Microsoft allegedly working on two phones that offer 3D Touch

Windows Phone start screen

Microsoft has been heavily rumored to launch a device with a 3D user interface later this year, with the device allegedly slated for a launch in the month of November. However, a report out of Neowin suggests that Microsoft is considering launching two handsets that come with the 3D Touch feature enabled.

3D Touch is said to be the first major hardware/software innovation that Microsoft will inculcate into the high-end Lumia devices. The software giant is said to include APIs for gestures, side interactions and heat maps so that third-party devs can access the 3D Touch technology for their apps. As for the McLaren device itself, the latest rumors indicate a 5.2-inch full-HD screen, 20MP camera along with a 64 GB internal storage variant.

In addition to McLaren, Microsoft is allegedly working on a 6-inch device that will also feature a 3D Touch interface. Earlier today, a leak revealed that Microsoft was mulling a Lumia 1525 for later this year with updated hardware that includes a Snapdragon 801. So it is possible that the Lumia 1525 is the second device to feature the 3D Touch interface.

As for now, we only have rumors to go by, but as we move closer to an official unveil, we will have more information on how Microsoft intends to implement this technology.

Source: Neowin


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Microsoft allegedly working on two phones that offer 3D Touch



Agreed to one extent, but good to have for those who might need it.
About the two phones however, maybe same phones but two different carriers??? Not getting away from exclusivity deals altogether but it'd be a good change in regards to increasing consumer base at a wider range from the get-go.

Rumor that the 1525 is not exclusive to anyone and will be released across all carriers including EU.

Don't get them if you don't want them. It's not as if that's the only phone Microsoft will put out. Me, I want!

U mean like never touching ur phone again no buttons gestures are great, flip the phone it hangs up, pick it up it answers

My Lumia 820 has 3d touch, sometimes :P.... I don't know whats the issue ... but i can control mobile without actually touching phone, fingers about a cm apart :D

Mine does the exact same thing, I can sort of scroll up and down without touching the display, I don't know how or why though.

Even i can operate 520 sometimes without touching xD lol i dont how it is possible but it only works when touch sensitivity is on HIGH

I think it's to do with the type of touch display used. It 'reads' electrical/thermal signals from your fingers and reacts accordingly, and as it's possible for heat to radiate and electrical signals to 'jump' (think NFC) then it's possible for you to use the device without actually touching it.

I could be wrong :)

"pick it up it answers" ... If thats how it works, Im gonna be picking a lot of calls I wouldnt otherwise want to pick. 

And when I use the Samsung S4, the swipe over gesture was useless to me. I felt it was to as extra cost. 
If i have to put my fingers few inches about the screen, I may  aswell touch the screen.

Water resistivity will be a better spec for me.

That's where cortana comes in, there will probably be several options for them all, and it would be more of a pick up and place to face, or pick up and flip face down to decline, kinda like flip yo silence option. I'm excited for it nice "addition" the demo seems to be very accurate if so can be great

We have the "pick it up it answers" ability in at least one scenario now: When I'm driving and have my phone connected via Bluetooth.

If the phone rings and I have the phone face-down, I flip it over and it answers. I found this out by accident the other day. I was just trying to see who was calling.

I highly doubt, Microsoft will probably just stick to low budgets right now that's there bread and butter, good luck cracking into Droid look at HTC,LG and Motorola high ends compared to Samsung, not even worth the money and wont put a dent in market share just sit on the shelf til they sell for a penny and somebody who doesn't know that they're getting besides a cheap phone. If they can sell budget Droid and keep Samsung from flooding it too soon it could help build brand at the least

Agreed. I don't normally care about the hypy things like hover-touch-pen stuff, finger print scanning, etc.  Though I can imagine them being useful its hard to know until I've used them.  3D touch is a little different. If it is what is sounds like or even reported to be, I might be excited about.  I have terrible body chemistry and so I leave prints on everything and have to constantly wipe down things. Don't get me wrong, its not like sludge, but if I can gesture and near proximity touch my screen without doing so, that means less prints.  But that is the extent of what I can imagine.

