Marketplace updates late two weeks in a row. Fragger trapped behind enemy lines

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Remember how the Marketplace didn’t update until about 9:30 AM PST last week? We may be in for a repeat, as neither the new Xbox Live game, Fragger, nor the Deal of the Week have gone live yet.

Fragger, in case you’re wondering, is an Angry Birds-style game in which players toss grenades at enemies. It comes from Miniclip, the makers of Gravity Guy and will cost $2.99. As for the Deal of the Week, it's definitelty Burn the Rope for $1.99.

Keep checking back and we’ll let you know as soon as Fragger and the Deal of the Week go live. Why the delay? It doesn’t seem to be snowing at the Microsoft HQ, but it’s still a nice day to sleep in.


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Marketplace updates late two weeks in a row. Fragger trapped behind enemy lines


Thanks for the update Paul. I didn't see anything on what game was coming this week so I thought we might have been getting nothing.

I was wondering if we would see any new games this week, hadn't seen any updates either here or elsewhere yet. The last couple releases have been a little disappointing so hopefully this one breaks that trend.

In for Doodle Jump if it is in fact DotW.  I've been waiting for it for a while, seems like good mindless fun.
Thanks Paul.

I'd check out Monster Up. It's an indie game, but very similar to DJ and IMO better than the XBL counterpart.

Marketplace download/sell statistics (AppHub) had update problems from the beginning of this year too...It is no good for the developer community..

In particular we noticrd that only the apps we recently updated had statistics "hole" till some hours ago.Hope this is for an upgrade of the certification services.Server side encription...:) ?

Even my metadata for Video Diary is really late. Some places show the new description and iconography but others dont (on my phone it shows old decription and icon). It got approved in 2 days, which is a record, but took another 2 days to show up.
My theory is they've ramped up app approval speed (almost a 10,000 app jump in 2 weeks) but the servers that push them out cant handle the publish rate.

I'm giving up looking this week. Another letdown from Microsoft. Thinking about going back to my iPhone. M$ gives us 1 game a week and still can't deliver. Plus there are now 4 games I've paid them my $$$$ for and can't play due to my last phone breaking and having to replace it. Horrible customer service Microsoft, you should be ashamed of yourselves!!!!

I don't think it's coming, maybe I'm wrong, been too long though. Hopefully they don't f*ck up next week when the "must have" games start coming I really want hot pursuit and the others. There wasn't even a "coming this week" on WP central for fragger... Who knows anymore :(