Low memory devices lead Windows Phone downloads, games are most popular category

Windows Phone 8.1

Ready to find out how the Windows Phone Store and Windows Store are doing? Microsoft has just published a report showing trends for the two platforms. We learn a lot of interesting things in the post. For example, did you know that low-memory devices, like the Lumia 520, lead in app downloads? Highlights after the break.

We highly recommend checking out the blog post from Microsoft for details. Below we highlight some talking points. Cue up those bullet points you all love:

  • In February, 66% of all Windows Phone app downloads came from low memory devices
  • Games are the most popular download category in the Windows Phone and Windows Store
  • The United States downloads more Windows Phone apps than any other country (12%), followed by China (10%), India (9%) and Vietnam (8%)
  • The United States downloads more Windows 8 apps than any other country (31%), followed by the United Kingdom (6%), France (6%) and China (5%)
  • English is the most popular language on Windows Phone and Windows 8
  • Paid apps is a revenue model that has been trending down
  • Highest generating apps offer free trials
  • In-app purchase is the primary source of paid revenue for monetizing games

There’s a ton more insightful info in that blog post for developers. Read it and see the direction your customers are headed.

Source: Microsoft


Reader comments

Low memory devices lead Windows Phone downloads, games are most popular category


And that they are often bought for children, and children love apps... Plus I suppose they have less storage too, so have to delete and redownload apps quite often if they like big games

if you check the Source link, Microsoft used graphs also, they just used bullet points here to let us know what's going on.

Of course the US leads the downloads. They get all the exclusive apps and get preferential treatment from Microsoft. As for English... Again, the English version of WP is much more complete and accurate than the others.

It seems like there's more to it than that. We also spend more on Apps on both iOS and Android, we download more apps on those platforms (despite not even being the biggest markets for either of the platforms). It honestly might just be with how we in the US use our phones Vs how people in other countries do.

Well, it's hard to incentive people to use apps and services when you don't provide them or provide them half-baked ;)

People in the UK also have stuff we can't get (VLC beta for android being the biggest). But, you do have a point. Most of the good stuff is a available here.

Simply because Americans earn more. Indians will have to shell out a significant fraction of their income to get a decent amount of paid apps and subscriptions, considering a middle class household.

Not at all. All Americans aren't wealthy, y'know. It's just a stereotype.

1 average paid app costs around 99 cents to 3 dollars. (60inr to 180 inr.

10/20 I a significant amount of paud apps to have.

Taking average price at 1.99, we get 120 inr * 15 = 1800 inr.

A middle class family has to make at least 30 thousand a month to qualify as middle class. At least.

That's definitely not a significant fraction.

Just going to point something out as you may not simply be aware of it

The current exchange rate is roughly 1 US $ for every 60 inr. your minimum level for middle class is 30000 inr or about $500 a month. $500 a month is $6,000 a year. $18,000 and below is poverty level. Essentially, your middle class requirement needs to earn 3 times that level to be out of poverty in the US.

The more you know...

Well, we Europeans earn more than the average American. So I don't think your point is valid outside of India. And just like there's a lot of World outside the US, there's also a lot of World outside India ;)

moreover we dont hv operator billing here in India......so purchasing app via credit card or debit card is cumbersome(also most ppl dont hv them)...

Um, this particular graph shows country percentage of global downloads, in per capita downloads the US would for example fall behind the UK & France who with ~2/5 the downloads of the US out of a population ~1/5 as big actually have twice as many downloads per capita as does the US.

This graph shows absolute market size to help developers set priorities, to know the influence of exclusive apps and preferential treatment on the download rate this graph is utterly worthless. For that, you need to compare app downloads per US user vs app downloads per French user for example.

Same story for the language part, since the 420+ million people with English as their main language are living in rich first world countries, the Spanish speakers aren't as wealthy, the Chinese speakers certainly aren't, and French, German and Italian are simply massively outnumbered. Though from looking at the graph it does seem that English would still have an edge after accounting for population, only a much smaller one than the absolute numbers show.

Kind of makes sense that games would be more popular with the cheaper devices as I would think that the majority of the owners would tend to be young people, some with their first smartphone.

The 520 is probably the most sold device so of course the highest amount of downloads are from.the cheapest/most popular phone.

If, as one post person had written, younger kids have cheaper phones; maybe they are too young to get a minimum wage job and earn more. On the other hand, if it is their first phone, why test them with a 1520?