Same here and I can by a screen protector for my screen and not worry about smudges and the feel of them yet have that extra protection

I have a feeling the 64GB variant won't be available in the US, similar to previous models sold within the last year or so. (Everyone else rejoice.)

I want a smaller one.  The size of the HTC 8X was pretty much perfect.  My L920 is about as big as I really want to go.

Why do all high end phones have to have such large screens?

U want thin u gotta have larger screen, u want more features included but tinier something has to give look how big 920 was with wirless charging, now u wanna add 3dgesture dual sim, more memory, SD slot, and more but smaller and thinner

Yeah, there's a huge gap in the WP market at the moment. Mid & low-range devices have microSD but top-end / flagship models don't. Then we jump up to the ridiculous 6-inch phablets with all the bells and whistles. I just want a 920/925/930/1020 with microSD... That's it!

Because it's not about you. It's about what sells the most phones. Android has phones in many sizes, but it's the 5" phones that sell the most. One of the most requested features for the iphone is to make it bigger. 4.3-4.5" phones won't sell as well as a 5" phone.

Leap Motion is sadly a bust that is only useful (and limitedly useful) with apps within their own app store. It really would have been an amazing periphrial for desktops without touch screens, but it really does not work particularly well for that.
The next best thing looks to be the Kinect 2 coming out soon... but we will see how well it will work for that. It may be better as a future Cortana and gesture interface and not that great for a touch-less screen input option.

News on 29 July shall be: We are apologetic that the BBM is not making to Windows Phone this month but it shall make to Windows Phone SOON (read 2016)

And about time too. L1520 was nice but a little big, and icon/930 were simply late and with almost year old specs. I'm not saying any of those phones are bad, they just didn't carry the same launch gravitas as the 920.

Should be an exciting fall! Hopefully the 3d stuff isn't gimmicky and is actually useful. By the way, I'm a fairly well read person and have never seen the word inculcate. Word of the day for me!!

Inculcate means to teach earnestly in an effort to impress knowledge into the learner, especially with repetition. And no, I think they meant to write "include".

totally with ya on that one!

My wife has the 1020, which is a great phone.  But I find I can get a quick shott off quicker with my 920.  A 1030 with updated internals to make that 41MP camera a bit faster to startup and go shot-to-shot would make my day.  Add in wireless, charging (which may thicken the phone in a good way to reduce the camera "buldge"), a microSD slot, and retain Glance screen feature, and I'd be in heaven.

oh, and offer it in cyan and/or purple :o)

+1030. I really want that camera; I'm still sad that the 1020 had a screen I couldn't stand. I waited with my 900 for months until the 1020 came out, took one look at the screen, and sadly went and bought a 920. Some people are okay with PenTile 768p screens or don't even notice (wish I was one of them), but to me they look awful.

It may allow pressure sensing? The closer you get to the screen, the more pressure it should apply for painting applications... Just guessing, of course.

Practically I see some issues with that though. It would be incredibly hard to be accurate just moving the finger in space above the screen.

Being able to "mouse over" a tile instead of selecting it. For instance, this can show an exploded view of the tile to give to more info or access to deep links within the app directly from a single live tile.

You would probably have to hover your finger a second or so over the tile that the sensor doesn't mistake it for movement. In this case you could just implement a difference betwen click and longer press on the tile (screen) directly. Then it also wouldn't look like you try to magically curse your phone.

The "mouse over" thing could be helpful, I don't know who much it would affect me in every day life though. After all now I just choose the "selection" button and can do the same.

No, not at all. Bring it on, but make it useful first. Samsung had this 3D thing, nobody was thrilled by it, Amazon made it better, still nobody was thrilled by it. I just wonder how Microsoft will really make it useful. They make very good products, they are not really known to be innovative though. When they are, they usually drop it and leave it to Apple to make people buy it ;-)

Agree, I tried the Samsung version and it is really annoying. Works, doesn't work and you end up just switching it off.

Having the screen turn on when you take it out of your pocket, air waving to the next/ previous page/ up and down the home screen, there's probably more, but Microsoft will be inclined to tell us the rest when it's closer to time.

The first thing you could already do with the proximity sensor. The air waving thing was already a gimmick on the Android devices that had it.

I'm not sold on it yet, Microsoft might have time to sell this though.

