MetroPCS evidently getting the bargain priced Nokia Lumia 521

Lumia 521 MetroPCS

Good news if you’re on MetroPCS and want a new, affordable Windows Phone. The company is evidently getting the Nokia Lumia 521 in the near future, at least according to @evleaks, the notorious leaker of all things tech.

We last heard about MetroPCS getting on board with Windows Phone 8 way back in August, 2012.  The Lumia 521 would be their first and only Windows Phone 8 device to date, making it somewhat of a big deal for those customers.

For those curious as to why MetroPCS would get the “exclusive” T-Mobile Lumia 521 and not the Lumia 520, that’s because MetroPCS is a ‘mobile virtual network operator’ (MVNO) for T-Mobile, piggy backing off of their network. But more specifically, T-Mobile has actually taken over the company, though they plan to keep the MetroPCS as a separate brand. Having said that, the Lumia 520 and 521 are basically the same device with only slight variations in design and cellular radio bands.

In that sense, it seems obvious why MetroPCS would pick up the entry level and low cost Lumia 521. Though they company has not said anything official on the matter, we imagine we could see this device being offered in the coming weeks.

Source: @eveleaks; Thanks, Rodney, for the tip


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MetroPCS evidently getting the bargain priced Nokia Lumia 521


You can get a polarized screen protector that helps achieve that look but it not as good as the Amoled screen. 

ClearBlack or not... I smell market share.. Metro PCS is huge❕ Somebody needs to make sure the associates push the 521.. I mean MPCS is one biased land of Android devices only... Without proper store associate training this device doesn't stand a chance against even the crapiest, of the crapiest, Android devices... Those stupid reps are going to be saying it has no apps like the dumb punks they are.

I'm not a Metro Subscriber, but I've been in Metro stores many times with friends and family as they purchased new phones, and from what I've seen is that Metro Sales People don't really try to push anybody towards anything like some of the other carrier stores do. Metro salespeople just seem to be "there" clocking time lol

The reason Metro is a Android Heaven is because of their business model and their targeted demographics. They specialize in mostly cheap and affordable devices unsubsidized and without a contract. The iPhone does not do unsubsidized/no contract/cheap very well. So without inexpensive Android Devices, Metro would have virtually nothing to sale! What else are they going to sell? The Z10? lol

Because of it's price point that fits in nicely with the Androids that Metro sales, I believe the 521 has a good shot at doing well on Metro.

Another thing to take into account also is that while I don't have any hard sales numbers, the 521 must be doing ok on T-Mo or why would they even bother to offer through Metro?

"Youll never get a next gen Lumia on TMO"

I don't agree with that at all.

T-Mo will get a next-gen Lumia. No question about it. Whether or not it's the one people want most or the highest end device at the moment is another question.

But they'll get a next gen WP for sure.

Why not? I have SimpleMobile on NL925 that uses TMO towers.
$520 for the phone. Unlimited everything starts from $40 flat.
Then why can't you have NL920?

I'm gonna keep using my 920 its badass I'll probably stay on AT&T you kno AT&T are gonna change the name of the cowboys stadium in a week or 2 I heard it on 105.3 the fan

I'm pretty sorry for all of you. These 'carrier wars' should not limit customers' device choices. Over in Germany (and I think all of Europe) cell phones are unlocked and you most likely buy them via amazon/stores like WalMart. The only difference between carriers is the service! (and only the service should matter IMHO.)
€_ T-Mobile 'original' has all them phones in stock _€

I pay about the same but I don't mind cause I share the costs for the plan, plus we get unlimited talk to any mobile number. So it's not that bad also for 4G is good too!

This is nothing but good news for Windows Phone's exposure in the states.

Metro is very popular in my neck of the woods as well as other areas, and I know many, many people who have switched to them in the last couple of years.

I'll definately recommend the Lumia 521 to all of my Metro friends

Yep. Getting devices like the 521 on MetroPCS is big because it targets budget buyers who prefer no contract options. This is the market Windows Phone has to target to grow quicker.

This is great news! Most of my friends have metro and the company is on every block on my city. Hopefully it adds to the numbers!

Maybe a GDR2 exclusive? Maybe a MetroPCS exclusive (my Verizon phone has a special red)? Maybe a bad picture?
Maybe I could answer your question with more questions?

