Mehdoh Twitter client updated to version 1.5

Mehdoh App

Mehdoh, the light and feature rich Twitter client, has been bumped to version 1.5, bringing an array of new features and fixes. A full run through of changes in this update:

  • Instapaper and Read It Later support (for tweets and links)
  • translate tweets (via Bing)
  • can now save images in tweets to your library (long press on the image *full version only)
  • hashtag autocomplete
  • view followers (yours and other peoples)
  • tweet counts added to profile page
  • new tweet counts on each pivot
  • added ability to compose tweet from search/trend results
  • now uses twitter account settings for SSL/non-SSL
  • extra hash tags for "now playing"
  • infinite scrolling on user profile timeline
  • option to disable toast notifications
  • fix for changing profile image
  • fix for sharing retweets
  • fix for ocassional problem when resuming

Not a bad update, bringing more functionality to the table. You can download Mehdoh from the Marketplace for $0.99.


Reader comments

Mehdoh Twitter client updated to version 1.5


If anyone is upgrading from a previous version then please uninstall the old version first. Not sure why but something has gone wrong with the upgrade process and it won't work. Uninstalling, and downloading 1.5 will fix that though. Sorry! 
By the way that won't cost a penny for anyone who has previous paid for it.