Say you're at the home screen, hovering your finger above a pinned contact will bring up more info about the person - recent messages, etc.  Or if you're in certain websites, similar to hovering your mouse over certain items allows a certain level of interaction..

Hover is a big one.  Lot's of Web sites offer dropdowns when you mouse over menu items.  Those don't work very well on touch devices.

I had problems with these until I discovered that holding your finger on the dropdown for 2 seconds or so makes the menu stay on screen, then you select.

Look at the 3d touch gesture demo they had here on previous article not sure where but clears up a lot of what you guys are complaing

Naa, I'm thinking that whole ordeal is a deal between Microsoft and Samsung (since Samsung is in bed with Google). Probably one of those "I'll put Windows Phone on my Galaxy S5 if you put Android on your Lumia ####." We'll see the outcome later this year I suppose.

It's with all manufactures they allow any device that they produce that can run android can runs WP it was a build announcement it was a change to the core of 8.1 so they don't have to split resources which kills windows phone

Samsung wouldn't give a toss if android was on Lumia, they've been making in roads to try and break out from the restrictive android system. Just haven't been able to do it yet because frozen seems to be g gone before it began.

Mark my words though, Samsung will end up going on their own, if only so that they can make more money.

I dunno.  The lag differential between Android and Windows Phone is probably zero at this point, with 8.1 adding quite a bit, and Android almost totally shedding it's own.

Shedding??? The last two updates of Android added nothing but bug fixes, new dialer and Chrome browser update. I don't see any performance improvements or better battery with those updates on my friend's nexus 4

Surely the first time for me in a tech article. I have come across it in some other articles though but definitely not on a tech article. Amazing how we leave the main news and discuss about a word.

Based on previous rumors. MS phones will drop the exclusivity and even be sold in vending machines. Lol

I hope that the "1525" has an even larger screen while outer dimensions stay the same, or increase only slightly... I really want a 6.3" High end Lumia device...
One thing that I'm waiting on is photovoltaic screen technology.. That's where our screens can solar charge our batteries... Supposedly Nokia was, or is, working on this.

my point is.. are we talking about a 1020 successor or a 1020 downgrade? BC my 1520 camera pales in comparison to my 1020.

If its only 20MP, then it most likely won't be the 1030. But we will have to wait to know. Stop and think before you drop a comment.


But now I wonder, will there be a successor to the 1020 anytime soon? I love the 1020 form factor, just wish it had faster processing and more internal storage.

I was thinking that having 64GB on my slow as molasses Surface RT is plenty, so 64GB on my next Windows Phone coupled with a Snapdragon 800(+) cpu should definitely suffice. And it's faster than using expandable storage.

Any thoughts on how 3D touch will be innovative? Like what can be done with it that makes it compelling that we all have to have it?

I can think of things that would benefit, but it needs to be implemented well. I am on the fence as to whether MS are the right company to try as they have already shown that they can have arguably some of the most amazing technology around (Kinect) and yet completely balls it up by not actually doing anything with it. I am hoping to be proved wrong though.

Even just something as simply as being able to clench my fist above the screen to "lock" the phone as a companion to the double tap to wake (even a gesture to wake, as I find double tap often doesn't work if the device is resting on a soft object). I use the hand hover to check the time constantly (when I don't have my watch) so more simple little things like that would be a great benefit.

Customizable inputs would be the bomb though, if you could set up your own gestures to basically do whatever you want it to, that would be the best. Like holding a peace sign to open Facebook without unlocking the screen.

The idea has so much potential so I really hope they don't balls it up. If its just about hovering you're finger over the screen to do things that you could have done by tapping the screen once, not good enough.

Sweeping to change music tracks from anywhere would be good too the buttons on the side of the phone are too annoying to get to as a left hander means adjusting my hand position.

Go watch the demos of 3d gesture touch, u clench the phone to unlock no buttons and things like swiping music are just as mention if app takes advantage of it, demo looks awesome like putting phone to face to answer and putting on the table to Hang up or speakerphone

Technically the answering/hanging up can already be done with the proximity sensor, but the other stuff I like, I just want a lot more, I expect a lot more.

