Microsoft announces Lumia 930 goes on sale in France this week

lumia 930

Microsoft has announced that the Lumia 930 will officially be available for purchase in France this week, with some stores in that country getting their shipments in a few days.

Microsoft has a recommended price of 549 euros for the Lumia 930. The company's announcement also has prices for some hardware accessories for the Windows Phone 8.1 device, including the Fatboy wireless charger for 79.90 euros, the locator for 24.90 euros and a mini Bluetooth speaker with microphone for 49.90 euros.

This will likely be one of many announcements by Microsoft in Europe this week for the Lumia 930 as the phone is expected to go on sale in several countries in that part of the world through mid-July. The device is the international version of the Lumia Icon that came out in the U.S. earlier this year, with a 5-inch screen, a 2.2 Ghz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, 2GB of RAM, 32 GB of internal storage and a 20 megapixel rear camera. Unlike the Icon, the Lumia 930 comes in a variety of color choices.

If you live in Europe, do you plan to purchase the Lumia 930 when it becomes available this week or will you wait until the first reviews come in?

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Microsoft announces Lumia 930 goes on sale in France this week


well if you are in Germany you will probably get only black/white on all cariers like always..... and it's the same story with the xperia z2.... the purple variant is nowhere to be found....

Want it ❤

Update, phoned EE in the UK, they offered me the 930 in orange bundle. Put the order through and sold out! Aarrhhhh.

They are phoning me Friday, hopefully it will be in stock....

How is it sold out! It's not even been released. Apparently someone in the forums called EE and they won't have stock till the 8th July.

I cancelled my pre-order as I got fed up with the cock and bull that Nokia have done with this fast of a launch. 

They told me they had some in stock earlier, which seems to have,happened in other parts of Europe.

Can only tell you what I was told.

So tempted to upgrade early as my 920 is showing signs of age (shonky focus, battery's poorly) BUT... Think I'm gonna wait until the NEXT flagship later in the year and make that my next. But... ORANGE! Amazing.

Same here. I replaced the shell for my 920 with a new one from Amazon and I think it will easily last till the next flagship device is released.

I'm not saying it's a good thing, however France is still better off than Canada, where we haven't seen any high end lumias since 1020, which was basically a 920 with a superior camera. Which is also the reason that I am still sporting my 920. It still works like a charm, but MSFT needs something more than their newest offering (630) to compel new users away from their iphones and androids.

Lol....another microsoft special....we have a cool device that we designed and built 12 months ago, and you can have it.............soon. Its a joke, it really is

agree completely. why was the launch delayed? bc they gave Verizon an exclusive for marketing that either never happened or was useless?? just make 3 phones, high-end, middle and low, make them awesome and sell them globally.

Agree Kamikaze80......3 seriously good phones per year, launched in a timely manner (not months after announcing them) would be infinately preferable than the current method.  By the time they get from announcement to release the device is already out of date.  Its the same with OS updates...everything about microsoft is big announcements then months of nothing.....

This in great in 6 months time there will be a lot of new hardware to choose from.

I'm down for this phone if nothing superior is available by Xmas 

Too bad I got my 1020 only 4, Months ago. Would love to replace it with the 930. In don't like the big camera that ruins the back of the 1020.

Sell it. I have a brand new extra 1520 and I am still deciding what to do with it. Of course, ignoring the size, the 1520 is the best phone available right now. And, it is the gift that keeps on giving thanks to its innards (exercise aps, glance stuff, only one of three getting special camera upgrades with cyan, etc).

I do wonder how the OLED screen will compare with Nokia's admitted "best" screen we ever made on the 1520. I love the brightness of Amoled, but not the oversaturation of color and funky ones at that. Although the colors are getting real close to IPS. Of course, I'm not sure , other than the technologies, which produces better colors: AMOLED or OLED.

I had it pre-ordered in France until two week ago. As they didn't released it then, I cancelled the pre-order. Not paying 550€ for it.
Now I have it pre-ordered on Belgium for 440€. Which is 110€ cheaper. And the only price that I accept for such an outdated phone.

Coolblue.be. They also sell on the Netherlands. Also, O should point out the price is 499.99€ but I've sold the charging plate to a friend as I already have charging plates for the 920 and 1020.

Well done, France is far too expensive for too many things.

Still waiting for Cyan for my L625...damn, qu'est-ce que vous faites chez MS, il vous faut des béta testeurs? 

embauchez moi :)

I'll buy orange one as soon as it comes to Croatia. But, fact is, it's way too late. Hope that MS won't make same mistake with next compact flagship.

Nema ti smisla. L930 ce doci minimalno 6k kn kod nas, dok je recimo u vipu l925 1300 kn kada uracunas sve mjesecne rate. Da ga jebes l930 nije bolja za toliko xD

P.s. Ako imas para za to drago mi je zbog tebe, kontam da ce mob biti super ;)

Nije u pitanju da li je bolja vec da li je novija. A i bolja je i novija je. 925 je vec stari model sa malim ekranom.

Ma naravno da je bolja i novija, ja kazem kada se usporede cijene da nisam siguran da se isplati. Da imam novaca na bacanje ili reaćne potrebe za nekom super jakom tarifom i sam bi si uzeo l930

No, I just bought Lumia 925. I've waited and waited for 930 but it's too little too late. This device should have launched at least the same time L1520 and Icon did. Now there are already snapdragons 801 and 805 running android and selling world wide for approximately the same amount of money.

