Meet Panos Panay and see the new Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 at your local Microsoft Store

Microsoft Store

Yesterday Microsoft officially announced and detailed the upcoming Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2. They also revealed over half a dozen new accessories for the Surface family and all those new gadgets went on pre-order this morning. Surface boss Panos Panay also did an AMA on Reddit yesterday where he and the Surface team answered hundreds of questions. If he didn’t answer one of yours, you might be able to ask him in person at your local Microsoft Store.

Starting next Monday, Panos Panay and the Surface team will hit up a select few Microsoft Stores across the nation for a meet and greet. On hand will also be demos of the new Surface toys. Here are the nine locations and dates, most events start at around 6PM local time, but check the source link below to check your specific event

  • Seattle – 9/30
  • San Francisco – 10/1
  • Los Angeles – 10/2
  • Houston – 10/3
  • Boston – 10/8
  • Miami – 10/9
  • Chicago – 10/10
  • New York City – 10/15
  • Boston – 10/16
  • Arlington, VA – 10/17

Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2

You’ll need to RSVP through the Facebook link below. At the events you’ll be seeing giveaways for various gift cards and other prizes. Space is limited so make you register. 

Why does Boston get to go twice? I don’t know, but the world isn’t fair. I’ll most likely be at the Los Angeles event. Which one are you going to go to?

Source: Facebook, Via: Twitter


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Meet Panos Panay and see the new Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 at your local Microsoft Store


No, Arlington. VA is in Pentagon City Mall. Tyson's Corner is a different store completely. There are actually 2 stores in Northern VA

yeah, we're spoiled with msft stores in nova. really disappointed he's not doing tysons tho, that's a way better location and a more heavily trafficked store

So it's like a broadcast? Why not broadcast to all the stores then instead of just the Arlington stores? Seems like a weird way to segment out specific stores, but I guess he'll be able to say "Arlington" and make it feel personal.

Hell yeah Legends Way! But no Microsoft store. Why in hell does Houston have a Microsoft Store but DFW does not?

If I had to guess I'd say its because Houston is the 4th largest city in the US and Dallas isn't even the second largest in Texas (San Antonio). Just a thought.

If Dallas was an isolated metropolitan area like Houston I'd agree. But DFW area stretches Dallas, Arlington, Fort Worth and everything in between. But since Arlington actually does have one my complaint is invalid anyway and now I'm just happy! Cheers!

Hey anyone up to line up at the Scottsdale store on launch day. I have an iPad 2 I'm gonna trade up for a Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2. Maybe we could get the news channels out there.... I have some media connections

Yeah, I was planning on stopping by in the morning when they opened to pick one up... you're gonna get one of each!?

Ya I'm trading my wife's iPad 2 for a Surface 2 and I'm getting Surface Pro 2 for me. My brother and his wife are doing the same thing and will be there at opening on the 22nd. I trying to persuade some friends to do the same. The surface is such a better product than the iPad. With enough people to show up I can put in a tip with my friend at the news station... who knows maybe it would go national... Standing in line to trade iPads for Surfaces on opening day!

SInce MSFT didn't address any of the core complaints about Surface (price, apps, desktop mode), I'm betting it's going to be a very short line. Mainly you and your wife only.

Just to make sure, all I have to do is indicate that I will attend and that action is my registration?

I find him to be an arrogant p**ck on stage...horrible presense on stage and very awkward.  He definitely doesn't make me want to buy the product (although I have a surface pro...lol)
Joe Belifore blow him away if we are speaking about other MS people...

Really?! Yes he can come off as a bit cocky sometimes but he really exudes confidence in the products and he is a good relaxed speaker which is more important in this situation, imo.
Horrible presense? Thats plain bullshit. He pulled of some nice stunts and jokes with the audience multiple times.
Compare him with Julie and Sinofsky...
He is by far the best speaker I have seen at MS the last years. Joes presentations never grabs me and most of the things he focus on really isnt that interesting, then again that maybe because of the product hes selling.

I was looking for NJ too, considering I live in PA 50 mins from the store. But maybe I'll hit up the 10/15 NY spot and hang in the city that day

what i was wondering is how come there is no philly ms store. im from south jersey and there are like 4 ms stores from north jersey to NY.

