Micromax's first Windows Phones might launch in India next week

Micromax's first Windows Phones might launch in India next week

A new report claims Micromax is slated to launch its first two Windows Phone 8.1 devices in its native India next week, perhaps as early as Monday.

The Times of India, citing unnamed sources, claims one of the devices will cost between 10,000 and 11,000 Indian Rupees ($167-$184) while the other will cost between 6,000 and 7,000 rupees ($100-$117). If true, this would mean both products will be on the lower end of the hardware scale.

Both devices will be released under the company's Canvas branding. The report claims that Micromax may be developing a higher end Windows Phone device, with a 5-inch screen and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor, but adds that device is not expected to be among the two smartphones Micromax will announce next week.

Micromax was confirmed as one of several new hardware partners for Windows Phone during Microsoft's BUILD 2014 conference in April. The company also announced in January at CES 2014 plans to release the LapTab, a tablet that would run on both Windows and Android. However, there's been no updates as to the status of that product since CES.

UPDATE: We'll be there at the Micromax's press conference in New Delhi on Monday, and will bring you all the updates. Stay tuned.

Source: Times of India, Thanks to all for the tips!


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Micromax's first Windows Phones might launch in India next week


Hope they improve their service facility my friend has micromax android phone they took 2 months to just repair the power button. Still I will prefer Nokia over micromax but good to see micromax coming to WP market.

There's hardly any lucky guy with a Micromax phone who hasn't toured the service centres. But yet i can't underestimate the crazy crowd out there. Many of my friends. Micromax ain't even closer to the standards of Nokia's hardware.

microsoft is  out of there minds,lending there precious OS to a cheap company like micromax! 6-11,000rs devices means it will look cheap,hardware will be cheap i guess a 1.2ghz mediatek quadcore processor,and a non-pure black screen so no sunlight visibility,and am sure bugs n lags and a shitty camera! i mean i dont think Micromax's 6-11000 rs windows phone devices gona be success at all, imean come on NOkia lumia 520,525,620,now lumia 630 with dual sim available with great hardware,great perfoermence at low cost 7-11,000rs! and we all know how above mentioned lumia series phones are, by d way i own a lumia 520,720 and now 1020 using me n my family members,so no compalins from anyone till now,oh and also have nokia 1100 and nokia C2-03 and nokia E6 all are perfectly in working condition without any problems and never seen service centeres any of theese phones of mine,and you all now about NOkia customer service,service center though u dont need it if u have lumia unless u broke it somehow,so who's the Idiot to buy micromax 6-11,000rs phones! will give him Senceless(Chutiya) person of the year!

Calm down! I'm a Nokia fan as well but believe it or not there are people who love design and size (screen basically) more than trust and durability. Micromax is for such people (no matter what you call them). And I'm pretty sure this phone will give more or equal hardware specs as any low end Nokia Windows phone like 520, 525, 620, 630 etc...

It won't use mediatek Microsoft has set a based line for OEM to use windowsphone os they are allowed to use only snapdragon processor no other processor is allowed for it.
And buddy don't use foul languages in forums :)

Yeah same problem here... My bro's canvas hd battery got puffed up after 7 months. To replace it the took almost 3 months. I prefer Nokia-No problems with my 620 so far.

Same thoughts here, i can't wait. Seriously, Micromax has more potential than MS for budget minded consumers. I just want to see how well it goes...

Trust me. Nokia has lot more credibility than Microsoft in India. Nokia is known for solid phones whereas many people still link Microsoft with Windows XP or vista.

Nokia had sturdy build... Yesterday my phone fell in mud.. I poured water on the phone while it was on... People asking is it Z I said no.. Its Lumia.. And cell phone was working fine even after emptying entire bottle... +L820... :)

Yup its the most sold paper in most parts of India. I only hope they supported WP in terms of their app. They haven't updated their app for years. The last update was on 28-12-2011.

The recent one is a Infosys issue.. Have you read it? They have filed a case against toi for providing continuous fake news.