It is Nokia blue, absent on my aus 920 but have it on my 920 & 925 from hk, pretty sure carriers remove it and its only on unbranded phones with no carrier roms, I really like the Nokia blue, was also on my L800

Same for me. I love how it is the one accent colour I wanted as well. Would have looked great on my white 920. Cyan is too light and cobalt is too dark.

Yeah, but are you locked into a contract?

Carriers like Metro, Cricket, Boost etc are attractive to those people who wish not to enter into a contract, even if they get a subsidized price on a phone. And more and more people are going that way

When my last contract with T-Mo ended a couple of years ago, I started doing the month to month thing with T-Mo. No more phone contracts for me. Don't want one, don't need one. When I want a new phone, I'll pay up front for it. And if I'm short on funds at the time, then I really did not need it afterall!

For me, some financial contracts are necessary, like my house payment, car payment and a few others.

But for a cell phone? Not for me

I paid $129.00 for my 521, and pay T-Mobile $30.00 a month for my service (100 minutes, unlitmed text, unlimted data - 1st 5 GB at non LTE 4G). Seeing as I have only use 50 minutes once, and never hit even 1 GB as I mostly use Wi-Fi for data, this is a great buy for me, far cheaper then your $1062 (which I assume is monthly) for your two phones. Two 521s on my plan would cost an average of $81.50 a month assuming both stayed under 100 minutes. I would take another 800 minutes to reach the same price as you pay, and you are under a two year contract too.

I do wonder how they got the two networks compatible. Different technologies of sending and receiving data from what I know.

I pay $153 for one 920 and one iPhone, but that is after a corporate discount on the voice and text. Very excited to see metro get the 521, my 920 doesn't support the 1700 band. After my contract is up I might use the 521 as my daily driver and the 1020 off contract strictly as a camera. I will sell my 920 and entry level dslr of course. For me metro has the better plans for my use.

Yeah.. Maybe a lot of these people will become invested in WP, and naturally choose a WP device the next time around.. I'm sure this is part of Microkias ultimate plan, which is to sell you on a low end device then tempt you with a higher end device next time around... Either way this is why I'm sure WP will succeed.

Another factor is that it's much more widely available than the 920 flagship. WIth the 520/521, you don't have to switch carriers to get the phone you want.

The 5xx series is exactly what Windows Phone needed. On a carrier like MetroPCS that phone can at $150 would end up in A LOT of hands. Very easy if they have a promotion deal so Metro advertises and does in-store display.

Everyone that was on T-Mobile got a letter stating that the two companies were going to merge and this is why T-Mobile was able to get LTE and got the idea of no contracts and upgrades

Funny thing is that Nokia wouldn't consider making a Lumia device before the T Mobile acquisition because they were just a CDMA carrier which enforces the same Qualcomm made CDMA component requirement Sprint and other CDMA carriers.  All I got to say about Nokia is whatever!

What exaclty is your deal with the CDMA Windows Phone hate? What problem are you having with these companies and the need for Qualcomm made CDMA component requirements? Who is this affecting? What arent these CDMA phones doing that the GSM phones are able to do?

I don't hate CDMA unlike most here.  Let me explain my comment before it gives someone else a mixed message.
what I meant to say is Windows Phone as a platform has not been Qualcomm CDMA compliant until recently, nor has been pushed on the CDMA carrier side mostly due to the lack of interest and support (Marketing, technical, etc) by Microsoft.  Also, using China Mobile based CDMA code for devices sold outside of China was the main reason most CDMA carrier has not offered WP devices for two years.  It shouldn't had taken two years for Microsoft to become Qualcomm CDMA/FCC compliant.  And as far as I can see, Nokia does not want to deal with carriers which require them to use Qualcomm made CDMA components. MetroPCS was one of them, and Nokia told them they were not interested, so I do find it hypocritical for them to now offer a device to them now that they're part of TMobile.

Off topic-I have US Cellular as a carrier, the only WP8 phone they are offering is a budget Samsung. And they will not let you active an unbranded phone. I cant understand why they won't offer a decent Nokia or HTC phone.

I see nothing to indicate that. You just don't seem to like them. Remember, they're under new management.

I'm not sure I would call MetroPCS an MVNO. They have their own network for now and once everything is switched over to tmo's network, they will be running tmo phones on tmo's network and operating as a tmo brand. You wouldn't call GO phone an MVNO of AT&T, and I wouldn't call Metro an MVNO either, more of a different name plate for T-Mobile.

   It's about damn time there was another OS choice on pre-paid devices. Everywhere you look, it's nothing but Android devices.