Messaging app Line updated with sticker shop, improved call quality and more


Over messaging apps? Probably not. There are dozens of them and you’re probably using whichever one your network of friends is on. Line is a messaging app that’s really popular in Japan. Today we’re looking at an update to the app for Windows Phone.

We last covered Line going to version 3.2 in January. That introduced general performance improvements, a repositioned send button and more. Since then the app hit version 3.3 and is now at version in the Windows Phone Store.

Version 3.3 introduced the following changes:

  • Added a Sticker Shop where users can download free stickers
  • Improved free call quality
  • The top notification can now be closed by flicking left
  • Changed to LINE notification tone
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements


We won’t lie. The stickers in line are pretty awesome. We also just tried out the call quality and it’s not too bad. One of the parties had a poor connection, so we can’t fully comment on the quality just yet. But it’s great to see the option there. Something WhatsApp doesn’t have yet.

Head to the Windows Phone Store to grab the newest version of Line. Already using it? Tell us your thoughts on it!

Thanks for the tip Josue and Joshua! 

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Messaging app Line updated with sticker shop, improved call quality and more


(Gotta fix dat title)
I'd like to try new stuff but it's pointless because I'm pretty sure EVERYONE here in Holland uses Whatsapp...

Ik ben nu GroupMe aan het uitproberen. Vind het persoonlijk mooier dan WhatsApp. Je hebt in een chat ook de avatar bij je berichten staan. Dat mis ik in WhatsApp. En de maker is Microsoft.

Bercanda loe, Bro !! My friends use whatsapp more than BBM. And more and more of them switched side, especially those with old BB which got crashed very often.

Line has desktop/Windows 8.1 client too right? How reliable are notifications on this one? I want Skype to be my go to app but its lacking SO much :(

Line's desktop client in Widnows 7 works pretty well. there's no delay in notifications, and is regularly updated.

What's up with these stickers in chat apps? I first saw them on Viber and thought it was their own silly thing for teenagers but now it seems as a must-have for all of these apps. Not to mention them being..for sale, presumably?

Sometimes expressing our mood or status can be fun with just using stickers. The free ones should be good enough if we don't want to spend a dime (expressive and pretty straight forward). I specially use Line for office colleagues groups where we can chit-chat lightly. And sometimes laughing at someone expression when we see it hilarious. For everything else, I still use Whatsapp.

None of my friend use any of these apps, but personally I lime google talk. My hands are sticky also anyone else? (dam mango)

The developer is showing no respect, major function such as Timeline are not even there. Crashes under no internet connection, and funny how it was never optimize for wp8 (it still uses wp7 code) just look at wechat, it is so much better. BUT, I love the stickers on Line, it is simply awesome

Can't blame them.  LINE is a Japanese company where WP has no presences - and I don't mean like a tiny percentage, but literally NO presences as Nokia is not in the Japanese market and only Toshiba ever made one WP handset (and Toshiba has stopped making mobiles entirely now), there're no WP officially on sale in Japan and you have to grey import them, it's amazing that they are even making an app for WP in the first place.

Line is not Japanese company.

LINE is a korean company.

Because LINE's parent company NHN is a Korean company.

Posted via the WPC App for Android!

Technically Line is a Japanese company as it is spun off and registered as a company in Japan.  Although as a subsidary the parent company which owns Line is Korean, yes.

Agree with houkoholic. Android and iOS versions also lacking some of stickers availability since those stickers are Japanese only.
About lack of features compared to other platform versions, that is the main reason why we (me and my work mates) having consensus to use Line mainly for light chit-chat where notifications does not so important. For serious useage (like work, etc), we still use Whatsapp.

Anyway, WPCentral doesn't like It when i say that stickers are stupid, and for kids. Allright then. There are some Bing updates (again) coming your way. Music, Video and Food

Nope, just thought your comment - calling Americans stupid - was inflammatory and not productive. Do you have a problem with that? Then leave or I'll cancel your account. Deal?

