MetroTwit hits version 1.0 and we're giving away 10 Plus licenses

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Sure we talk a lot about Twitter clients for Windows Phone around these parts, but many of you also need a dedicated one for your PC. For that, there really is only one solution: MetroTwit. Yes, it's Metro inspired and Metro loved, which means you need it.

We've discussed this popular client before and since then, a lot of hard work, spit and polish has gone into the app, making it one of the most popular around. In fact, it just hit version 1.0 a few minutes ago and with it comes a ton of new changes, including:

  • Added multiple account support
  • Added support for filtering
  • Added new out-of-box-experience for first time users
  • Added ability to preview larger user avatars
  • Added undo tweet functionality
  • Added Twitter events support for user follows, list membership and tweet favorites
  • ...and much, much more.

You can download the new free, ad-supported version right here from their site and read the version 1.0 changelog here.

What's more, to celebrate this huge day, we've teamed up with the MetroTwit devs to give away 10 "Plus" licenses ($16 value) which will allow you those multiple accounts and no ads. Ka-ching.

Sound good? All you have to do is comment on this post and tell us why you want MetroTwit Plus. We'll randomly select 10 of you to get the free license.

You have 24 hours....go!


Reader comments

MetroTwit hits version 1.0 and we're giving away 10 Plus licenses



I'm pretty new to WP and would like the opportunity to try out different apps. The thing is a lot of good apps are prettty $$$ IMO so I never get the chance to check them out. Seems like a chance now and I'm taking it :) 
Twitter is great to start with since I tweet daily. 

Look out for actually free ones. They may say "buy or "try". But many tries are just add supported. Try keeping a eye on the text in the bottom, it may say its free but to remove adds, or just support a great app, pay.

Thanks Nakazul I will "Try" more apps. The ones I came across with (mostly games) are limited in features or levels, or maybe I should say it's more like a "demo". And they also have a Free section already so it was a bit confusing. Because in iOS it's either Paid ver. or Free ver.
Now I know.

I love the twitter client...been using it from the early beta...WPC i would tweet more of ur articles with the full version :) 

OK... I want... I am in need of a good desktop Twitter client. I have tried several and am still looking. I love Metro so it sounds like it could be just what I am looking for :-)

Have been using free version of metrotwit for some time now and ready to step up to ad-free version...pick me :o)

I would love to have Plus because I have my main account @OmegaRa, but I also have my new business account @MetuchenIT. This would allow me to keep track of both at the same time :)

I'm not sure I remember what the Twitter web page even looks like anymore. I'm always viewing through a client, and on my laptop and workstation that client is always MetroTwit.

I want it, I need it ! I love metrotwit, I've passed through TweetDeck, Seesmic and other clients, MetroTwit is the ONE .. Love it..though it's a small team behind it they have a huge impact, great design and experience :) 

I need it so if and when they actually launch the nest it'll be perfectly synced with rowi (especially since 2.0 is in submission as we speak)

Because MetroTwit absolutely pummels the living crap out of any other desktop twitter client. It's simply THE BEST!

I've been using MetroTwit since it came out and love the app. I personally think it's the best twitter client on the market. I have been waiting for some more improvements before purchasing a license. It would totally make my day to win a license since I never win these type of contests, but I keep entering anyway lol.

I want MetroTwit Plus because MT is THE twitter app for Windows.  No program is as clean and refreshing to use as MT.  It shows the "Metro" front and center and is just a flat-out pleasure to use.  The reason I want the "Plus" account is to maintain how clean the program is....  ads are not clean. Sorry Draper. =D

I want a Plus code because it is my favorite client and I need one with multiple account support because I'm starting a business and I will manage it's twitter account. This way I can have my personal and business account in one client on my Windows computers.

I simply love MetroTwit. It has a unique, stunning interface and is easy to use. At the moment I'm running the loop version in order to help the development by submitting bugs. Why I would like to have the Plus Version? I have only one personal account that I use - obviously - for personal stuff. However at the same time I manage two websites for small non-profit organizations I volunteer in. In order to send out reminders about events, new articles and other interesting things we use twitter there as well. I took a look at various tools that you can use for co-authoring in Twitter but most of them are overkill because I am the only person to manage these accounts. Having the ability to use Metrotwit to manage these accounts as well would be great. It would be awesome if I (a poor student) could get access to the Plus version via this give away. Keep up the good work and good luck for every participant ;)

I love Windows Phone, I love Metro, I love twitter and I'd love to have a great twitter client because I hate the twitter.com web design!

