'Metro' UI and themes modifiable after jailbreak?

File this under 'rumor' but technically very plausible.

We know Windows Phone 7 will be locked for advanced OS options and privileges and that developers will have access to these.  And like the iPhone and Android platforms, presumably after the device is "rooted" or "jailbroken", the modding community can have a real go at the OS.

What we don't know is exactly how much of the 'Metro' UI can be changed or modified, but for a lot of folks, they're hoping that most if not all of it can be replaced.

Justin Angel, a former Microsoft Silverlight Program Manager involved heavily with software development in Windows Phone 7, said recently in a tweet:

OEMs (phone vendors) can replace Metro completely, but they won't. It'll be easy to jailbreak WP7 into another theme though.

OEM get to ship 2 themes (OEMLight and ORMDark). A Theme _can_ customize anything, including control templates.

OEMs will have an advanced tool set not available to the public (how long before those leak) which gives them access, to among other things, the phone-radio and evidently the UI (though one wonders what WP7 would "look like" without 'Metro'?). The good news is something we expect to here more of: once the device is jailbroken (which won't take long), people will be able to modify the UI to their liking.

How deep we can go is all the remains. Hopefully it's more than just changing color "accents".

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'Metro' UI and themes modifiable after jailbreak?


Not really surprising. i assume that modifying the underlying values controlling the look of Metro will be a matter of editing Silverlight XAML files. Those values would likely control literally everything about the Metro interface from the color of tiles, to speed and style of animations.

I'd be perfectly happy if I could theme/skin the tiles at the most. I don't want or see the need to change the rest of the Metro UI which I think looks good.

Its OEM have advanced tool set. They also have a web client that allows you to bypass the whole download thing and lets you send content from any computer equipped with a web browser.

The sooner this is leaked, the better (at least if it is the final release version).