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MetroTube passes 100,000 downloads, version 3.3 passes Marketplace certification


The Lazyworm team has released an update to the highly rated YouTube Windows Phone app, MetroTube. Featuring a heavily Metro-influenced design and feel, the app really is the unofficial home of YouTube on the mobile platform. It disappeared for a number of months at the beginning of the year due to API issues with Google, which couldn't be resolved even after consulting with Microsoft.

Luckily the third-party YouTube app is back in action, and returned to the Marketplace earlier this month. Today version 3.3 of MetroTube passed certification so it should be with us shortly. So, what's new in this release? 

The Lazyworm team has added "Watch Later" support when browsing the catalogue of YouTube videos, where the list can be accessed from the web or on the go to catch content marked down. A number of optimisations and bug fixes are also included, one which addresses the bug that would see videos occasionally hang on the loading screen.

MetroTube App

We believe the more important news here with this release is the announcement that MetroTube has passed 100,000 downloads on the Windows Phone Marketplace, which puts it up top with the most popular apps. We strongly recommend checking out MetroTube should you be a frequent YouTube visitor.

You can download MetroTube from the Marketplace for free.

QR: MetroTube


Reader comments

MetroTube passes 100,000 downloads, version 3.3 passes Marketplace certification


I've been dying for watch later support, as I've had to use favouriting as a substitute pre-3.3. Congratulations to Lazyworm, I hope Microsoft seriously throws you guys a bone.

I like PrimeTube but I like how MetroTube lets you view videos in that smaller screen as well as other things, but I'm back and fourth between the both of them because like how you can record & post video right from on PrimeTibe... So I'm really confused as to which one I will use all the time. Lol! Any suggestions????

Here are my impressions on both apps, metrotube and supertube. Metrotube os beautifully designed with nice menus and stuff, really looks professional and all things fit wp os style, but at least in my mobile ( lumia 710) it's really slow and subscriptions videos doesn't always appear. On the other hand, we got supertube which on my phone is super fast but lacks that touch of design and simplicity. Also, supertube, has one of the worst translation I've ever seen. If you make a translated app, please don't do it with google translator. If both app developers, worked on the same app they could make the best youtube app of all the platforms.