Kind of a snide remark? At least they have WP's.

I wanted to try out WP so I got a 521 with t-mobile. Given a tight budget it's gonna be tax time before I get a Lumia 925.

When the heck are all those key apps updating to WP8.1? Once that happens may be India will storm these numbers! Also, WPC toasts have gone wrong. Every time I open the app from toast, it gives me connection error. Need to open it from time.

Well, since people are getting their Nokia L630's already, it's safe to say WP8.1 has been officially released.

Hmm and there was a thread on the forum that why MS puts so much into the US and not into the countries that buy more WP? Now you know the answer, you go where the money is.

Um no, as some already mentioned it's because you have more and better apps. We in Europe would buy more if there are more quality apps.

And not just that, many of us (like me for example) use the us store.

Simple. The people just change to United States store because of the better support (especially in games). I'm brazillian, but I use the the USA store, I download a lot of apps and games, and I also bought several.

I believe that this statistics have a lot of bias because of this kind of change.

Unfortunately, we have to go to USA Store to have the most recent (and NICE!) things, sad.

Agree. And reviews/ratings and charts are different, so even the app is there it may not get popular because nobody could find it as in the US store.

And another important reason to use US store. Apps are cheaper. $.99 app in Europe stores is 1 Euro ~= $1.5. Even with tax 10% it get to $1.1 which is significant difference. Things get uglier with the pricy apps. We feel screwed all the time. While in USA lives only 5-6% of the world population, the rest 95% are ignored by Microsoft, that is why iOS and Android rule the market.

Why they chase 100 potential users and do nothing to get those 1000 ready to pay? Really bad targeting. Europe is not poor. Average European is wealthier than average American.

Well this seems to contradict the complaints about low memory devices and peoples complaints on WPC :-\

WPCentral readers aren't, at all, demonstrative of the market. We're just a bunch of people in a pool of millions of WP users. And we are way more demanding than the average consumer ;)

Ummm..... The last time I checked, the lore memory devices were the ones sold the most. So isn't it obvious that they will be the ones downloading most apps and games. Duh!

As an Englishman using the American store (because I want Cortana) can I ask if I am therefore adding to the vast amount of possible non-USA chart fodder, what I'm trying to say is that huge amounts of people change their region because of content/Cortana

The answer is very easy... Most people like cheap phones and they are all with 512mb of ram.... That's why many 512 Mb devices download much, if the cheap ones would be build with 1gb the stat would look total different

I've got more on my 620 than on my other Lumia's. Xbox Games on 1020. keeping the others for work stuff only. But they really need to clean up the store big time. Too many copy over quality games.

USA is in the top because a lot of users in other countries set their region to USA . And I see 2 reasons: 1)There are lots of cool apps, which are not available in stores of other regions. Apps in theese stores are definitely not what users need. It is a big problem, because when I want to buy an app I need to switch my region (wallet don't work correctly when the region is differ, than region of credit card) and hope, that the app will be available in the store. 2) Cortana :) the second problem will be solved with official release of Cortana, I hope. But the first...

I'm Brazilian and I couldn't agree more with your statement!! Especially the 1st reason. I think even after Cortana I'll still maintain the US region mainly because of the apps.

I what the percentage of iOS downloads the USA has on Apple's App store? I'm quite sure it's higher than 12%

Why is it always a good and popular app is not available for the Indonesian region. Why or why like that? Please party Windows Phone. Work for the entire region in Indonesia. Thx

And lazy developers just ignore the market of low end devices, that's the problem, at least for now, 512 mb availability should be the standard for apps

Excellent, this is proof that we the users with 1gb ram have a lot of time left being the high end

I'd much rather free games + in app purchases than paid apps. In case of the latter, all games/apps should come with free trials, at the very least!

WOW! Those pictures of Windows Phones WPCentral takes always reasures how beautiful Windows Phone devices are!

Of course low memory devices like the 520 will lead in app downloads, because there are more of them in the wild than any other phone

Developers... Pay attention to this article. Low ram devices have the majority and no support from developers in terms of new games in terms of RAM requirement in recent times.

And this is why I blame the developers who don't optimize for low ram devices. Do they realize what a big chunk of market they are missing?

That something 512MB owners to rejoice about; hope the devs won't left us in the dust in future. 

The Lumia 520/521 is still the best smartphone out there for the price. I'm not at all surprised by these numbers.