just fine. We're not too sure what to make of that one.

To test it yourself, simply go to your contacts in the People Hub and see if you can find any Twitter-only friends. Or if you have linked accounts, try to see if they have their Twitter "What's New" option visible (like above). We've even tried delete and re-sync our Twitter account with no success.

Hopefully this is something that Microsoft LIVE and Twitter can fix on their end. We'll keep you posted. Meanwhile, feel free to commiserate in our forums to discuss the matter.

Update: From @winphonesupport "If you're not seeing your Twitter contacts in your People Hub, hang in there, we've got a team looking into it. Thanks everyone!"

Thanks, Martin and Jonathan, for the info


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Mango bug preventing Twitter contacts from showing up? [Updated]


interesting... I also have the dell venue pro and on the leaked RTM release the twitter contacts showed up fine. I've since upgraded to the official release and I just checked now and they seem to be gone.

me too ...no twitter contacts :/ with the leaked RTM i have all my twitter friends. with "zune" mango, i cannot see any twitter contacts.

I was so happy to have Twitter feeds in a group and then this happened. After realizing I can group Twitter feeds I hope Microsoft will enable apps to be grouped. That would make my day.

I've been using the leaked HTC final Mango rom since it first leaked one or two weeks ago. I'm dead positive twitter integration worked just fine until yesterday... Don't know what's happening, but it seems like it's on Microsoft's or Twitter's end to fix this...

It has to have just happened because yesterday I made a group from my Twitter list. I deleted the group I made because I was kind of just playing around. I just went back to make another Twitter group and none of the contacts show up. Odd.

Wasn't this issue existing on a Beta version of mango? And I think that it can be solved by a hard reset (I know it is annoying).

Exactly what I was going to say and that does seem to fix it. The issue before was going from 7661 to 7712. Hard Reset saves your a** ladies and gentlemen.

My twitter works and I have DVP, but my IM gives me inconsistent connection. I'd say about 10% it works but most of the time it can't connect.

Was like that for me too, until i tried linking my live account with facebook on the computer. No more problems, and I too have a DVP

I have the HTC Arrive for Sprint and mine is surprisingly working superbly, it links and syncs just fine for me. I did the "force mango" update as directed by by y'all (WPcentral), on the 27th.

Samsung Focus v1.3 MangoTwitter contacts shoe up just fine. I've only done official updates and have no problems hiding or showing

My Twitter contacts are there and I have an HTC HD7 on T-Mobile. It works fine with the RTM version, but it didn't work for me in the beta builds.

My contacts were set up and linked to other profiles yesterday and on the 27th but today they have just gone from my list and unlinked from profiles, so it isn't the same bug as the developer preview as they never showed up without a reset, this is where they are going from showing up.

This is definetly a different bug then in the RTM, because I can still view my Twitter stuff in the whats new and so on, but they have just disapeared from my contacts. I didnt even notice till now!HD7

HTC Arrive here, my Twitter contacts were there yesterday, but gone today.The folks @WindowsPhoneSupport just posted: If you're not seeing your Twitter contacts in your People Hub, hang in there, we've got a team looking into it. Thanks everyone! ^BA3 minutes ago via Elite Tweet Fleet

Yes, happened to me too this evening. All twitter contacts dissapeared, but twits still visible on the full "What's New" list. Everywhere else they've dissapeared.Tried to fix it with the Sync option by long-tapping the twitter account, with no luck.Finally fixed by deleting the twitter accout, rebooting and adding it again. Tedious, because I had to relink all of my contacts :(Trophy using the leaked official HTC ROM with updated FW + Mango final (7720.68) I had the same problem every 2 days with the 7712 build and the leaked 7720 build, but it was fixable by resyncing thw twitter account. With the new ROM it has been... 2-3 weeks? without a problem, but now they've dissapeared.Maybe it's a matter of time before this happens to everybody.

HTC HD7 on T Mo...contacts were showing up first ok...but today i noticed they are no longer there.....i hope it gets fixed :)

My contacts' tweets are showing up in the People Hub What's New feed, but not in the What's New feed under any groups. :(

My Twitter peeps weren't showing up in the in the People Hub's contact list either, but their twitter feed was.I found in the People Hub settings where it says, "filter my contact list" you can check Twitter and then they showed up in the contact list.maybe this will work if you haven't tried itHD7

No, that's not the problem. The problem is twitter contacts dissapear everywhere, including linked ones, even if there is no filtering. Their tweets also dissapear (for example on groups or individual contacts), showing only on the What's new full list.

I Had to remove Twitter from the Emails and Accounts Setting and the Twitter App bpth, then after soft resetting restablish Twitter in Emails and Accounts but not reload the Twitter App.

I was able to resolve the issue on my DVP.1) Goto Settings=>email+accounts and delete Twitter2) Shutdown phone3) Battery pull4) Reboot5) Goto Settings=>email+accounts and re-add Twitter account6) Goto People Hub7) Click on the elipsis and settings8) Click 'filter my contact list' and be sure Twitter is checked.This worked for me. Your mileage may vary. ;-)

This worked for me, even after a phone reset did not. I will load my RTM backup when I get home and try it again.

People it's not a bug, it seems as if the upgrade to 7.5 took on the role as whole different OS so therefore just delete your Twitter account, once that is done simply add the account again under your people hub settings and MAKE sure you give the new OS permission to access you Twitter account...now you might have to do this 2x's before your contacts etc are synced appropriately.HTC Arrive *****MANGO FRESH*****

Had the problem, deleted my twitter account from the phone, re added it, then went back to filter contacts by twitter and all is good again.Think it might have been something to do with being on the Dev preview in the first place.

I am using a Mango leaked version but the twitter integration with my contacts seems working well...I am using HTC 7 Mozart...