Microsoft announces the Windows Phone store in more markets, added another billion transactions

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Microsoft's Todd Brix announced yesterday new developer tools to further expand the opportunity for those who wish to produce content for Windows Phone. As well as new capabilities for developers, the official blog post also goes into detail about new payout markets, as well as expanded payment options and how the store is growing. If you're considering whether or not Windows Phone is worth it, these changes may sway your mind.

The Dev Center team will be adding developer payout support in 6 more markets this week, bumping the total to 128. These new markets include Costa Rica, Cyprus, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Malta and Trinidad and Tobago. Should you reside in these markets and be a developer, you'll be able to submit both free and commercial content to the store.

Microsoft is also working hard to add more mobile operator billing connections. Offering 35 in 23 markets so far, developers are reportedly earning (on average) 3 times more revenue per active consumer in markets where the payment gateway is supported. That's not a bad jump, but it's as high as 6 times more revenue in emerging markets where there's less credit card usage.

We've covered multiple mobile operators beginning to support Windows Phone and contract billing in the past, but we're sure many will follow.

WP Store Downloads Climb

Brix wraps up his blog post by showing just how rapidly downloads are being accumulated. Check out the above graph. The platform has recently added another billion transactions in under six months. That's a massive step in the right direction and shows just how far Microsoft has come with Windows Phone since launch. 

Source: Windows Phone Developer Blog


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Microsoft announces the Windows Phone store in more markets, added another billion transactions


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If that was a joke, it wasn't funny. If you were being serious, you need get a brain and think before you say something as stupid as that.

IDK.. With all this recent news about NokiaSoft doing so much to pick up app development,,, last night I was having this funny idea that the WP app ecosystem might serious surpass iDroids eventually in terms of popular apps the people want, and quality of apps.. The difference is that iDroid have just sat back and waited for their apps to come to their platforms over the years.. Microkia has actively been involved in courting specific developer's, and working with them to provide a quality modern experience.. MyNokia's way is a much slower process, but I believe that it is going to achieve huge results if NoMi stays on course, and doesn't loose focus.. Basically, I think WP will surpass the aging iPhone in due time.. And, that's not just wishful thinking.. It's highly possible.

We might see 2 billion in the next six months.. Well, for the second half of 2013.. That would be progress.. From there it should begin to rise exponentially.. This is what makes developers come to a platform... Are you ready for this❔... 1-2-3..... WINDOWS PHONE IS SUCCEEDING❗❗

When Visual Studio Lightswitch is available on Azure Servers for development and deployment we will be one step closer to Microsoft moving towards the Adobe subscription model. Hosting services will grow into full dev environments featuring more than dotnetnuke and wordpress and Microsoft starter kits and this new phone kit.
Phone templates will be a standard feature for all VS projects Too complex for novice developers but Lightswitch on Azure and SQL Reporting services will facilitate the move off of Access applications for business while facilitating deployment to Corporate app stores.
Enterprise Dollars keep the show humming behind the scenes

Microsoft should put a sign up in every one of their new stores in Best Buy. Just like the old McDonald's signs: "Over 2 Billion Served". Would start to dispel the nonsense that is still being spread by ignorant Tech 'Reporters' that the WinPhone landscape is barren and bereft of Apps to download.

That was not the interesting thing in that blog post.
The interesting thing is that ANYONE can unlock their device for 2 apps without paying ANYTHING.
Download the sdk, plug your phone, open Developer Registration app, click Register, login with your MS account and you're good to go! I just tried it!

Yes! GrameenPhone (Bangladesh) is in, too! Can't imagine this would ever happen! There's now a "GP's choice" in the market menu. Looks like WP recognition is growing!

Hey Uzbak, we now have Windows Store... Na, Jakan, not cool, not have credit card... No problem, Uzbak, only 2'500 miles to next Best Buy to get XBOX card... Only one problem Jakan, Visa hard to get...

Don't care, buy used iPhone, have iTunes card at local Lamp Oil store...

Every Post Office in every market should sell XBOX cards! Too many customers don't have credit cards outside the US! Why add markets if the people can not buy stuff?

I hope they'll start paying out revenues to developers faster too... Supposedly they start paying you once you have more than 200$ in revenue but according to the forums they on average do that 6 months after you hit that theshold. My apps have reached that threshold about 3 months ago and I still haven't been sent any money.