I would like to try the plus version because I hear it the only version that doesn't suck over 1gb of my RAM.  ;)

I love how they said comment as to why and you'll get one of the 10 (TEN) licenses and people are commenting way after 10 trying to get one still... IDK anything about MetroTwit, the ad-supported version will be fine if it's better than TweetCaster or Seesmic

I want because Metrotwit is the best Twitter client so far. I tried dozens of other clients, but metrotwit have everything I want in a really beautiful app. Rowi is my favorite twiiter client in Windows Phone and the future syncronism acroos the NEST wil be awesome!

I need a great twitter client, but I'm a broke developer/college student. Help would be appreciated.

I'm looking for something to replace Tweetdeck. The new version just doesn't work for me. MetroTwit might be it.

I have multiple Twitter accounts and I constantly try various Twitter clients and maybe I'm too critical but I'm still waiting to find the perfect one, this one sounds perfect!

I would love a copy.  Using Rowi & Metrotwit now, and will continue to use as they are excellent.  

I have over 2 thousand following me @dazzztom most of my tweets are from the WP central app on my lumia 800 which has seen my followers go up by 400 pick me please :-)

I use Metrotwit on the desktop and am eagerly awaiting the new release of Rowi for WP7. Perfect companions in my opinion. I would love a free licence!

Metrotwit rocks! It's my dedicated twitter client. Love the metro inspired design and can't wait for NEST from Pixel Tucker and Hidden Pineapple (rowi).

I'd love to try this out adfree. The design is awesome, and it'd be even better without the ads!

The client is really cool, but I'd prefer TweetDeck anyday : Tweetdeck, for WP users, is just like the phone "What's New" thread on your comp...
Much better

I love the Metro, and have always wanted to have it on my computer. I met and saw its elegance MetroTwit, i uninstall TweetDeck

I love it 'cause it's simple and clean. Also too cheap to spend $16 on anything. $1 apps have ruined me.

i have used metrotwit i think its an awesome program, i dont like the ads they are annoying and this could me my shot at free liecence. i will take it if i could get it.

I am tired of using Tweetdeck.  Metrotwit looks beautiful and works perfectly.  It will go great with my Windows 8 Consumer Preview!!!!

Browsing all the #wpdev links is my little pleasure when I come back from work. Having MetroTwit Plus would make it that much more enjoyable :)

MetroTwit is the only desktop Twitter app I use, partially by requirements. We block Twitter in our school district, but MetroTwit's API calls apparently aren't blocked, so I can post all the time.  Plus, I love being able to "Copy Expanded URL" which is super-valuable for me, since we block nearly all URL shorteners.

I want it because I've been using rowi and metrotwit for a LONG time now. I will be buying rowi2 as soon as it comes out and it would be nice of I could pair that purchase with a paid version of metrotwit. I am, however, too poor to pay 16 dollars for the paid version, so winning this would help a lot

I'd love to have it because it's awesome, I use it everyday to read hundreds of tweets and hope it soon gets "The nest" feature to pair it flawlessly with rowi, my favorite WP Client, besides I'm a Venezuelan customer wich have limited intl currency, so it's difficult for me to buy it =(

I cannot wait to get MetroTwit--twitter seems to have forgotten their WP7 app and continue to be disapppointed with this.  Need Metrotwit!!!

I've been using MetroTwit since the beta version and especially love the the humorous popups when making personalizations. I wanted to buy the app as soon as it became available for purchase but couldn't due to payment restrictions. I live in Nigeria and it appears cards issued from my country are not allowed for payments. We are not also able to use Paypal as it appears so much fraud has been perpetuated on the platform through Nigeria. I would be sincerely grateful if I am one of the few fortunate winners. Thanks....  Munachi Duru (Nigeria)

Big fan of MetroTwit, would like a key.  I appreciate what they are doing the The Nest syncing system and work with the Rowi WP7 app, but I am hoping the MetroTwit guys create their own WP7 Twitter app someday.  Or, at the very least, I hope they have a Windows 8 Metro app ready to go for launch.

