'Mango' devices to launch with Front-facing cameras, 3 new hardware partners to be announced [Rumor]

Eck, there's just rumor upon rumor tonight. This one is from MS_Nerd again, who at least has a solid track record. In a few new tweets, he drops some bombshells:

  1. 3 "new" hardware partners for Windows Phone to be announced
  2. The full Mango wave will launch with ff-cams (front-facing cameras)
  3. Zune Pass will slowly be merged with Xbox Live Gold, adding more 3rd-party content to the subscription (like ESPN).

The first one seems like a nice middle ground between "we'll see new phones tomorrow" and the "we won't camp". Perhaps we'll just hear (or even see) some new devices but from new OEMs (Acer, Asus and ?). The second also seems plausible--heck Microsoft did just buy Skype, it makes sense they'd want to bullet-proof their upcoming phones once they figure out how to integrate "Microsoft Skype" into our OS.

Finally, the third fits in with all the Zune-being-re branded/changed rumors. We suppose it even makes sense to merge the two as they are very similar, no? As Xbox and Zune services grow tighter, it'd make sense to merge those ecosystems. Plus, you know, perhaps MS Points can finally buy music (on the go) or apps, eh?

Source: @MS_Nerd 1 and 2


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'Mango' devices to launch with Front-facing cameras, 3 new hardware partners to be announced [Rumor]


Yeah, meant the reverse...MS points for software. Plus you can't buy music on the phone with points, it just goes to your CC or billing.

I am kind of in the same situation, but I think I will get the Trophy next week as a filler for now, until later down the road when I see something I really want hardware wise. But I can't hold off getting WP7 now even if its not on the most exciting hardware now. WP7 looked good before. But Mango is going to be fierce!!

Can anybody tell me ...Can i use the Mangy update with "Windows 7 phones" or will it be only for new Phones?

Mango is definitely coming to all current WP7 devices, no need for new hardware. Microsoft said as much, everyone gets the update.

Hmmm. This event is turning out to be WP launch 2.0! Seems Asus given that they produced some of the developer handsets. Just wish Nokia would make an appearance, but I will patiently wait for them until Fall.