Microsoft again updates Facebook Beta with minor improvements

Facebook Beta

Microsoft has released yet another update for its Facebook Beta app. If you're not familiar with the program, it enables you to enjoy all the latest Facebook features before the company updates the public version on the store. Hitting version, the Windows Phone app likely sports minor fixes and improvements since we're not looking at a major jump from the previous update.

Unfortunately we're not entirely sure what's new, but we're enjoying the speed as to how quickly Microsoft is updating its beta. You can download Facebook Beta from the Windows Phone Store. Thanks, TGZRyo, for the tip!

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Microsoft again updates Facebook Beta with minor improvements


Everything has a terrible delay. I have to press everything 4 freakin times and there is no indication if the like I pressed was registered or not. Was trying the app on an Iphone yesterday and everything felt so much faster. Sure its nice with updates but there are hardly any imprivements... WTF are they really doing at MS with all these updates?

/grumpy rant

absolutely. it's mind bending. just bought today my third WP (Lumia 800 > Lumia 920 > Lumia 925), but sometimes i really wonder why i bother. It's like MS doesn't even care. "hei, we have a totally new FB app!!", well guess what, still works really bad, slow, notifications DO NOT WORK, coming out of a post refreshes the timeline and sends you to the top so you lose where you were...
i mean really. facebook, that 's the app they need at least to have working 100%. the feeling i get is like they have a couple of interns, working part time on windows phone. :(

agree with your post, and i am sure people who are working on this app don't use this app on a windows phone, its so slowwwwwww, and also i hate when it directs me to the top of the page.And i cant use emoticons.

Rest asssured that the Facebook app in iOS is also garbage. It crashes all the freaking time, especially when trying to load albums and everything loads slowly. Responsiveness is also an issue.

Yeah, I'd rather it be a little bit slower and not have it crash on me all the time. It might take a few clicks, but once it loads, it actually loads and doesn't glitch on me. 

Well if it crashes it crashes and the user does at least know that it crashed, even my mom would understand that something went wrong and its just time to restart the app.

Personally I think its worse to have buttons that doesn't respond and you just sit there every time wondering should I press again? I just can't stand it.

I wonder if anyone knows a good solution for facebook messages notification on this platform, the application fails hard on it.. And the built in feature is a hit or miss :/

i just wish i can lay my hands on the issue that makes my "peoples hub facebook chat" not work properly, messeges dont always come through, actualy i only recieve about 20% of them, thats very bad.
does anyone has his Facebook chat working? and when i mean working i mean you get every single messege people send you, whether it was from the website chat client, or from the facebook app (android/ ios/ WP) or messenger app (android/ ios) or ther WP users people hub.
i really wish that WPC would make us a video of this service, testing all platform options sending a facebook messege to a WP people hub client 

What I have noticed is if you do not have the Facebook app open or in the background, and IE is not "defaulted" to the Facebook webpage, you (at least I do) will receive all fb messages in your message app.

Yeah I had this feeling too, its as if the people hub must fetch the messege first, if any other app doest it before it, the messege is gone. But still I tried everything, its hell compiled in code, and dumped in the WP.

I tend to find that half the time the messages don't come through is because the person sending the message is shown as 'invisible' or 'away' or 'offline'. I did an experiment with my friend a while back to prove this. When he wants to send me an urgent message, he makes sure to show himself as online!!!

However, the other times it doesn't work is when the phone says 'can't connect'...frustrating as hell!!! Wish the app could receive messages in real time...only when I go back or send another message do I find out that the other person has sent me a message!

Something on Facebook or ms side has changed, it used to work flawlessly until about 2 months ago, and then it started having problems, I used the chat hub exclusively for a few years for Facebook and never had issues until around may/june. Its still broken.

Another difference with this release is that it looks like they're updating the beta through the Store instead of having to go get it manually.

My mistake then. I'd never seen it in update list until today. I've always manually updated when I saw post go up announcing update.

First time I've seen it there as well, was always getting it through here in the past. I guess they've released it. The beta now is an app on it's own within the store.

It just works in a funny way. It seems to only receive messages if you're online/connected and that were sent via chat in Facebook. Messages sent as a regular message don't come through, and if you disconnect for a few seconds (or at least appear to), messages from Facebook go to your Inbox instead and don't show in chat.
Have a look at your messages in FB - you'll see some have 'chat' icons and some don't. Those which don't would not have been received by the chat 'app' on WP.