I've been really into Twitter lately, and I'm switching from Android to Windows Phone 7 when the 900 hits on AT&T. I would love to have a nice Twitter client to go along with my new phone :)

Love the new multi- user interface.  I have used MetroTwit for quite some time and it is better than any other client I have used.  I like clean.  I like simple.  I like powerful.  Metro twit fits all those with room to spare!

Have been using MetroTwit beta alongside Rowi & love the clean Metro interface of both. It would be nice to have the full version of Metrotwit as Rowi will soon be integrating the Nest into their app. That will be awesome.

I use Metrotwit since the first version and I really like it, it's my main and only twitter client, because all the other ones are not good enough for me.
I'm not from EUA, and I don't have a credit card, and my father don't trust to use his credit card on the internet, so I can't buy the Metrotwit Plus License.

I'm getting a Lumia 900 on launch date and i need a ad-free twitter application what could be a better reason i ask you :))

I'm a picky creature, by nature. The only Twitter client that I was able to tolerate, so far, is MetroTwit.  I won't say it is perfect, but it is certainly going in the right direction. I would like MetroTwit Plus simply because I want access to all features you guys create, being the rabid fan that I am. If I weren't being so careful with cash right now, I'd buy a license. But given my current situation, I have to prioritize other expenses.

I would love to try the Plus version to see if there is a difference between it and the Free version, well besides having no ADs. :)
I have tried many Twitter Clients and MetroTwit is by far my favorite!

I'd really like a full version of MetroTwit because it's the only source of Twitter on my desktop. It's so much better than the Twitter website for ease of use and style. As a member of @gaminginvaded we use Twitter as our primary source of communication with our community!
Thanks for the amazing app!

It looks and works great, the only reason I am still on Tweetdeck is my need for multiple accounts. Love the fluid column scaling, looks great on my 27" display.

I don't have a Twitter account, even though I have a smartphone.  But I am in front of my computer more than I am on my phone, and I think this would be a great way for me to launch into the Twitterverse!    Hopefully, then, to transition to tweeting from my phone once I get a Nokia WP.

I am a huge fan of the Metro UI, and I feel MetroTwit is by far the best implementation of Metro on ANY software -- even better than Microsoft's own efforts. I would LOVE to get a copy of MetroTwit Plus for the eagerly anticipated multi-account feature.

I've tried many Twitter clients for Windows, but the only one I've stuck with is MetroTwit. Not only for the Metro UI, but it is also the most stable and usable Twitter client out there.
Would be great to have the Plus version to remove ads and for multiple account support.

I've never used a twitter desktop client before but it would be nice to have one that is metro-inspired and ad-free!

I don't need metrotwit plus, but it's nice to have a free and ad free app for twitter. I want metrotwit because of the awesome nest support is going to have (in the future) and the integration with rowi twitter app on my phone!! U can't get better than that!! Good luck to everyone...

I see a lot of people asking for MetroTwit because they need a wp client, MetroTwit is a Windows PC twitter client, for wp you should try rowi v2, it will arrive to marketplace in a few days.

I want Metrotwit because Tweetdeck has gotten bloated and less friendly with each version. I don't even bother with it any more. Time for something new.

Happy version 1.0 to MetroTwit!
New update looks awesome so far, but would look even better without ads!

Started using MetroTwit on my home computer a couple months ago (my netbook can't run it well enough), and I would love to get rid of those unsightly ads.

I could really use multiple accounts at work to match the same feature on my desktop I get with carbon on my phone.

Since I plan on sporting a Nokia 900 soon and will likely update my PC to Win8 it would be nice to have a desktop client that is a consistent GUI style across platforms.

Metrotwit is the best Twitter aplication for Windows. As a community manager, I used Tweetdeck for work with multiple accounts. I hope I can use Metrotwit for work, since multiple account feature was all I missed till now.
Great job, guys, keep up the good work.

I'll buy metrotwit, but I am enjoying that the screenshot is mine and Daniel's argument over how to pronounce "Nokia" :D

Because I have used Metrotwit since the begining and managed to sway many users over to the cause. I got Metrofever and its contagious!

