Mehdoh Twitter app disappears from the Marketplace [Updated]


We're not exactly sure why but Mehdoh, the indie Twitter app that has quickly worked its way to the top, has vanished from the Marketplace. Doing a search for the app yields no results and following the app-link results in a message announcing that the app is no longer available. To make matters worse, the official Twitter address for Mehdoh has been deleted and from the developer's personal Twitter account, it notes that he's basically lost interest in developing Mehdoh, describing it as a chore:

Bad news

Before we over-react, we need to remember indie devs are normal folks like us who have on-days and off-days, often dealing with life's stresses in addition to the problems of trying to run a small software business. But from the looks of it, Mehdoh was pulled by the developer and might not be coming back. That's a real shame as v1.5 became a really strong Twitter client with a great feature set and improved performance (yes, we use it regularly ourselves).

We just interviewed the developer of Mehdoh, Chris Fields, this past weekend and things seemed on the up and up, so we're a bit confused ourselves. We've reached out to Chris to hopefully get a better understanding of the situation.

Update: Well, call it odd timings, but the official @mehdoh Twitter page has been reactivated after being closed. There's also an explanation of sorts "For some reason, Mehdoh wasn't set as published on the marketplace. It is now. Sorry for the inconvenience.". We'll certainly welcome the non-return of Mehdoh, if true.

Thanks, Amir, for the heads up


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Mehdoh Twitter app disappears from the Marketplace [Updated]


wow, I just discovered this app literally YESTERDAY and immediately fell in love with it, quickly replaced MoTweets as my primary twitter app. I went to update it today and it wouldn't go through, so I uninstalled to reinstall...and it was nowhere to be found.

oh well, maybe the dev will change his mind...or at least repost the app...weird he removed it the day it received an update though

Shame but it wasn't perfect. Sounds like Carbon will soon be released, and coming from WebOS I can say it will be the best Twitter App on WP7. It was the best on WebOS and there were a few on there better than any I've found on WP7. Apart from that, I'm loving WP and my Nokia Lumia. It's everything WebOS could and should be now!

Still odd. The @mehdoh account was clearly closed. Now that's it's back, it has 2 followers. Still waiting on an official explanation.

Guess I am one of the two followers then because I am getting Mehdoh tweets. Dev is getting version 1.7 ready for release. Sounds promising to me.

Still not showing on the UK Marketplace with a search. Maybe just not propagated yet. (Tried the old marketplace link but it doesn't work)

that's strange, I found out about it yesterday because it showed up in the featured apps

I don't know what the story is but Mehdoh needs to stick around. It is a first class app and needs to grow and not abandoned. Maybe the developer has life issues that always get in the middle of things you like to do. But Mehdoh is Windows Phone worthy fa sho.