Mango vs iOS5 with features

In the aftermath of the "iOS5 has copied features from other platforms while they sue manufacturers for copying them" drama going around since this year's WWDC one has to look at the features in both iOS5 and upcoming Mango. 

For everyone who's in the loop with WP7 and how the OS is very young in comparison to Android and iOS, it seems rather odd that one of the older standing and more established platforms would copy WP7 after it has been continuously struck down for lacking too many features. My personal favorite is copy & paste. According to a select minority, we still don't have copy & paste. It's as if NoDo never came around (unfortunately for some this is still the case).

Windows Phone 7 Center have compiled a table comparing features between the iPhone, iPad and WP7 and it's interesting to note what WP7 has built in. To me this proves how iOS is simply a stand for apps, whereas WP7 is more integrated and offers a more complete solution without the use of apps for basic features. What I do find odd about iOS5 is the Twitter integration, where's Facebook? Surely if you're going to implement social media into your OS you'd also use the largest social networking website?

Check out the table after the break. 

Source: WP7 Center


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Mango vs iOS5 with features


This is a bit unfair. They should list the items on iOS that WON'T be available even on Mango. You can't tell me there are things that Mango won't be able to match compared to iOS.

i really can't think of anything iOS can do in v5 that isn't in mango.the only advantage ios has is the amt of people making apps for it imo.

I agree. After Mango and iOS 5, they will be on mostly even terms with regards to the capabilities of the OS. Both will be quick, fluid, stable, aesthetically pleasing, and capable of doing just about everything. The winner in the long run (at least a few years) will be determined by their nuances, like live tile capabilities vs. the "notification bar" of iOS.

It would useful for the table to indicate whether the Apps providing support for features are free or at a cost. It makes the comparison between office productivity a bit more stark.There's also a difference in meaning for 'Built in' between 'Integrated' or 'App Supplied with System'.

nice but where is my Front facing camera , where is skypeif there where a device with FF i would have a wp7 now, but i am desined to wait but not for long i hope otherwise i will need to go with android probobly.Nokia , hopping to see a device with FF soon

Skype is already announced as an app that will be available in the autumn (and it is not a feature of the OS). Front-facing camera is hardware feature - which means that it won't be announced until much closer to Mango release date (hardware manufacturers don't like to announce things early).

For the same reason everyone isn't doing video conferencing at home with their phone. Even after all these years of it being available as a technology people just don't care to be seen while on the phone. Its not left gimmick status and probably won't for a long time still.

"What I do find odd about iOS5 is the Twitter integration, where's Facebook?"don't facebook and microsoft have some sort of deal worked out to keep let ms have exclusive access to certain fb features?

Close. MS is a major investor/part owner of Facebook, so surely it garners them some favorings in terms of features on their phones. Facebook also uses Bing, in return.

After Mango they will have pretty much the same capabilities, with perhaps more going to WP7 in the form of more dynamic tiles. All any platform really needs to be successful is devs and apps, at least in the short term. I'm worried Android might hit that wall soon since it was so irresponsible by allowing such fragmentation.

The difference is, if you get an iPhone you get the absolute best phone on the market as long as long as you are happy with the form factor provided. Overall, the iPhone 4 is probably *still* the best built, best running phone even after it's been out for the better part of the year.That said, if you *don't* like something about the form factor -- like lets say you want a hardware keyboard, for instance, or a smaller phone, or a bigger screen, you are SOL with an iPhone.It will come down to quality vs. choice. Generally, I prefer the latter.

Not quite. This is supposed to be a comparison between Mango and iOS 5. Both are not yet out, and both expected to be available around the same time later this Autumn. It is a fair apples to mangos comparison.

In reference to the line that says "Music Audio Search...Built In...App...App", I'm curious as to what particular feature that line is talking about. I just used my wife's HD7 to search for some music using Bing...I was playing a song on my Macbook and it failed to search the song up on Bing, using her phone. If this feature is not music search via microphone, I'd like to know what it is. I thought it was gonna be a Grooveshark/Soundhound/Shazam replacement app :-pIf this feature is referring to being able to search among your device's library using the Zune software on the phone, that is really stupid to include, considering that the iPhone has the exact same functionality (even better, as a system feature, not simply a part of the iPod/Music app) in the Spotlight feature. I'm not saying that I make use of this feature, but at least I know it's there and easy to find on my iPhone, whereas on WP7, you can't search your phone's content by hitting the dedicated search key on the front of the phone. This doesn't make sense to me. Why is it solely web search via Bing?I am sticking with webOS for the near future, until WP7 gets figured out and solidified in its feature set. This music (and general) search issue is silly to me. The Just Type feature of webOS is cool, but only slightly better than WP7 because it is more flexible and allows quick adoption of web search plug ins, and makes those third party search engines available to the user very quickly, but just sliding open the keyboard and typing. The iPhone still has the best content search on the phone, meaning that if you have a particular song you want to hear, you scroll left on the home screen and type the name of the song. It will find it quickly enough. I hate Spotlight, but its functionality is useful and shouldn't be unique. These competitors still have certain basic issues still not worked out. I could probably come up with many, many more features available in iOS that are not available elsewhere (or maybe only available in limited capacity or without as much ease of use). That doesn't mean I want to keep using iOS any more than any of you. Just a point that needs to be made. Plus, no one can really drop a hat to the iPhone jailbreak community as far as available features found through that route. I don't have the first clue about how to jailbreak, let alone get a software carrier unlock for, any WP7 device. Good luck yall :-)

I've only read the first paragraph (short attention span lol), and thought I should point out the table is referring to "Mango" update for WP7 ... which isn't released to the public until the Autumn.The audio search as you've pointed out has been described in a way to do a similar job to Shazam etc.