Marketplace Spotlight: AP Mobile

AP Mobile is a free news reader offered through the Windows Marketplace for Mobile. AP Mobile separates the feeds into semi-customizable tabbed sections ranging from "Top News" to "Lifestyle" categories.

The tabs are semi-customizable in that you can hide/re-order the main tabs, but the sub-categories can't be modified. So, while you can move the Sports tab to the front of the list, you can't hide the Hockey sub-tab or move College Sports to the front of the line.

When you find a story you'd like to share, it can be sent to your del.icio.us, Facebook, and Twitter pages as well as sending the article link via email. The only thing missing is the ability to send via SMS.

Navigation is straight-forward as are the settings.  Simply swipe at the tabs to scroll through them, then tap on the headline to pull up the story.  Settings range from setting the download size to entering your Faccebook/Twitter/Del.icio.us usernames and passwords to save time in sharing the stories.

AP Mobile can be set to refresh articles at each application start-up or refresh the stories manually. Load times for the feeds, stories and photos was smooth with no unusual delays. Overall, the application ran smoothly with no hang-ups, lock-ups or bugs experienced.

If you're looking for a simple, customizable news reader, AP Mobile is worth a try. Being a free application, trying it won't set you back anything but the time to install the app on to your Windows Phone.


Reader comments

Marketplace Spotlight: AP Mobile


Don't you think its slow and crashes.I had expected more from AP.well I like the blackberry version better..

I like this app a lot except I'm stuck in full screen and can't access the settings menu any more. Anyone know how to get around this?

Had this issue too, surprised it wasn't mentioned above. I think you can hit the spacebar or one of the keys on the keyboard to toggle back--but that assumes you have a physical keyboard ;-)

I have a way around this.

I have the HD@ so I do not have a hardware keyboard. But if I use a remote control app for my phone, specifically 'my mobiler', I can use my PC keyboard to get out of full screen mode.

Press 'esc' to get the menu up and then using settings turn off 'full screen' mode.


I have used this app for months. It's good, but two problems: 1) it's slow to load articles, and 2) the 'post to Facebook' feature doesn't work (at least not on my ATT Tilt2 / HTC Touchpro2). I wrote them months ago, and they said they were working on FB fix, but alas, nothing yet. Anyone get it to work?

A (probably) better alternative app is ' Express News.'