Houston TX. Oct 3.......I'm there. If you happen to be at one of the locations they will be attending, it might be a good idea to pick his brain to see if they will handle advertising the units differently this time, highlighting all aspects of the device not just office (although office is great). They need to somehow differentiate Surface 2 from Surface Pro making it clear. Oh yeah, ask them about one more small thing....REMOVING THE DESKTOP FROM RT or they should give college students free office 365 account for a year on RT which is web-based which would allow the removal of the desktop from RT. Don't know if that's a good idea, but it would clear up the confusion because sites like pcworld is killing them; go check it out for yourself, they have a video on their site where the guy is saying, "forget about surface 2 (its a rehash of surface RT), and surface pro as well (because the accessories won't be availble until 2014), and before Stephen Elop shows up and makes Microsoft, "A cell phone company". I truly hate sites that diliberately tries to sabotage companies for no real reason.

For the last time...they keep the desktop so this can still be used by students and such for Word, Excel, etc. Give the "kill the desktop" a break already. It obviously is there for the above reason.

why do you need desktop to run Word and Excel? It speaks volumes that MSFT is begging devs to make Metro apps for Win8, but yet they still haven't made Metro versions of their office apps.

Assuming your not a troll. The Zune HD was a Microsoft based media player that failed to compete against the iPod. It was a nice unit but it never caught on. Zune itself was the music synching software that was either loved or hated depending on how you liked its flashy interface and its proprietary synching.

Is the "store" in Century City like the kiosk "store" in Glendale?  I went there last year to check out the Surface (since Microsoft in it's infinite wisdom decided to limit sales channels) and found the "store" quite a bit underwhelming, and a touch of embarassing...

No Detroit? Even with bankruptcy, Detroit is a strong market with all the young people who work downtown and suburbs.

Hey Jiffy...where you locates? I'm in Lake Orion, but spend a ton of time in the Hockey rink in Troy, right down the street from Microsoft's Somerset Store.

Sometimes I hate living in a "flyover" state.  At least we have a Microsoft store in Colorado, but no Major Nelson coming to promote the One, no Panos Panay coming to promote the Surface....

CNet's headline today, "Surface 2: Trying(again) to be cool". I knew it wouldn't be long before they stabbed MS in the back....typical cnet

Damn.  I would have actually had an excuse to go to the Cleveland one if he was going there.

I think they should have picked King of Prussia. I won't go down to Newark but would have gone out to KoP for this. Though obviously, if you're buying, the DE is the way to go.

Got a question....
Skype and SkyDrive deal will only be activated next month??...only when I receive my new Surface?

Unrelated, but I just wanted to thank Bill Gates for his efforts to help kids in Pakistan. He is meeting with the Pakistani PM right now in NY.


If the Dallas area ever gets a full line store, it would more likely be at Stonebriar in Frisco or Northpark Mall in Dallas. Both malls are top revenue malls on the Dallas area AND they have Apple stores something that the Galleria Dallas doen't have. If i remember correctly when Microsoft announced years ago that they would be building retail stores; they said that they wanted them in locations in close proximity to Apple stores. A lot of their early locations were placed either across or a few stores down from Apple stores. I don't know if that's the case with the newer stores.

When will these stores come to Europe, to be more specific. We want one in Amsterdam. You already dissapointed us with Xbox One launching way after it is launched in the rest of the world, now we want a surface trade with iPad. I need to get my hands on that surface pro 2 with 8GB Ram

Definitely hitting up the Arlington, VA event. Any other WPCentral readers planning on going to this event? Maybe we can have a mini WPCentral meetup too.

I plan to attend. It will be my second WinPhone event :) You can tweet me if you want someone to chat with at the store @slsterling

No Europe, no Asia, no South America! Apple has its products in the smallest cities around the world. I can walk throught the city I live and I will found more then 10 shops in less than one hour where I can buy iphone and ipad (I live in the small city in the Czech Republic). I think that Microsoft is still missing a point.

Boston doesn't get double love - there is a photography event series going on at MSFT store at the same time, and the Oct 8th event is part of that. PP will show up on the Oct 16th event which is for surface.