I'll probably wait for Lumia 935 or something

P.s. I'm really happy with my Lumia 925

Buying this now is almost like buying the Lumia 900 knowing in just a few months better devices will be available. Patience is a virtue, my WP brothers and sisters!

There will always be a better device in just a few months. But then again, you are not getting any younger either, i.e. you can't have those few months back and spend them on your "better device".

Waiting for microsoft smart watch having Cortana bing integration, ability to set alarms obviously and shuffling and playing music from it.

Im a Wp lover but,
Can anybody tell me Why should i buy this phone?
I mean Whtz d Wow Factor in this phone? Same specs as L1520 and can't even expend its memory!!!

Out of money atm, ill get 930 when it I have some and till then hopefully it gets cheaper. Not much interested in having the utmost latest hardware but love to be up to date.

If this had been coming out a few weeks after the original reveal i would have bought it as my lumia 925's battery is next to useless now, however with all the talk of new devices and big changes before the year is up i think ill nicely battle on another few months!

They could have released it sooner but I think carries wanted 8.1 on board so that no huge update later. I think that is a better way to do it. Now with 8.1 and Nokia purchase completed we should see devices releasing at a faster pace worldwide.

Hope Germany is next... Really, my 8x is nearly broken and i need this Phone!! :D green one is ordered :)

By the time it get out to everyone, this phone will be old news.  When are we going to be getting some new devices.  I thought Sony and HTC where going to be comming out with some new handsets.

I always find the Sony screens dull and lacking colour. Great phones but not so great screens :(

This wait is killing me.  I think Nokia/Microsoft screwed up this launch so bad, but I still want it.

EE has the phone listed in the new brochure with an offer if bought before the 13th July, so it should at least be available by then. it shows on their system but is not showing a release date or any stock. phoned the upgrade team at 2pm and still no further forward.


Nokia (now Microsoft Mobile), like Apple, has an upgrade cycle of 12 months. So I don't think we'll be seeing a new flagship until next holiday season (presumably October/November).
It's the Android OEMs that keep releasing new flagships every 6 months that makes the 930 seems like an obsolete product.
I think Microsoft need to be strategic with their phone releases in order to keep the consumer excited.
Something like 1020 (Big sensor-camera behemoth) before summer and 930/1520 like flagship (all round) on holiday season. Those phones should also accompanied by the update for the budget phones.

Well i just had a look at 930 and compared it to the S5 released in April, 930 at this price point is dead on arrival.  the S5 is MUCH faster (has the 801 not the 800 chip) micro SD, lighter, thinner, waterproof to 3 feet, heart rate monitor, fingerprint scanner, better battery.  The 930 takes better pics when its darker from what ive read and has wireless charging but thats the only positive really.  Think ill pass on the 930 and wait for the Microsoft device to see if the specs at the very least MATCH thier competitors.

The S5 totally lacks any style, in my opinion, and the fingerprint scanner works some of the time. WP 8.1 leaves android behind in function and speed, so the 801 chip is not required on WP. Don't get water resistant phones, who puts their phone in water?

I agree, i dont like the S5 and having used Android extensively dont like the OS.  If MS touted the 930 is a mid range device then no one would complain as it is what it is in terms of specs.  As a high end device its is inferior in nearly every way, they are 8 months too late in releasing it.  With 805 not too far away the people who buy the 930 now and get stuck on a 2 year contract will be dissapointed quickly unless its one of the few options in your country.  Do you believe they didnt include the 801 chip because they didnt need it? lol.  As for the beach, be nice to have a phone you can use without drying your hands, gets covered in sand? np just wash it under a tap...who knows maube someone out there wants to go swimming with it lol.

Accept people will have a different view to me. But I have the 920 and with 8.1 dev preview its like having a new phone. I could easily keep this phone for another 6 months as it has no issues. So, would say that the 930 on contract will be fine for the average user.

Have you tried the "waterproof" phones. When wet they do not work properly, you need to dry them otherwise the screen does strange things....

No more exclusives, MS. They dont work. No carrier is going to truly market a phone that will sell what, 10,000 units at best? Make 3 phones, hi/mid/lo, get them out early, at least annual product cycle, and market them yourself like with surface pro 3. The 930 launch is farcical, and the sad part is that it actually was a great phone 8 months ago.

Lol. It's still a great phone. I can't believe how people get caught up on specs with windows phone. The icon isn't pushing bloated touchwiz for Christ sakes.

OK. So, The Lumia 930 is going up for pre-orders and launching in many countries. But please could somebody tell me when is it going to come to INDIA!!!!!! >:-( I regularly check for any news about the 930 coming up for pre-order in India!! My dad is ready to buy me one. But, if something goes wrong between us then........ I'll surely not get it!! ;( Please come to India SOON (Within a week)!!!! 

I would suggest contacting your carrier. Here in the UK the carriers have had limited stock, now sold out. This was not announced here or anywhere else. Good luck :D

My friend who are supposed to get the 930 as his first ever WP device lost patience and got the G3 instead! Me, still hanging on.