I'd be stoked if the six incher had this, it's be fun to tinker with and see if its any good. I don't particularly want to downgrade my screen size now as 6" is sublime.

I'm due for an upgrade right now and there's nothing to upgrade to. I'm hoping that SOMEONE will bring something new to AT&T soon or else I'll just wait for this. Hopefully the McLaren looks good and not like a typical Lumia.

After having a 1520 for two weeks,I can't imagine going back to a small screen again, so I'm really glad to hear there might be a 6" version!

Microsoft start promoting your One Microsoft ad on television. They really need to start that b4 windows 9 rolls out next year.

The McLaren sounds gorgeous - it had better have a sd card slot! Only reason we're not considering the 930 (we have the 1520 devices so not losing too much)

All of this is for not if the Android article is true, because most of us would be lost as customers. Many of us refuse to buy phones based on OS's that their own company is looking for an alternative for.

3D has been tried and failed on mobile devices. I don't know what tricks Microsoft have in the bag to make this a success

What about 730? I love my L720 it's beautiful. A successor would be good with same beauty, 1gb ram and 720p screen.. :D

Ugh 5.2 too big for me I was hoping I would be 4.7 but I guess big phones are what everybody wants these days

I'm gamed! Looking forward to these new flagships. Hopefully MS can standout in front the crowd with this one

I think 3D touch will be used for interactive livetiles. It is impossible to make them interactive now, because you can't differentiate touches. If you would have a livetiles with a play and pause button, you would accidently launch the app or stop or play something. With 3D touch you could say, touching the tile opens the app, and hovering the tile allows you to control the interactive parts of the tile. You could point with your indexfinger to a button and then give a short tap with your thumb on the side of your indexfinger to press something that's hovered.

Or it could be used as a cursor instead kinda like the Kinect just hover over selected tile but shows ur placement on screen

Technically the Jolla phone already has something akin to interactive live tiles. You can store left or right on a tile to do different commands related to that application, there is no reason why that could not also be done in windows phone.

This rumored 1525 is more likely to be identified as 1535 if they continue to follow the naming pattern for these 3rd gen devices.

I was really hoping the icon was the beginning of them moving away from the horrid numbering system they are using, it's getting way too convoluted.

I disagree, with numbering you have some idea if a phone is low end, middle or high. With names it is ask just noise and confusion.

Nice phones. I hope for a change they launch this year in countries that actually buy Windows phones in decent numbers.

It's not going to matter what they're working on if they produce an android powered lumia

Better tell Samsung and HTC the same! Can't see the problem with it really... The more MS owned products sold, the more money for WP ;)

Not really who besides Samsung is really making money with google HTC and LG dedicate nearly everything to Droid and still barely gain, I see them sticking to low budget

Instead of just the digitizer to f up and need replacing there will be multiple more sensors... Keen to c this in action.... Fire phone was meh. Hopefully this can be implemented more practically than gimmicky visuals. Get my green 930 next Thurs... Xmas in July! Now hurry up 1030 and McLaren and 1530 and surface pro 4 and an aneurism... ;)

5.2 inches. Arg. Hopefully you have awfully thin bezels. 5 inches is ideal for me, but ah well. Maybe they needed the room.

Sweet a 64gb variant, if it includes an mSD card slot with the 805 SOC, 2gb ram, full HD, dedicated camera button, glance + double tap, 2,500 mah battery and I'm golden.

Non-value-added.  I just don't see any usefulness to 3D touch on a phone outside of being a gimmick.  They need to concentrate on speed, battery and camera---particularly the camera.

Driving, fingerprints, dirty hands, change track through case/covers/pockets? Maybe additional commands i.e. hover over opens more options, additional game controls?? ... One step closer to holographic display controls lol ;)

Wait wasn't McLaren supposed to be the successor of the 1020 by having the same bump AKA 41 MPX???
Even though it's a rumor but still......

I would like either phone and November is perfect to get a new phone for me. Hope its not just a rumor or gets delayed

We are only few years away from the Star Wars holographic communicator on our Lumia!

I'm excited for this. Prob go for the 5.2" tho. The 1525 is nice but I'm not a huge fan of ultra large screens personally. Still happy with 4.5" Lumia 925.