Metrotube reaches version 4.1.0, introduces substantial UI facelift and more

It’s been awhile since we’ve written about MetroTube. It’s the YouTube application that has been wildly popular on both Windows Phone and Windows 8. The only problem with the Windows Phone app was that it hasn’t been updated since last July. It was a month ago that we reported an update was coming for MetroTube on Windows Phone. Today is that day that you’ll finally be able to get a new update for MetroTube.

The update isn’t live right this moment, but the app did pass certification and version 4.1.0 should be rolling out to users in the next few hours. Besides fixing playback issues that users have reported the past few months, version 4.1.0 introduces some new features. Here’s what you can look forward to when the update is live:

  • Main panorama facelift
  • Sub navigation UI overhaul
  • Long titles can now be viewed when clicked
  • Full screen button (for phones with rotation lock on)
  • Playback bug fixes
  • Various bug fixes and improvements

MetroTube Screen

We’re digging all the changes made to MetroTube on Windows Phone. We’ve been playing with them in a beta the past few weeks and like what the team has done. Browsing has been improved thanks to the new “river” design. You’re able to quickly see what new videos are out there on YouTube from all the people who you follow. You can also check out all the subs on the right side of the river.


MetroTube is available in the Windows Phone Store for $0.99, but there’s a free trial available. Remember, version 4.1.0 may not be live just yet for you, the update is still rolling out over the next few hours. Update: Most of you are able to download it already. Looks like it is live! Enjoy! 

Once you get the update let us know what you think of it! 

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Reader comments

Metrotube reaches version 4.1.0, introduces substantial UI facelift and more


Yep. But for how long before it breaks again? Mytube now doesn't need any updates now for vevo videos.

Give Tube Pro a try! Its free and you can download videos from it.

Why would you spend $0.99 for the same feature set?

Is there a real useful / key feature of MetroTube missing in Tube Pro?

MetroTube is free. You only need to pay if you want to support the developer. free trial and paid are the same version.

Same here, even after the update I still think that Mytube is better. Though both of them are better than any YouTube app I've used on Android.

I use to swear by metrotube. I use to ignore MyTube but one day I said, "What the heck". Now MyTube is my got to app.

Still has no search history - the biggest usability issue with the app, completely ignored by the devs. Thanks guys!!

So glad to see it has finally been updated. It's really a breath of fresh air. I love Metrotube but it sorely needed updating. Thanks for the update.


P.S. The new Waze GPS update is also now available on the store, bringing improved battery life (& less overheating) and bug fixes. :)

Why do I have to slide the menu after hitting "more". There is nothing there when I hit more. Shouldn't it just be there without me having to slide? LazyWorm is starting to fall far behind with this and Tweetro after being the king for so long.

I've got the update 2 hours ago ;) I like it. Then again MetroTube is, to me, by far, the best YouTube client on WP.

Finally the long awaited updated is available. Nice to see the new features and have the playback issues fixed.


the videos that use to not play earlier are now playing including VEVO videos. Fabulous !! :)

I've always liked metrotube and still use it from time to time, but mytube just nailed it. Its feature set is second to none. The smooth scrubbing and background audio are awesome features. I hope Metrotubes Windows 8 app tries a completely new tablet UI like Hyper.

And you still can't record and upload it to YouTube like on other apps...smh! Wtf is that about?

Yep, still not working for me, on a Lumia 928. Doesn't seem like the live tile can display my subscription videos I guess I'll stick with MyTube.

Metrotube is FINALLY back in the game. Oh my god, how frustrating it was to not be able to watch almost ALL the vevo vids. Good job Lazyworm, but don't you dare get complacent on us again. You've gotta keep us fans happy or we'll simply shift to another client. ;-)

Metrotube has so far been one of the most overrated YouTube apps so far, mostly thanks to wpcentral, but maybe its time to check it out again, but I'm almost willing to bet that myTube still beats MTs socks off.

Metrotube's ui,look and feel is 100 times better than mytube but this update is useless update.... still"load more" button appears in search results and no search suggestions.....what they were doing past few months.... :(

After being forced to try mytube because of how bad the app was compared to others I don't know if I can go back. Mytube is flawless.

I've been trying to get access to the beta through the official link in the app and wasn't able to. I'll PM you, please add me :-)

Really digging this update, people who are saying they have gotten lazy just because they gotta tap "more" to get to the river navigation sound like the lazy ones to me :p. I mean come on, will you abandon the very UI that made the app stand out in the first place???
If they had abandoned it people would whinge, why had they dropped it... Lol.
I for one like the fact I have the option to choose between either UI.

The only YouTube client I like! Snagged the update as soon as I read the article! New layouts are awesome!

serves them right that a lot of people went to mytube. you cant ditch your customers like that. i wonder if we'll be waiting months for another update.

Oooookay, it looks great but for real. Where can I view my liked videos? I have a bunch of musics on my like list but can't listen to them in the app. Favorites != liked videos.

Is nice but.. I prefer YouTube HD the only reason but important the YouTube HD is the only that have different volume control for the videos than this for all system

Do you guys know if is there a way to save playlists that are found through search, rather than creating your own playlist and saving each individual video to said list? I have had a problem doing this on every YouTube app on WP.

Perfect timing too! I just got my new Lumia 1520! I thought the app just looked different on it coming from my 920. Nice to see it was a update. Great app.