Which is all too inconsistent. I LOVE the idea of integrated yet, but it's just not reliable. MS need to fix that (for GDR 3 now, though it should have been done already). To me that's bigger than upgrading the FB app, get the underlying OS features working first.

They're the controls that appear when you're tagging people. Check to apply any changes and x to cancel. They briefly appear because of the way it's coded. The two are always there, but their visibility is flipped back and forth. When you back out, the controls probably lose their value that determines their visibility. You can confirm this by going and trying to tag someone. Those same controls will show up.

Nice update!
Although I do wish the Store would handle updates better. I'm still waiting for the Photo Editor by Aviary to show up, yesterday's update for OneNote is still not available for me (I have a Lumia 720) and my mum is still waiting for the phone settings updates (network+ and stuff) which I already got (she has a Lumia 820).

Thanks, that's what I'm looking for yeah. It really doesn't show up in my Store for some reason, even when manually searching for it. They need to fix the updating of the Store. But at least now I can get it, thanks again.

Still no images sending via chat. If they want to beat iphone or android. Or at least to get close, they need to make full functionality of those platforms facebook clients and even more. An right now, we have a bit worse facebook than another platforms.

well i can send picture to the contact by email(his name +@facebook.com) still cant do that from native client. Not cool.

No words to describe how pathetic that is. It's been there since the previous app, was there during the beta, it's there now on the "final" app and it's still there on this beta app. I reported that bug a gazzilion times...

I have to say that since the update, I've noticed mine scrolls to top on after the first click through after opening, but appears stable thereafter.

Definitely not fixed, but seems to be getting better.

What does it mean by "Sorry, unable to share, this might due to the privacy settings of this post" !?!!??
Funny thing is, I can share the exact same post on my PC
Any help??

Feels faster. OK, all kidding aside my live tile for this app has not shown a notification count in the past few days.

Here's one bug that has been resolved in this version from the previous one. It used to crash when you choose "See more" on a post. Now it works fine. Value does not fall within the expected range.

Type: System.ArgumentException

Cool. I was hoping they'd fix that with the next release. Sent them a few bug reports related to that, with that one happening most frequently.

I thought Facebook Beta went live and replaced the standard Facebook app? Is MS continuing to offer updates to the Beta version first? This is confusing.

Still can't see Instagram updates, my own included. Only if one receives comments, I'm able to open the photo from notifications...

Do we really need 3 updates a week on how the beta Facebook app has had a few minor, unknown updates? These articles too frequent for having so little substance.

I still don't get tile, toast or locks screen notifications and I only get some messages in the hub, even during conversations. Some come through, dome don't.

Works flawlessly for me with zero delay and always registers likes and comments... Not sure what's happening with all these complaints

I suppose you never used any FB app on other platforms. God, touch.facebook.com is better than this app.

Get an iPhone or HTC first.... Trust me you will be in fb heaven and won't have to put up with anything WP.... And vice versa

It's all so ridiculous. WP has an incredible Facebook integration, yet, the Facebook chat doesn't work 99% of the time. What the hell? These guys at Microsoft are so careless I can't possibly believe it! And Skype on WP7 still can't run in the background. Skype on WP8 is so laggy, too. And Skype is maintained by Microsoft themselves.
What about Android or iPhone? My colleage at work's got an iPhone. Never had a problem with FB, I've tried it myself. Never missed a message or a notification or anything. Same thing on Android. Now, WP just doesn't behave.
By the way, have you tried reading a long message on the WP app? It shows a "show more" link which opens up a browser! What's the point?
I personally think the problem with WP is the lack of interest from developers. :) I believe there are more and more consumers that would by a WP, but that's simply not enough. To me, mobile developers are so well off when working on iPhone/Android software that they simply don't care! :)
What MS should've done is build a robust platform. It is definitely not robust compared to iOS and Android. They like us to think it is, but it is not. It "feels" more robust to some, simply because it's quite a bit more limited, but actually it's done really lousy. The design idea is awesome, but the software implementation is simpy... not good enough.
What drives me mad is sloppy code. I can't stand it!

Facebook needs to get their crap together, the problems I have on WP8 (notifications, messages) are the same problems with Facebook on iPhone, Android and BlackBerry.

I noticed in latest update - 1, I was experiencing the annoying refresh bug again. Glad it disappeared in the latest update though. I'm happy again.

Has the time and status bar showing! That is a great update now I don't have to hold back to check time I am wasting on facebook