Mexico: Nokia Lumia 925 rumored to launch on Telcel on September 30th

Mexico has become an increasingly strong market for Windows Phone broadly and Nokia specifically. In fact, latest sales estimations from Kantar Worldpanel show a monstrous 10.5% year over year sales increase, landing at 12.5% market share for recent sales.  Heck, they even have a Starbucks app.

With that in mind, it’s great to see the Nokia Lumia 925 finally getting ready to launch there.

The site Winphollowers have spotted the Lumia 925 in Telcel’s catalog of upcoming phones and the site has a “reliable source” claiming a September 30th launch date. Pricing is also rumored to fall between $8999 and $9500 pesos ($700-740 USD) for the device, presumably off-contract with two colors (black and white).

The Lumia 925 debuted at the beginning of summer, but it’s still launching in a few isolated markets. The device features a 4.5-inch AMOLED display, 8.7 MP PureView camera and comes in a very thin and light aluminum body, making it a very attractive offering for upper tier Lumias.

We’ll of course follow up if and when the Telcel Mexico date becomes official.

Read our Lumia 925 review (unlocked) and our recent AT&T review as well for more info on the Lumia 925.

Source: Winphollowers; Thanks, Jesus, for the tip


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Mexico: Nokia Lumia 925 rumored to launch on Telcel on September 30th


I dont think that will be the price.. the Lumina 920 is still at $10,999 (around $840 dlls)... and 1dll = 13 Pesos
I would reather have GDR2 in my L920 =D 

Thanks WP Central to bring news about Mexico, and this is great news, I own a L920 that I got "unlocked" from Canada (rogers, well actualy ebay, last january before telcel started to sell it here in Mexico) and I think I'll wait for the 1020 to ge here because I'm having some problems with poor stability, bluetooth, other minor things . WE URGENTLY NEED the AMBER!!!

Mexico is a strange market. It's now a very rich country but their people always wants the very best. They always get the high end phones, and they appear to be buying more the 920 right now than any other windows phone.

For the general masses very expensive. For smartphone users, typical. Most get these high end flagship phones on contract and pay up maybe a third or half of the off contract pice and go on usually 18 month contracts, although recently 24 months have started to become popular. Monthly contracts can run anywhere from around 30 USD to upwards of 100 USD. The 520 and620 as you mention are the ones that most people are getting. I constantly see the 520 as the choice because A) price, and b) color options and looks.

Its pretty expensive but its a very strange market, people love to buy high end phones with a contract even if they cant afford them, however the Lumia 520 is selling pretty well (just gift one to my mother) its price is around 170dlls.

I have a 920 from Telcel... and we dont have the GDR2 update yet... im still waiting for that! u.u

I'm more than happy with my 920 right now, and that's not going to change unless Telcel brings the 1020 soon.

I want the 1020 for my wife but doesn't seem that is going to be from Telcel... more like from Expansys based on what I paid for my 920.

Also remember prices in Mexico include VAT or sales tax, so if converting back to dollars in the case of the U.S. remember to divide by 1.16 to accurately reflect the price before taxes (Mexico's VAT is 16% in most of the country and around 11% in border towns). Most people forget this and when they convert from Mexican pesos to U.S. dollars they always cry foul at the price increase. At $9500 pesos, taking the dollar at $13 pesos per, this would come to about 630 dollars US before taxes. Chances are the price will be higher than that though. At $11,000 pesos it comes to be around 730 dollars, which sounds more reasonable, albeit a little on the expensive side.