Metro apps to be called Windows 8 Store applications [Updated]

Update: Microsoft has informed us that the actual name is 'Windows Store Applications', so there is no '8'. We're not sure if that's any better though.

We’re still here at Microsoft’s BUILD conference and during a talk on ‘the Microsoft Design language’, it was clarified during the Q&A session that Metro apps are now called “Windows 8 Store Applications”. Yeah, that’s a mouthful.

Microsoft’s Will Tschumy answered a question from the Verge’s Tom Warren on the matter and revealed the name to a laughing crowd. Clearly a room full of developers wanted to know what to call this design philosophy and they certainly got their answer.

Of course we need to remember that such an unwieldy name will only be used by developers, not exactly the PC buying public. Tschumy was cautious in not talking about the reasons behind the move from Metro, which is believed to be spurned by a complaint from the MetroAG firm over trademark.

There is no doubt that “Windows 8 Store applications” is a terrible name for such a beautiful design language and we can’t help but think Microsoft is missing a really important branding opportunity here for the public. Modern UI or even Microsoft Design Language (MDL) sounds much better to the ear compared to Windows 8 Store Applications, which of course makes even less sense for Windows Phone apps.

For those interested, you can head to design.windows.com for more information on Microsoft’s design principles.


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Metro apps to be called Windows 8 Store applications [Updated]


Christ. MS really hasn't thought this out? They could've hashed out a new name in one meeting, for crying out loud! I guess that's 20 meetings in the corporate world so they decided against it. Regardless, if you have a crowd of devs laughing at your brand name, you're doing something wrong.

Seriously! They couldn't even come with something that won't confuse the customer; like "Design Style apps" or Touch Style apps" versus "Desktop apps!" Considering they will have desktop apps as well in the Windows Store, MS really needs to fire everyone in marketing and there ad agency and crowd source through University students and other creative types. THIS IS INSANE!

Oh! What's up with this naming convention at Microsoft! Either they dont name it good or they ending up changing some names which are registered with customers...... They got to stop this. Identify a good catchy one and stick to it.
I am betting, 1 year for this new name. Anybody?

What makes you think a developer or engineer would have come up with that for a name? Certainly none who I know.

Anyone ask about gifting apps for Xbox or Windows or phones? How about restrictions on same machines/different accounts or different machines/same accounts? <- I'm assuming this dev decided but haven't heard much.

I'm with you on this. I don't really see the big deal about naming the design style of an App. For crying out loud, who goes to buy a PC and asks: what's the name of that App style? Nobody. Let's just move on, it's an app. Period. Man, I love first world problems.

With Metro as an awesome and catchy name for their design principles out of the question, Microsoft Design Language is a good name but I'm sure they were thinking about appending apps to the name so MDL Apps or Microsoft Design Language Apps sound terrible.
Sticking with an obvious name is the safest bet without Metro (a shame, really).

I don't care. I will call it Metro until somebody holds a gun to my head and forces me to quit calling it that :-)

When I come to work I take out my tablet and say "look, guys, the new metrosexual Lync is out".
I'm gonna stick with that moniker until I get bored with it or Microsoft comes up with a decent one, whatever comes first.

I'm also with you. Metro is the best name, is the one that makes sense and is the one that the crowd should learn. We should stick with it since they can't.

"We can’t help but think Microsoft is missing a really important branding opportunity here for the public."  Again.  If only Microsoft had some good publicity people.  Or, more precisely, one, overarching awesome publicity person to nip mistakes like this in the bud.  They finally have the products worth shouting about, but they're shouting a frustratingly confusing message to non-tecchies.

Just call them Alba Apps. Start using some of this star power.
Have like a Little Ceaser type of commerical and have some guy with an apple shirt, some guy with google shirt and some guy with a microsoft shirt..
Apple raises a sign and says "Apps.. Wooo!!". 
Google raises a sign and says "Customization, Wooo!!"
Microsoft raises Jessica Alba and says "Jessica Alba.. Wooo!!"

I like the new name.  It is incredibly descriptive to the point where everyone can understand exactly what it means and how it works with the operating system.  It doesn't need a short name because it is not something that should be used in every day language.