I want MetroTwit Plus because the new TweetDeck really sucks and MetroTwit would be a pretty nice replacement.

I'd like to have a Plus Licence because I'm handling multiple Twitter accounts everyday AND because I'm still searching for a new Twitter client since TweetDeck's gone mad.

MetroTwit is awesome.
I had seen it before but thanks to Joanna from the Verge I decided to use it and i love it. The ads are annoying so a free "plus version" would be awesome.

I'm interested because MetroTwit is the best twitter client I've used!  I used to use Seesmic desktop, but really like the features & styling of Metrotwit a whole lot more.

I was searching for a good desktop Twitter client it's finally here, but I need it to handle two accounts for me. One personal, and one where I speak in the name of many people. I cannot use it really without that feature but I don't mind the adds. And finally: I hope it will be released for Windows 8 metro UI!

I've been an avid user of this App for what has to be over a year i think. Stumbled unto it when i read about some windows app that connects to Rowi (still patiently waiting for this bridge) but overall its a great app. I use both MetroTwit and MetroTwitShow. Over great offerings from the company. It'll just be cool to have an ad free version really. With or without it, MetroTwit is staying on my machine. I love it!

I am a big fan of MetroTwit before had tried other applications like TweetDeck but never convinced me until Joe Belfiore recommended in his Twitter account a new client called MetroTwit and convinced me, after all who can say no to Joe?. Since then I use the free version and I would like a license Plus.

Because really, this software is a piece of art and an inspiration for me, as a developer. I think all developers should take note of how well designed, intuitive and easy to use MetroTwit is, and now with the new functionality it's just a masterpiece of software.
And they didn't even need Windows 8 to create it!
Congratulation to the devs.

The official desktop app Tweetdeck drives me nuts with all it's annoyances, so I'll definitely be giving this a try.

Been using the Metro Twit application for a couple of months now, and boy is it great. Looking forward to the additions.
The program is great with advertisements, I can only imagine how much better it would be without them.

I want metrotwit because I enjoy spending time in beautiful places, and inside this app is a great place to be even if it does destract mr from getting work done :-D

I would love to get the plus version since I manage multiple accounts and i hate ads. I hope they make a proper Windows 8 Metro app though, that would be AWESOME!

Not sure if this get me a licence but I am a twitter virgin.. Yep, NEVER twitted once. Id like to have a go, perhaps a free licence may start me off.

Because I love MetroTwit, hate ads, and just had a baby so I sadly can't afford to support this amazing developer!

I would love to get a MetroTwit Plus license as I use the paid for version of Rowi for Windows Phone and would love to Sync my Nokia Lumia 800 (Rowi) to my PC (MetroTwit) via "The Nest".

The biggest problem with Twitter is that despite the myriad of clients available, most of them are top-heavy, cluttered, and difficult to use. I've been using MetroTwit for over a year and I absolutely love its ease of use and Metro-style design. If anything, it is a model for what will be coming in Windows 8. That being said, I'd love to have multiple account access and an ad-free experience in MetroTwit.

I use MetroTwit very happy, because it is simple and clear. It's the best Twitterclient for me.

Love the new UI.  Very clean.  Everything I need is right there.  I'd really like to see Post to FB integration, but that's all it appears to be missing.

I need more metro lovliness on my desktop.  I'm chained to the PC day & night trying to graft my way into a designers career.  The loving attention to detail put in by the guys at MetroTwit will bring a smile to my face upon every tweet and provide some inspiration in the twilight hours... WP Central please help free me from my shackles.

I want to win because I've been beta testing this app for the past few months now with MetroTwit Loop. Also, I'm proudly Australian just like MetroTwit!

have been using Metro Twit as the main Twitter client on my laptop, would love it if I can get the license for free! 

'Cause I'm CRAAZZYYY!! No, not really, MetroTwit is one of my favourite apps for Windows and with its neighbor, Rowi for WP7, they are making a great Twitter couple for me so far. Just want to get rid of the ads. :)) And I was pretty active lately in the Rowi beta, just in case these two apps are actually more connected than I think they are...

I'm still not 100% sold on it, but I do like it as a full-screen Twitter client. Would love for ad-free Tweeting :)