Massive update for Chickens Can't Fly for Windows Phone now available, drops to $0.99

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Good news for you Xbox LIVE game fans as the huge version 1.1 update planned for the super popular (and WPCentral favorite) Chickens Can't Fly (review) by Amused Sloth is now available. The update was planned months ago and like usual, the update has taken literally months to pass Microsoft's rigid certification process for Xbox LIVE games.

You can hop to the Marketplace to grab it now. To refresh just what this update entails, we'll report the changelog:

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  • Dive deep in the new Aquarium Laboratory
  • Xbox LIVE Multiplayer: Challenge your friends and see who's better!
  • Customize your chicken with new skins
  • Unlock Avatar Awards!
  • PDLC: The Dojo Laboratory and more skins
  • A new ringtone
  • Option to change the game's language manually
  • Performance improvements

A new ringtone, Avatar Awards (detailed here) new levels, chicken customization...what doesn't this update have? As always, we're impressed with Amused Sloth's dedication to the platform and this game.

If you haven't tried Chickens Can't Fly, then you can do so by clicking the link here for the Marketplace. The game is chock full of fantastic animations, hilarious levels and innovative obstacles which will keep you plenty busy. While the early levels are very easy, once you enter the other labs you'll have a challenge on your hands.

What's more, the game is at the low-low price of $0.99 which is one heck of a deal. Grab Chickens Can't Fly here in the Windows Phone Marketplace. Video of our hands on after the break...Thanks, DarkSynopsis, for the heads up

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Reader comments

Massive update for Chickens Can't Fly for Windows Phone now available, drops to $0.99


That's a pain bought it for £1.49 on dotw just a week or two ago. Still good game, nice to see more games getting cheaper.

Me too.  It was worth the $2 I paid for it, but still kinda irks me that they'd put it on sale just a few weeks before a price drop.

You can get the skins at a lower price by getting the Skin Pack.
We wished we could have put them at a lower price, but it was not possible. 40 points was the minimum.

The update duplicated the game for me. I now have both the old version & new version.
Old version progress is still fine, everything is good here.
New version 0 progress everything is locked.
We have all heard about it.. how does this update help to complete the 1,000,000 corn achievement or make it easier?
P.S. Was hoping the pdlc was 70 points, yet to ever see anything for 70 ms points lol
Either way! Great Work Catalin, You all have done a great job over there, can't wait for the next title, hope the issues with the update get worked out alot sooner this time around..

I just installed the update but I cannot access the new aquarium levels.  When I try it says I need to complete more experiments to access them, however I have already completed and gotten gold on all of the previous experiments.  Any suggestions?

I can't get the update to work. Just comes up 'share' when I go to the game in the marketplace. I can see the games details as 1.1 as well. Just when I start the game up I still have the 1.0.2903 version.

Sometimes when I manually have to force an update, I click on the screenshots and then hit the back button and the update option shows up

Follow the link in this review. All I seen was share. I hit the back button and went back and forth 3 times. It didn't work.

None of the achievements are that tough. Not every game can be finished in a day like butterfly. I personally love playing a game for days working on that final achievement or two. This is the best original xbl on WP7

"for days"? Assuming that you could get 50 corn a minute, it would take 333 hours to get the hardest achievement...if you played for two hours a day, it would take you almost half a year.

At this point, I won't rush to buy any other Xbox LIVE game till their price drop to .99 (or they become Deal of the Week, at the very least)

How does the multiplayer portion of this game work? Is it just the standard "Beat your friends score" or is it real-time multiplayer?

It's single player, your just playing the same generated game level eveyone else is. It's just a multiplayer leaderboard for the set level for the week.

It is the standard challenge system.

Anywho, this game is surprisingly entertaining and worth its current price.

im loving the update because of the multiplayer but i can't access the aquarium stage even though i've beaten all the previous stages :(

Never mind you have to select through the phones avatar editor. It doesn't show up on the 360's avatar editor for some reason.

Wow, that is awesome news about the challenge, thank you very much. I also wanted to say this is hands down the best game I have played on the WP, and really appreciate your updates on the bugs. I am really excited to see what you guys develop in the future.

Just tried to download to my HD7(T-Mobile) getting error message app is not available for my device. Is that normal?

Try again, going through the Marketplace -> Games -> Recent, and finding the game there.
I heard some people get error messages when using the direct link....
The game is supported on all devices, except those with 256MB (we're working on adding support for these too later).