In Windows 8, I have a folder called "Modern UI Applications."  It is weird that they are calling them that and putting Modern UI Apps in Windows 8, you think that they would just have people on this so that you weren't getting 50 different names of the same style.  Though how many times did bing change its name before they settled on it?

If I hear anybody using that term I'll...well I won't actually slap someone but I would fee like it. Maybe it's plan to make the name "Windows Phone" seem not so bad in retrospect.

I was hoping for Modern Apps, Smart Apps, or Live Apps. Since it would apply to both phone and desktop/tablet/latops, te older x86 applications would be called Legacy or Traditional appplications. Seems like they just pulled "Metro" from their guides so they don't get taken to court, and will let people continue to call them metro apps - kind of stupid imho.

What this tells me there a plenty of YES MEN and no one in the room with guts and fortitude to look leadership in the eyes and say - this really is a terrible idea!

Funny. On the WIn8 Store the Metro apps are just called "Apps", all other are called "Desktop Apps"....

If they are "afraid" of the Metro word. They could just say M Apps, we will know what that M means, they could even make a symbol for the M to look like a -metro- M. I mean they have used letters for their products like xp, nt, rt... why not M which has some history behind.

Has anyone thought that Microsoft deliberately came up with a terrible name so that blogs and other news sites would just say "screw this stupid name, lets keep using the term Metro" like most sites have taken to doing? This way, MS sneakily keeps the Metro term alive and well in the eyes of the public :)

Agree completely. They are probably rather miffed that their cool-sounding and descriptive "Metro", based on Subway Symbols, was legally taken from them. Therefore, they are depending on the public to keep it alive until it becomes commonplace. They know they can't say it, but they know we will. Here's to the awesome Metro UI on Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, and XBox! Long live Metro!

Ummm.  No, I'm still going to call them Metro apps.  It's the name that stuck, it's the name that makes sense, regardless of what some stupid German company says.  So, Microsoft can play games until Windows becomes something else, but I'm going to continue calling them Metro apps.
MetroAG, you can bite me.

Live Tiles, would have been simple and goid enough. Although, I'm still wondering, how a company was able to sue over the word "metro"? I mean, did they sue everyone else for using the word metro in their name? This whole thing was as stupid, as the name Microsoft came up with. Which by the way, sounds more like a parse, then a name. Smh

I have no problem with the name they are going for. Think about it, they arent using this name as a marking tool like they would have with Metro. Instead maybe they just want to keep it simple and follow their guidelines. Windows store apps, thats it, that is simple because it tells the consumer where the app is coming from. it is an APP. not a PROGRAM. the difference is clear, photoshop (program) virtual dj (program) angry birds (app) netflix (app) lets think back before apple opened the app sore, who called their destop programs apps? umm.. no one that i can remember.

I don't understand. So the equivalent to saying your app has a metro interface is now to say my app has a Windows 8 Store Applications interface? Go back to calling it Modern UI if you can't use Metro UI.

Apple decided they'd call their phone iPhone regardless of the trademark being held by Cisco. They didn't even have it all secured before they went public, and they didn't care because they were determined it is important. They sort it it out later, but it shows the importance of being bold wih names. Of course trademarks are there to be respected but a company of MS size couldn't come up with deal for an interface which has nothing to do with the supermarket... Same with iPad in China. MS folded to a supermarket company?! And that is without a fight.. Apple then took iOS another trademark by Cisco and pushed forward.. Very disappointed with this..I'd keep calling it metro and tell others that's what is called ;)

I cant believe they paid people to think up these name.
Have they though that in 3 years time windows 9 will be released and then it wil be "Windows 8 Applications" on windows 9.
Why not call it "Windows Store Apps" or " Modern UI" or "Tile Apps".

man metro was so cool name , why don't they settle some how with the one have right over metro
nice new look of wp central guys
nokia lumia920

Does no one else realize that MSFT has no intention of really re-branding "Metro"?  Metro is perfect. As long as MSFT takes no official stance or have their people say it's called "Metro" EVERYONE is simply going to call it "Metro" No legal hurdles because MSFT isn't calling it "Metro" in any official capacity. Simply smart. 

windows store application is such a long and awkward name to say.They could have gone with modern apps or mordern ui apps.

Not a developer, but always find it interesting to hear the 'inside' names for products. Windows Store Application. Quite a mouthful!! Modern is simply better.