Both the handsets will embrace company’s Canvas lineup. One of the handsets is tipped to cost around Rs 6,000 -7,000 ($100-120), whereas the other is expected to cost around Rs 10,000-11,000 ($165-185). Specs for both devices are currently not known. We've learned from our sources that the company will be launching several more Windows Phone handsets in next few months.

Few days ago we heard that Micromax was going to unveil a high-end Windows Phone handset -- sporting Snapdragon 800 processor, 2GB RAM, 13MP camera -- but the pricing suggests that we might not see that handset on Monday.

I hope they start selling in more countries. Cheaper phones will help grab marketshare in countries where contract systems with carriers don't exist.

MM android phones are laggy.. Cant able to use even with 2gb ram. If the smoothness of WP succeeds in MM hardware then its a win win situation for both MM and MS. It is also to be noted that MM is set to launch with snapdragon processor for the first time

Great, some competition for Nokia, People who are suckers for other platforms need to think why the heck is Micromax launching a WP device? This is positive for WP

Truly a best experience. Atleast micromax and karbonn will enable the microsoft to gain the momentum and expand the srongest share across India.

Guys how about a tablet like the size and shape of a typical citizen calculator from all OEMs running windows 8.1

Nice move from Micromax please I need an afoardable Windows Phone really...

People say that Micromax is competing with Nokia or Microsoft its not like that if you buy any Windows Phone you're supporting Microsoft in any way oh yes

u never know hw things turn out....Microsoft has requirements set for WP that micromax has to provide....it sure wouldn't be as crappy as their droid devices for sure

I don't think of a very bad experience... Their camera might be crap but WP(hopefully) rocks on even low end models :-)

Well, this is good for other people to at least have a taste of Windows Phone. They will soon become upgrading to higher-end mobile phone when they get used to WP.

Only SONY can compete with Nokia when it comes to hardware plus Sony has other features that Nokia doesn't have. If Sony will make waterproof WP smartphones then Nokia fans will be divided, at least small chunk of it.

I don't understand why my Indian friends are giving negative feedback about micromax. It's a great Indian company. Currently it's the fastest growing mobile hardware company and gives a superb blow to Samsung, Sony and HTC like devices in their low end market. What do you do if micromax bring a windows phone@5000 inr $90 with a specs like quad core processor, 1 GB ram nd 8 GB internal with a jbl headset free worth rs 2000... Haha I'm just joking ..

It might not even be a joke(except the jbl headphone free part though). Micromax has sold Android phones at that cost already :-)

My friend's Micromax Canvas rings even on flight mode... Since they are getting mid range specs for lowest end price, they had to cut corners somewhere...

No HSDPA+ support, 

Sends out A higher radiation than most mainstream players.. 

Sensors are on the low.. RAM offerings and GPU are really shitty..

And most of all... the worst customer service ever.. My friend went to the micromax service centre nearby to report his flight mode problem and they just said that the warrranty does not cover it.  And they didnt even bother to repair it .  

Whatever be your negative feedbacks for indian company micromax but it will rule indian market and gain market share for Microsoft. Lame slogan n cheap handsets are mostly prefered by common man.

Bring Micromax in the Philippines. they are tired of China-made phones, and those pretending to be local brand are infact China-made too. Rebranded only by local companies. People don't want it, they just don't have other choice. Export your Micromax and stamped it big with "Not Made in China".


Ok I'm planning on buying a new phone, in around next one month...i first thought of the Lumia 820 but then this article got my eye..i have just one doubt, will I be able to use the Cortana hack in this phone?? Coz its an indian phone and using it in India, wil it allow for setting region to us and using Cortana coz I currently am on 520 and use Cortana and HERE services alot...I want to keep using them on this phone only then will I be buying it.. Any help regarding this??

I actually would not mind buying a low end micromax windows phone with the lowest hardware spec. Would make for a good second phone. I have tried micromax in the past and they are good phones. Not the best but good and functional