MetroPCS exec says they are working to bring Windows Phone 8 on board

MetroPCS is looking to bring Windows Phone 8 on board

In an interview with FierceWireless, MetroPCS COO Tom Key said that the regional carrier is looking into bringing a Windows Phone 8 offering to its customers. When asked what his view on Windows Phone 8 was, Key replied:

Windows Phone 8 we think has a place in the portfolio. We’re actually working with a manufacturer right now on bringing Windows Phone 8 to marketplace.

He went on to liken Microsoft and Windows Phone with Apple and the iPhone, saying that much like a consumer will have an iMac on their desk, they will want an iPad for the couch and an iPhone in their pocket to compliment each other. Such is the value to Microsoft consumers. Key also said that the competition, led primarily by Nokia, is good for the mobile OS ecosystem.

Whatever the reasoning behind it, it's great to see another carrier trying to bring Windows Phone into the mix. Hopefully, word of what manufacturer they are working with will come soon.

On a sad note, it looks like MetroPCS, who uses Sprint's network, could very well beat Sprint to the Windows Phone punch. Sprint has been wishy-washy at best about whether or not they plan bring WP8 into their repertoire, and now that they have officially brought the HTC Arrive to End of Life status, they have become the only major US carrier without a Windows Phone offering.

Correction: MetroPCS owns its network and is the fifth largest facilities-based carrier in the U.S. While they have roaming agreements with various carriers, they actually own and operate their own network, including their 4G LTE system.

Source: FierceWireless; Via: WinSource



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MetroPCS exec says they are working to bring Windows Phone 8 on board


MetroPCS is big in California as far as 'pay as you go' carriers go.  This would be a great boost for the platform as many people like the flat rate lower cost plans they offer over the big carriers.  I hear and see ads for these guys all the time.

I wish there was at least 2 wp8 devices on all carriers, a high end and low end option at least, but if it has to be one hopefully a mid end option but I also won't be surprised if it was a low end device.

Well, if you have someone else in mind, why would you call out Nokia as the leader? It's pretty much indisputable, but I still wouldn't say it out loud while I'm in contract negotiations with their competition.

I was surprised that few of the little carriers that use Sprint's network offered Windows Phone. Creedo offered the HTC Arrive for a little while.

I didn't know metro used sprints network....i know they even brought lte to the states before everybody else so im surprised to hear they're using sprint

Metro is big because it's pay as you go but their rates for smartphones aren't so great in comparison tmobile or sprint. Most people I know who use it have it to text the hell out of people with a qwerty blackberry knock off phone

I'm pretty sure that MetroPCS does NOT use Sprint's network. AFAIK, they're not an MVNO. If anything, they might have a roaming agreement with Sprint. But I'm pretty sure they own their own cell sites as well.