I rarely see a Chief editor reading comments and replying to them. This is one of the great things I see in WPCentral, they keep in touch with their community.

Your right, but some People (like me) have a hard time to explain in English what they mean. English is NOT there native Language. So, there is a risk of being misunderstood

I did NOT Call Americans stupid, I want to make clear that Amercans make stupid adds. Most of the time It's a cartoon, like trying to explain something to kids. So, the adds Daniel, the adds.

American cartoons adds Will only work For Americans, NOT For European People (nothing wrong with that)

This is the seconde time you did NOT understand me Daniel and telling me to leave.
So: Line stickers are for Kids
Line stickers are For Americans because they make adds that are cartoons.
And in Europe we don't use cartoons For adds. We use foto's or video's.
But, i AM trying to explain something. I can also write: 'seems faster'
Look at the app For Dehli police. When you loose something in Delhi you go to the police. In the Netherlands the police don't care when you loose something. (they only care when somthing is stolen).
So, different continent, different use of adds, different police.
Please understand i AM Dutch trying to make sence in English. NOT always easy to find the right words.
In the US American football is very populair. But, only in the US. We, in Europe, don't care For American football. In the US Baseball is very populair. In Europe, we don't care. That does NOT mean American are stupid, only the sports are stupid in Europe.

Actually, Line is a Korean-Japanese messaging app. Its stickers are cute and colourful because it targets Asian people in the kawaii subculture, which in turn is all about cuteness, aegyo and all. This is the same case with Kakaotalk and WeChat. But it has nothing to do with America, which is dominated by Whatsapp and Viber (also with stickers but minus the kawaii).

As a person with English as a second language, I feel you. But if you don't appreciate a certain thing just because it doesn't parallel your culture, don't call it stupid, because clearly, you don't know anything about it and it will just offend people.

Oke, I understand me calling It 'stupid' was wrong for some People. Maybe next time I will write something like useless for Europe, not wise for europe if you want Europeans to use your products.

Hey Daniel i noticed in you have stickers that are not available in my line sticker shop. How do you get access to those? is it restricted to region (phone number you registered with)? or anyone else can shed some light on this, i don't know how to get those stickers

Xbox Music and Xbox Video. In the (Dutch) store: video and Music. Does NOT say Xbox when a update is there. Bing 'eten en drinken' (in Dutch)

Love LINE. Managed to get some friends to use it as well. Love the stickers but the only new set I got was the garfield. Wish they would make use of wp8 and have the double wide tile and lockscreen message. Autocorrect is also needed

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Why do you love It then? Why do People love apps that don't function normal? Viber Works fine and has stickers and has a desktop Version.

IM apps has a social lock-in factor.  If some of your friends started using it, then you are then forced to use it by extension or face being isolated.

Line also has a desktop version and better stickers, to me, than viber. My calls are also alot clearer on line than viber and connect with much greater success. Plus personally dislike lil things about viber like the tone when u send and receive a message, last seen and online status, the emojis. Thats y I use LINE, esp over viber! Not having a double wide tile and Autocorrect are far less annoying to me and def not deal breakers.

you're in over your head just because it's not common in North America or Europe doesn't mean other place in the world don't use it. People love it in Asia, it's has even more user base there than whatsapp or any other chat app

Line has desktopn version and it has a password lock feature which whatsapp viber n every other app lacks.

"changed to LINE notification tone" is it only for devices with GDR3 update installed??
I saw LINE on background task setting with option to be turned off, what's the differencw anyway wether it's turned on/off?

This update is very much welcomed. Line is my most used messenger. And stickers are actually cute (unlike the morbidity of stickers in KakaoTalk and WeChat, for example).

I do hope the Windows 8 version gets updated to include notifications.

Line is not just a messenger but has also spawned a universe of apps, games, toys, animation series base on the lead sticker characters. May be it is just some PR work but a lot of celebrities have their own official Line account there to broadcast news to their fans.

