Marketplace populating numbers with spam?

After we got through the horrendous amount of champagne at WPCentral HQ with the milestone of 20,000 apps being passed, we decided to take a good look at the new apps being submitted (and approved) to see what really gave the total a sudden shove past the 20K marker. It seems to be down to a good number of apps including the recently famed real estate apps, which have been a constant addition for days now.

There's one better though. Check these absolute beauties out, which were developed by Eric_Rulz (I know what you're thinking, L337 right?). SPAM apps. No, not for the meat, they're not a spam history related app, nor can you order cans of the stuff to your doorstep. I'm talking about useless crap, that type of spam. This guy is trolling via apps. Microsoft is actually allowing someone (probably a competitive fanboy, who knows?) to clog up our marketplace with ridiculous content:

He's not the only one as well, which makes the whole situation more infuriating and this is where I get upset. Remember when we announced our awesome app and a short delay occurred due to the submission being declined? It was due to minute design problems, which (in my personal opinion) shouldn't have prompted the ban hammer to attack us. Now with that in mind, I would certainly find it entertaining for a member of the app review team (whom all seem to be either drunk/asleep or both at the present time) to explain how these spam apps are getting through the quality control?

C'mon Microsoft, you can't boast about reaching goals quicker than competitors if the said goals are being completed by spam, surely? Hopefully they'll get a hand on this soon enough and ensure this doesn't happen in future. 

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Marketplace populating numbers with spam?


Yeah... I don't understand how this kind of thing slips through either... There is some weird stuff going on in the App approval department... We were forced to change one of our apps icons because it had a white bar at the top similar to the XBOX apps icons... But apps are released daily with a white bar like that still.

My favourite part is the spam app about SPAM. It actually says in the app the developer is purposely spamming the Marketplace, yet it was still approved. You have to think if an army of cats are the moderators.

Oh this is bad, really bad. Something like what WP7DevFR mentions is important, it shows a lack of consistency in app approvals, something I think is so wrong, but what the post above talks about, the spam app, that just disgusts me downright. MS should really remove this 'app' from the market as soon as possible, but even that doesn't excuse this kind of lackadaisical behavior.

As a developer I fing hate it. It is hard to get your app noticed; and getting lucky when a lot of non spam apps are not coming out so your app stays at the top of the new list for a while really freakin helps. But with this stuff going on right now, your app is buried immediately.

I don't know what Microsoft is thinking. The recent SPAM flood of real estate apps is bad for the platform--why on earth are they approving about a 1000 (give or take) and rising worthless, duplicate apps that could have been put into one useful app.It probably someone trying to discredit the platform and Microsoft is complicit in its inaction.

I stopped using the Marketplace app on my phone because of all of the spam. Try looking for new apps its nothing but spam page after page. So now I just wait for WPCentral or the other WP7 sites I go to to highlight an app.

App spam on the WP7 drives me nuts. I like to take a gander through the new apps section of the marketplace every once in a while, and it's a real pain when I have to scroll through endless submissions of real estate apps, just about one for every city in america. A while ago I noticed the same problem with some kind of famous quotes app. It seemed like there was an individual one for every famous historical figure or celebrity. Why not just make ONE real estate app that then lets you select a city? Why not make a quote app that then lets you choose who you want quotes from???

Again I find like what your saying, I could even see Microsoft grouping under a sub menue of the app. That way when browsing the Markeptlace you wouldn't get a huge wall of spam apps. All those apps could be put under 1 Icon that would expand and calapse to show you all the real estate apps.

I am not sure the App Spam is just a WP7 problem. Before I got my Arrive, I noticed WebOS was receiving a large number of Real Estate apps as well.

I noticed this too and it's really not encouraging for the platform. I mean the app should at least do *something*. I don't care if there are a billion apps in the marketplace if it's all **** and spam apps. For example a new app showed up today called PaperWeight from CHTON. It doesn't do anything except display the words "Your papers are here." How did something like this get approved? It doesn't do anything at all.yeah and those real estate apps should never have been approved. They should all be pulled and tell the developer to make just one app...

THIS LOOKS TO BE AN INSIDE JOB. Nitpick a good app but let spam apps in to improve the marketplace app count.....**puts on shades**Awwwww yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

They spam our marketplace, let us spam their app reviews. Everybody with a Windows Phone, download the Android app and post a 1-star review on it. Maybe they'll end up removing the app.

This is the type of stuff that will bring windows phone 7 down. Very poor quality control. I actually had an interesting idea becaue of this. since Microsoft is creating the Beta Marketplace and such why can't they try and find a way to "peer-review" app. Or atleast a way for us to file a complaint on an app that was approved. Similar to the Xbox Complaint systme where if your are consistenly marking the bad apps your complaints are given more weight.

So I'm seeing this story show up on all the other wp7 blogs (Thanks Weave!) and am also appalled by these spam apps. But I got to thinking, "Hey, haven't I seen a response from MS about this?" and alas, I did.http://www.wpcentral.com/aehlibbhMicrosoft is updating their app certification requirements July 3rd. Hopefully then the floodgates will be closed... we'll see...