Stickers are not just for their cuteness only but more on the easiness to express yourself and the stickers from Line is top notch, the best one are those localised one that come with local slang. WP version is not up to there yet on par with the other platform but is getting there.

I've never had a use for chat apps except for a google talk client. And now that I don't use google services anymore I have no use. The overwhelming majority of people in the US text (SMS).

Not really, I use metrotalk to text using google voice. Add-on text plans are not cheap, but I think most people with smartphones here get a plan with texting included.

Right now LINE has a sticker shop where a user can download free stickers, so does anyone how to download the stickers which isn't available in the list (i.e., I see "Brown's Love Story" in the screenshot above but I don't see it in my LINE, so how do I download that).

With wechat, all your messages, contact list, and contact information go to china. You might want to reconsider who you trust with your personal information.

Line has desktop client and has password lock for the APP as well, I was looking for a whatsapp alternative when it used to suck on WP7.5, I tried wechat n then Line, now I stick to line and never needed to go back to wechat.

Finally but still are missing so many stickers and... Timeline... And the games... Oh well... At least they are giving us something....

Nokia Thailand executive told me that they are collaborating with LINE for making the best experience on Windows Phone. I wish that LINE 4.0 will bring a same experience like iOS and Android app.

Really? That would be awesome... I'm really expecting all features on windows phone and windows 8 to be a fan of this messenger, so far is very hard to do so

Deleted it about a month ago because of lack of stickers and slow response. Good to see it finally getting the sticker shop. Whats app with video saving/sharing feature has become the best messenging app for WP. Also try HIKE messenger. It is a wonderful messenger with new stickers and background wallpaper support.

Maybe I'm stupid, but what's up with those stickers? Aren't smilies/emoticons there to express an emotion? Or is "stickers" a synonym to "smilies/emoticons"?

If you have look at those stickers you will know that smilies/emoticons simply cannot match the expression level, and you only press it once, instead of typing the smilies out (well they also include a set of emoticons in Line too). Most of the time you just use the stickers to reply.

It is getting more and more difficult to opt for one messenger app. You end up using three or four, because of varying features and personal preferences of others. None of them is perfect. If it was just my own decision, I would use hoccer XO, for the reason of its emphasis on privacy. But this is not even available on Windows phone.
I think it is time for one well done "mother messenger", giving access to many popular chat clients.

Watsapp im sick of u. Skype even im sick of you but atleast Skype has better video calling which is its main feature.

The new Line tone sounds really bad and distorted. No way as clear as the iPhone and Android versions.

The previous version took its time when I want to close the app... Probably will give it another go and install it. Skype, Whatsapp, Viber, WeChat, People's Hub... As long as someone on my contacts uses it, whats the harm in having another app!! WP8 wont slow down!!! 

Very great! Looking forward to having timeline and video calling feature. Slowly but sure i think. Oh, the sticker shop cant download the paid sticker. Hopefully, they fix it ASAP

Finally! Line is my primary messenger, together with Facebook :) Whatsapp and Viber might be the major IM players here but Line's stickers are the cutest ~~ I mean kawaii :3

Plus it's endorsed by Girls' Generation, my babies!

It has the most stable call quality of all other apps, especially viber
I only use it to talk with my gf as no one else uses it

In terms of calling, LINE is much better than Viber. I would only want to use Skype though, so I hope it gets integrated to the OS further.

I use it almost everyday to keep in touch with my family, sending messages for free, as well as some nice stickers. They all have different OS:es on their smartphones, but this things connects us all :)

It will also be nice if they'll bring their other Line apps to Windows Phone, especially Line Camera.

Same here people mostly use whatsapp/viber but line is starting to attract attention waiting now for timeline

Y'know if Skype actually did something meaningful with their WP App, and adjusted it to the way people use Messaging these days, they could steal back a lot of the folks trying these various Apps.

At the moment they're in danger of losing them, permanently.


Is this the first version of Line that has the signature Line ring  for notifications? Just noticed in on my 920 Black+Update3